Tomb Raider Guide

How to play the Tomb Raider Multiplayer! for Tomb Raider

How to play the Tomb Raider Multiplayer!


This guide will explain, how you can easily find other players to play the Multiplayer & even get the Multiplayer Achievements!

Multiplayer & Achievements!

Guide about how to join our Events!

Step 1: Join our Multiplayer group!
Step 2: Check out the Event Section!
Step 3: At the specific time(once the Event pops up) join our group chat! You can find him on our main page and join him by clicking on the blue Join Chatroom button!
Step 4: Ask if the match started allready and kindly ask for an invite.

Attention! If the game is allready full, dont give up!

Ask if there people who are also not in the Game.
-> Open up another Lobby!

Also: Each Sunday we are going to do Achievement Boosting! Are you interested? Do the Steps above and get started!