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How to Play with a (Somewhat) Intertwining Story for Dishonored

How to Play with a (Somewhat) Intertwining Story


If you’re like me and wished the Daud focused DLCs and the main story of Dishonored intertwined more, then you’re in luck! This is a simple guide to playing through the Dishonored main game and Daud’s missions (The Knife of Dunwall & The Brigmore Witches) together in chronological order, such that Daud’s missions take place at the time they would during Corvo’s story.Note: This guide is spoiler-free aside from mission names.

An Explanation:

Below is the order of missions and how to proceed in making the two stories work together as seamlessly as possible. The number is the order in which they should be played, and listed is when to Save and Quit most seamlessly to start the other story’s mission, and where applicable, the reasoning for the mission’s place in the order.

1. Coming Home (Corvo)

Corvo’s prologue.

2. Dishonored (Corvo)

This is the prison escape mission, and should be played before Daud’s first mission in The Knife of Dunwall as Corvo’s escape is mentioned therein.

When best to save and quit:
Just after waking up from the visit to The Void.

3. None Like Her (Daud; Knife of Dunwall)

Daud’s Prologue

UPDATE: After playing through Dishonored a few more times since creating the guide, I’ve realized that it may be a bit strange to hop right into Daud’s campaign right after your visit to the void as Corvo, as you haven’t had a chance to experience your supernatural powers yet. What you can do instead is play High Overseer Campbell before starting Daud’s campaign, and then play None like her, A Captain of Industry, and Eminent Domain in a row before returning to Corvo’s campaign.

4. A Captain of Industry (Daud; Knife of Dunwall)

In this mission it is mentioned that Corvo has escaped from Coldridge Prison, and is best placed in this order because it is most likely that this happens shortly after Corvo’s escape.

When best to Save & Quit:
Just before leaving the mission.

5. High Overseer Campbell (Corvo)

When best to Save & Quit:
Just before going to sleep after finishing the mission.

6. Eminent Domain (Daud; Knife of Dunwall)

When best to Save & Quit:
Just before leaving the mission.

7. House of Pleasure (Corvo)

When best to Save & Quit:
This one is a bit trickier to have a seamless exit. It’s best to either Save & Quit after leaving the mission and talking to Pendelton, or just before leaving the mission.

8. The Surge (Daud; Knife of Dunwall)

There is no need to Save & Quit this mission as it is the end of The Knife of Dunwall.

9. The Royal Physician (Corvo)

When best to Save & Quit:
Just before going to bed after leaving the mission.

10. Choosing Your Mark (Daud; Brigmore Witches)

The Brigmore Witches prologue

11. A Stay of Execution for Lizzy (Daud; Brigmore Witches)

12. The Dead Eels (Daud; Brigmore Witches)

There are two Daud missions in a row here because a reference is made to the next Corvo mission taking place later on the same day.

When best to Save & Quit:
Just before starting the boat to go to the next mission.

13. Lady Boyle’s Last Party (Corvo)

When best to Save & Quit:
Just before leaving the mission.

14. Delilah’s Masterwork (Daud; Brigmore Witches)

The end cutscene for this mission may cause problems for some story elements back in Corvo’s story, as it alludes to a decision that isn’t made yet. The best thing to do if you don’t want this scene spoiled is to leave your computer and come back when it’s finished, as there isn’t a skip option for this scene.

15. Finish Corvo’s Story

Daud’s story ended with the last mission, so all that’s left is Corvo’s remaining missions.

I hope this story was helpful to those of you story loves, immersion seekers, and GOTY buyers, and just remember that not everything will be seamless, this is simply how I best felt the missions should go together.

Thanks for reading and feel free to let me know of any discrepancies or suggestions you may have.