Castle Crashers® Guide

How to resusicate a fellow player when they die for a good chunk of health. for Castle Crashers

How to resusicate a fellow player when they die for a good chunk of health.


This guide will be about how to resusicate fallen allies possibly to full health!

How to resusicate.

When a player dies and they have no potion, and they are in multiplayer, they will fall on the ground back-first and the game tells you to press Y. Note: The player who dies is not supposed to press Y, as this will do nothing. the Default controls make it so to do Y as it would be in Xbox, you press W. To resusicate, a player will have to go up to your corpse and press the button. Next step is explained next. Obviously!

The Resusication Bar.

Once you have pressed Y (or W if you use keyboard, like me) over their dead corpse, a bar will show up, this will have a White Laser vertically moving through the bar’s insides at fast speeds. Your character will also push on the dead player’s chest each time you press Y. For the best resusication, make sure the white laser is over the heart, then press W or Y, depending on keyboard or controller. This will require very good timing, but once you get it right they get back up with an enormous amount of health still on them. (e.g 90% of their health bar.) If you wait until the bar is over at the crimson/burgundy portion of the bar, they will get resusicated for an extremely small amount of health.

Extra Tips and Tricks.

-If a player dies while they’re in multiplayer and they have potions, the game will auto-use the potion to make sure the player doesn’t die.
-It is possible to resusicate someone for full health, but you have to press it DIRECTLY in the center of the heart.
-Do not expect a player who’s fighting multiple enemies at once to be able to just go and resusicate you. If an enemy hits your Resusicator, resusication is cancelled.
-Just because a player’s corpse doesnt show a Y above them doesnt mean they cant be resusicated. The Y only disappears when your resusication is cancelled by an enemy attack. However, if you press W or Y over their corpse, resusication is still fully functional
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Outro and Credits.

Well, I hoped you enjoy this guide. I also hope now you know how to keep your allies up in battle with huge health remaining!

Credit goes to Me for making this guide, and the last commenter who commented on July 2nd for suggesting this to be made.