Muck Guide

How to play Muck for Muck

How to play Muck


A guide to playing muck

Finding Homies

– We all want to git gud at muck and these are easy steps into ascending to gamer heaven.

-Step 1: Find friends, If you don’t have friends place a monster energy on the ground near a high school and start recruiting any Kyles that approach you.

Playing wit da homies

– Now that you are playing with the homies and vibing really hard, remember never to leave a homie behind.

– You can revive homies by sending good vibes to the homie statue

Now for the real guide

– Muck is a great game and has a lot of potential for being a success. Play wit da homies, revive da homies and most importantly have a good time wit da homies.

– Stock up on food and always try to stay healthy

– Buy chests when you acquire the funds they may not be as high of quality but they are always useful

– Bum rush armour and weapons they are the only things that can truly keep you alive

– Bosses come every 4 days