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How to play Multiplayer - the Basics for Tomb Raider

How to play Multiplayer – the Basics


Just a few Basics because so many people ask things like “How to play Multiplayer”


Many people ask others to play with them, or they dont know how to play with others. Or other questions like this.

I will help you =)

First some Basics:

  • A game reguires minimum 4 Players to start !
  • So stay in a lobby ! It has no sense if you leave a lobby. Game open a new lobby for you and in the end all have their own lobbies with no players to play xD
  • You can turn off Voice inside the options. To mute some ugly screaming Monsters 😀
  • You can Chat with T and Z
  • Reviev your Team Mates please when they are down by pressing review button several times !!
  • Play as Team ! Teamwork is important use the function that you can spawn directly at your Team Mates (with full life)
  • You have to play Multiplayer up to lvl 60 to get 100% of all Archivements
  • This game use P2P (Player 2 Player) Multiplayer (no Servers like those in Battlefield or Call of Duty) You open a game lobby and other can join. When there is no lobby game open a lobby for you.
  • Most players play Unranked to start a game fast. But for Archivements you have to play Ranked.

Join this Group. There are weekly Events and many players.

Tomb Raider Multiplayer Madness Group

  • To play with other Players you just need to Enter the Chatroom !
  • You dont need to add someone to your Friendlist !
  • Klick on the little arrow next to a players name. There you can join or Invite this player.

* Advanced explanation

You can open a Lobby – Game Mode of your choice. Simply “search” for an game mode
ranked or unranked. If there is none the game open a lobby for you. Now you can invite
other players from your friendlist and the chatroom you are in, by klicking on the little arrow
– see Screenshots

Again .. no add to friendlist needed. You just have to stay in the same Chatroom to invite or join.
You can open and play 24/7 whenever you want, ranked or unranked with other players.
The best thing to get a full game is to join the Chatroom from the Group i have posted above, because there are many players. Other players can still join your game randomly when they search for the game mode you host (ranked) or unranked with fast search.

When you just wanna get fast points or achievements simply open a private lobby.
There you can play alone to get points ( rescue …. 3 rounds ~ 10 Minutes ~ 20.000 Points)
No minimum player requirement.
Or play with an friend to get achivements.

To play with players who have only the standard edition. The player who host a game need to disable the DLC Maps inside the game options (not lobby options – game options ! )

* sorry for my worse english i hope you understand it ^^

Please take a look on my stuff =) i have Screenshots, Workshop Objects and more for you.

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