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How to use an Xbox 360 save for PC (Fallout New vegas) for Fallout: New Vegas

How to use an Xbox 360 save for PC (Fallout New vegas)


Hello Steam gamers iGalaxiez here today to show you on how to use an Xbox 360 save on PC (This could also work for Skyrim)Step #1:Your going to need an program called Modio, This will allow you to download anybodys Fallout save and use it on PC Link:http://www.game-tuts.com/community/modio.phpStep #2:Now search Fallout New Vegas in Modio and it should give you all the saves you can download (Be sure to have an account first before downloading a save file) Step #3:Now when you have downloaded the save you want go over to the ADVANCE tab and now click SHOW at the top right corner. Now just save the file to your Desktop.Step #4:The last program that would be requried is Horizon, This will give you the proper save file for PC. Now just drag the save that you have downloaded from Modio and bring it over to Horizon. Then just click the tab that says CONTENTS and it should say Savegame.dat, Ok now just right click that and click extract. Now it will show you where you want to save that save game at, Well you want it saved in Documents/My games/FalloutNV/Saves. {LINK REMOVED}Link:daringdev.mediafire.com/download/t93j13pilneimv4/Horizon.Setup.v2.7.1.4.exeStep #5:Now just rename the save as Savegame.fos, Then you should be good to go!