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How to spawn Wheatley (Chapter 1 Version) for Portal 2

How to spawn Wheatley (Chapter 1 Version)


This is how to spawn in Wheatley but he looks how he did before he gets crushed by GLaDOS at the end of Chapter 1.

How to do it

Go into options and enable console commands (it’s in keyboard and mouse) Now press the key under the esc key that looks a bit like this:


Press on the bar at the bottom of the menu and type this command into your console commands bar
(That is the name of the bar)

ent_create npc_personality_core; ent_fire !picker skin 1

Press enter and Wheatley should spawn!


This section might require a little bit of experience with console commands.
Here are some extra commands.

This spawns in crushed Wheatley:

ent_create npc_personality_core

This is another version of main command (Does the same thing but gives Wheatley his name)

ent_create npc_personality_core; ent_fire !picker skin 1; ent_setname @Wheatley

Change the words after the @ symbol to give it a different name, for example:

ent_create npc_personality_core; ent_fire !picker skin 1; ent_setname @sphere

Use this command to give the object you are looking at one of its other skins.

ent_fire !picker skin 1

Change the number from one to a different number to change it to a different skin, for example, you have a crushed Wheatley and you want to change it to a regular Wheatley you would use that command with the number one. If you have a regular Wheatley and you want to change it to a crushed Wheatley then you would change the number to 2.

This command allows you to bind commands to a key:

bind “keynamehere” “command name here”

Example: bind “t” “ent_create npc_personality_core; ent_fire !picker skin 1”

You can also unbind ALL controls (including movement, commands and picking things up) from a key with this command:
unbind “keynamehere”
If you stop being able to walk or pick things up after using this command simply go into options, press on keyboard and mouse, press on edit keys and just bind whatever you stopped being able to do to a key and it should work again.

That’s all the extras!

Thanks for reading!

This is my first guide ever! Thank you for reading and hope you found it useful. Bye! 🙂