Castle Crashers® Guide

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How To Unlock All Characters for Pc


Guide on how to unlock all characters for Castle Crashers

All Characters

Red Knight: Default
Skeleton: Beat game with Red Knight
Bear: Beat game with Skeleton

Blue Knight: Default
Industrialist: Beat game as Blue Knight
Fencer: Beat game as Industrialist

Green Knight:Default
Royal Guard:Beat game as Green Knight
Saracen: Beat game as Royal Guard

Orange Knight:Default
Fire Demon: Beat game as Orange Knight
Ninja: Beat game as Fire Demon

Grey Night: Defeat the Barbarian Boss
Stove Face/Black Knight: Beat game with Grey Knight


Pink Knight: Pay $0.99 on steam to unlock him/her
Blacksmith: Pay $0.99 on steam to unlock him


Alien: Complete the Desert UFO Mission

Hatty Hattington: Get the Cant Stop Crying Pack


Arena Unlocks (have to comeplete by yourself, if u have a friend with you, you just kill eachother)

Barbarian: Beat the King’s Arena
Killer Bee Keeper: Beat game with Barbarian

Thief: Beat the Thieves Arena
Snakey: Beat the game as Thief

Cone Head: Beat the Valcano Arena

Peasent: Beat Peasent Arena
Civilian: Beat the game as the Peasent

Iceskimo: Beat the Icy Arena
Brute: Beat the game as Iceskimo

King: Beat Pipistrello’s Cave (Bat Boss) on Insane Mode
Insane Mode Unlocks

Open Faced Gray Knight: Beat Catfish Boss on Insane Mode

Necromancer: Complete Industrial Castle on Insane Mode

Cult Minion: Comeplete Wizard Castle Interier on Insane Mode

All Animals

Owlet – Retrieves hidden fruit from trees and is only useful in levels with trees.
Location – Forest Entrance – You can see singing behind some of the bushes at the end of the level, just walk behind those bushes and obtain him

Scratchpaw – Adds 2 points to agility and 1 point to strength.
Location – Sand Castle Interior – Use Bombs on the cracked wall to go outside of the room onto a windowed balcony where he is waiting.

Pazzo – Helps find buried treasure
Location – Snow Store- You can buy him for 750 gold

Seahorse – You can move normal speed through water
Location – Thieves’ Forest – Floating over the stream

Cardinal – Helps you find secret items
Location – Industrial Castle – Beat the beefy Brute in the castle to obtain him

Girafffey – Helps you level up faster
Location – Desert – You can dig him up about 90% through the level, just after the second battle with a Royal Guard.

Bitey Bat – Attacks enemys heads
Location – Pipistrello’s Cave – After defeating Pipistrello (Bat Boss) he will turn into Bitey Bat.

Frogglet – Picks items up with his tongue
Location – Marsh – Can be dug up found right infront of the third crypt. The crypt is a house, not a grave

Troll – Slowly regenerates your heath (1% every 7.5 seconds)
Location – Thieves’ Forest – After encountering the Small Trolls, you can see a broke wall. Use bombs to break the wall

Monkeyface – Increases your luck finding items
Location – Church Store – You can buy him for 750 gold

Chicken – Increases your strength, defense, and agility by 1.
Location – Medusa’s Liar – Can be dug in in the first grassy area.

Snailburt – increases defense by 5, but decreases agility by 5
Location – Marsh – Can be found ithe open near the end of the level

Rammy – Knocks enemys down
Location – Tall Grass Field – After defeating the Bear Boss, he will become available to obtain

Bi-Polar Bear – Will maul enemies (and you!) if your near death (will attack if under 11 health)
Location – Snow World – Use the horn in front of the sign with the picture of the horn, to get him out of hiding. (Bi-Polar Bear is really helpful on the Painter Boss’ weaker paintings)

Yeti – Resistance to ice damage (prevents you from being frozen and damages from ice reduced)
Location – Snow World – Found behind a house at the end of the level, right behind the house next to the snow hill with smoke coming out of the chimney

Zebra – Helps find food in grass
Location – Desert Chase – When chasing Saracen riding a camel in the level, catch him and defeat him to obtain him. (Note – He doesnt retrieve the food from the grass)

Meowburt – Increases agility by 3
Location – Parade – Found at the end of the Parade level. After starting the next level (Cyclops’ Cave) go back to the way you entered (go back left) and he will be sitting there in the open

Burly Bear – Increases strength by 2
Location – Tall Grass Field – In the hidden cave near the end of the level, right before you climb up the grassy ladder, you must eat a sandvich to pick up the giant boulder, then use bombs to break through the cracked wall inside the cave

Hawkster – Attacks fallen enemies
Location – Tall Grass Field – Use the horn near the sign with the horn to get him out from hiding

Snoot – Increases your strength by 2
Location – Cyclops’ Fortress – Right in the beginning, past the first painting of the cyclops and just before the second bat statue, use bombs on the cracked wall.

Piggy – Makes food give you more health
Location – Swap Village Store – Buy him for 585 gold

Spiny – Increases your defense by 2
Loocation – Volcano Store – Can be bought for 680 gold

Mr.Buddy – Helps you dig faster
Location – Home Castle – In the Barracks, there is a dig spot located on a stack of hay on the far left of the levele below the vet who owns snailburt

Sherbert – Helps you jump higher
Location – Animal Ark – in the back of the Ark, you have to reach him by doing a jump combo on the locked door to raise you high enough to touch him, or eat a sandwich and then jump then hit Y or Triangle to start going up into the air. Another way is to get your Magic up 20 points and do the Magic Jump to reach him.

Beholder – Increases your magic by 2
Location – Animal Ark – you must obtain the Key Sword to unlock that lock door in the back of the Ark. To obtain the Key Sword, you must take Cardinal with you to the level Full Moon, He should find the Key Sword in the second hut.

Install Ball – Shoots enemies with a ‘photon’ projectilee
Location – Alien Ship – In a small room in the Alien Ship, after the escape timer starts break into the mechanism that controls the green barrier then look for an open door along the top of the screen.