Fallout: New Vegas Guide

How to reap benefits in the main questline for Fallout: New Vegas

How to reap benefits in the main questline


This guide will show you how to reach maximum benefits and money from the main questline. What quests to follow through with and who to backstab and at what time.


I highly recommend doing side quests for each faction (especially the legion as there is barely any side quests so just try to kiss Caesar’s a$$ a bit and wait until you get the Legion Safehouse before betraying him)

The House Always Wins I

This quest is where you start working for Mr. House and you’re tasked with retrieving the Platinum Chip from Benny. You can either kill him right in The Tops Casino or you can seduce with (if you have the Black Widow perk and you’re a female) or if you feel like sparing the charming Benny, talk to him in his room, survive the ambush and get The Platinum Chip.

Reward: 1,000 caps and Lucky 38 Presidential Suite.

Wild Card: Ace in the Hole

This is the quest where you find Yes Man and you start working for him. While you don’t necessarily have to find him and start this quest this early as he can be found and his quest can be started at any time, starting it now make it easier to find him and more convenient to get to.

Reward: None (yet)

Render Unto Caesar

At this point, if you truly wish to get all the benefits you have to kill the charming Benny. I always kill him and respawn him after the battle so whatever. Caesar tells you to go down into the bunker underneath The Fort and destroy everything in it, which leads us into the next quest.

Reward: XP and Legion fame (which is needed if you want to get the Legion Safehouse)

The House Always Wins II/Wild Card: You and What Army?

This quest tasks you with going into the bunker Caeser told you to destroy and upgrading the securitrons. Caeser will hear the rumbling from the upgrade and assume you destroyed it and you can continue with the quest line.
Do not continue forward with the Render Unto Caesar question as you will be forced to kill Mr. House, which means you’ll miss out on benefits.

Reward: None >:(

King’s Gambit

This quest tasks you with stopping violence in Freeside. This quest can be done a number of ways but it’s needed to further the questline with the NCR so go ahead and do it however you please.

Reward: 600 caps.

Wild Card: Side Bets

This quest has you either befriending all of the various factions. Of course, you could just show up at where they live and say “nah, these guys ain’t worth it” but since you’re playing for maximum benefits, it’s better to do all of their quests since most of them are pretty good anyway.

Reward: Tons of stuff probably but that’s too much math for me lol.

For the Republic, Part 2

The first part of this questline is to deal with The Great Khans. It’s recommended to seek the path that allows the Khans to become allies with the NCR as they will help you in the final battle.

Reward: Probably some gear/caps from the Khans when you do some of their various quests

Wild Card: Change in Management

At this point, say goodbye to Mr. House. He is now officially, f*cked over. In this quest, you kill Mr. House and reset his mainframe, allowing Yes Man to take over The Lucky 38 mainframe.

Reward: You don’t have to talk to that condescending prick anymore.

Render Unto Caesar (Part 2)

After you kill Mr. House, report back to Caeser and tell him Mr. House is dead. Also, tell him you’ve formed an alliance with the Boomers. After this, he will tell you to form an alliance with the White Glove Society. DO NOT DO THIS! THIS WILL MAKE THE NCR PERMANENTLY HOSTILE.

Reward: More legion fame. This comes in handy because you’ll need it for the Legion Safehouse (you need at least a “Liked” reputation to get the safehouse)

For the Republic, Part 2 (Part 2)

At this point, disregard Caesar. You will now ♥♥♥♥ him over. The NCR tasks you with dealing with The Omertas. Follow the “How Little We Know” questline as you see fit. Make sure it benefits the NCR. This makes The Legion permanently hostile.
Next, tell Colonel Moore Mr. House is dead.
Next, Moore asks you to deal with The Brotherhood of Steel. Follow the “Still in the Dark” questline as you see fit, but DO NOT kill the Brotherhood.

Reward: Tons of gear/caps from quests for the other guys.

You’ll Know it When it Happens

This quest tasks you with protecting the NCR’s President Kimball from a legion assassination. You must get this quest from Yes Man, not the NCR. Follow it as you see fit, regardless the NCR will not turn on you if Kimball dies.

Reward: Tons of XP and NCR fame (even if Kimball gets domed)

No Gods, No Masters

Finally, the ending. While you do not have to side with Yes Man as you could easily side with the NCR if you please, but Yes Man has the best ending and allows you to f*ck over the NCR at the very end so you feel more powerful.

Reward: Finally some happiness found in your cold empty soul.

The End

Congratulations, you have screwed over the people that trusted you the most for your own personal benefit and now run New Vegas entirely by yourself.

This is my first guide and this boy might be really sloppy but I think most people can comprehend what im trying to say and use that accordingly. With that being said, I hope this helped. I plan on eventually bringing more New Vegas guides since I know so much about this game, so stay tuned if you’re interested.