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How To Use DLC Console Commands for Fallout: New Vegas

How To Use DLC Console Commands


a guied on how to use dlc console comands

How to use The Console

Ok so some people don’t know how to use dlc console commands if you don’t you found the right place when you look up dlc console commands it will have a code like xx00996c. This is the 45. auto submachine gun all you need to do is figure out the load order. If you have new vegas mod manager just look at the plugins and right there it will tell you the load order.

This is my load order for my game if it’s not right for you i’m sorry

  • Dead Money/05
  • Honest Hearts/06
  • Old World Blues/07
  • Lonesome Road/08
  • Gun Runners Arsenal/09

    The console command i showed you earlier will give you a 45. Auto submachine gun.

    Warning if you mod it can change your load order if it does that just replace your old fallout folder
    with a new one.

what it looks like with new veags mod manager

heres some console commands for you to use

dead money console [link]
honest hearts console [link]
old world blues console [link]
lonesome road console [link]
gun runners arsenal http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Gun_Runners%27_Arsenal

load order 06

45. auto smg xx00996c
45. auto smg extended mag xx00996b
45. auto smg omp xx00996a
45.auto pistol xx008e1a
45.auto pistol silencer xx008e18
45. auto pistol hd slide xx008e17
45.amo xx00947b