Castle Crashers® Guide

How to "Un-Arm" a Princess for Castle Crashers

How to “Un-Arm” a Princess


This is a giude to a glitch that is very fun and easy to do. It takes at leas ten seconds at most. After my guide, you will be “Un-Arming” all of the princesses you will ever see!


Well, its very simple. Here’s what you need:
– A sandwitch
– Any princess

The How-To

Now you need to go to any level where you can kiss a princess. After you pwn the boss and your friends and gotten all of the epic riches, you eat a sandwich. Then at the last or second to last second, you kiss the kisser.

When you “Kiss the girl” you wil be instantly put into normal size the second you kiss the princess. But when time runs out, you are free from kissing the princess. And if you look at the princess, she has no arms!

(You can do this with the last Princess, but it doesn’t work as well.)