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How to Win in Muck dumbed down + best powerups for Muck

How to Win in Muck dumbed down + best powerups


Gamer mode viableThere are alternative ways to get the same results but this but this is the most straightforward waySTEP BY STEP GUIDE1. Pick up rock2. Break 2-3 regular trees3. Make workbench and axe and pickaxe4. Break 3-4 rocks, or until you find about 10 coal5. Break 1-3 black rocks (iron)6. Make furnace7. Make exactly 20 iron using 10 coal, coal is precious so don’t use it all. If you want to skip the steel sword you can make exactly 13 iron instead to rush to mithril.8. While making iron go get birch wood and some more wood if you need more bark9. Make anvil10. Make a steel sword, pickaxe and axe.11. Break 1-3 mithril and 1-3 fir tree12. Make mithril sword. You don’t need mithril tools unless you want to make adamantite tools and weapons which aren’t going to drastically improve your power and mining speed. Leave adamantite weapon for later. Use spare bars to make some armor but you probably shouldn’t need too much.ENDGAME – You wanna reach this point as fast as possible. Personally I can get here around day 3 or day 4 depending on my luck and position13. Mine every gold ore you see and every rock you see for coal14. Make gold bars transform into gold coins. It’s 5 coins for one bar you can get insanely rich. The faster you do this the better because chest prices now increase every day after day 4 or 5 or something15. Only do trial battles at this point because they are guaranteed to spawn elites of any mob class and you don’t want to end a run just cause you opened a trial battle that you couldn’t do.Extra notes1. Adamantite sword is best in slot. The chunkium hammer doesn’t benefit from orange juice which means you can’t get as many sniper scope procs which means you are actually losing out on a whole lot of dps.2. Chunkium armor is equivalent to adamantite armor so you never really have to mine adamantite.3. If you survive to around day 12 I’m pretty sure nothing can kill you.4. The easiest way to kill big chunk is by attacking his arm that doesn’t have a club. As long as you have a bulldozer he can’t hurt you and the stomp wont reach you.5. Building a house or shelter is absolutely useless. Building a long ramp (like 20-40?) and standing on top of it lets you afk.6. Throwing down a bunch of walls with all that extra wood you got can help reduce agro if you’re into that slow playstyle.7. The more enemies you kill the more enemies will spawn if you plan to maximize income per night.8. From my list of best powerups below, the best chests to open overall are blue chests, followed by basic chests and gold chests last.9. There are black chests which you can open for free.BEST POWERUPS – honestly just my preference for a few of these but I’m sure I’m right on most of themHIGH TIER – Aside from bulldozer, these aren’t in any set order.1. Bulldozer – sounds like ♥♥♥♥ at first but turns out that you can stunlock every enemy if you knock them. This is the best powerup in the game. Yes, even big chunk can get stunlocked.2. Frog legs – You need like 2-3 if you wanna kill the dragons and big chunk safely.3. Dracula – Having a couple of these and going around killing cows makes you pretty much immortal4. Orange juice – If you manage to get like 10-20 of these you can double and triple hit with every hit which means more bulldozer procs and sniper scope procs5. Milk – Not exactly sure what it does but I think it’s damage reduction from enemies and if so it really helps in gamer mode.6. Crimson dagger – Having like 2-3 and combined with sniper scope makes you pretty godly in the later days.7. Sniper scope – Only really shines around day 10 and onwards so not as important early but you can one shot anything with a sniper scope proc.8. Checkered shirt – good for speeding up gold and stone breaking in the end game9. Piggy bank – Super important because it increases gold gain on kill.10. Lucky horseshoe – More affordable and consistent sniper scope11. Dumbbell – Damage boost is always welcome.MID TIER – These aren’t in any set order1. Broccoli – Life regen is cool2. Knuts hammer – extra damaging proc is cool3. Peanut butter – you only need a couple and you can pretty much run forever4. Sneakers – you get enough of these and you no longer need to sprint5. Red pill – extra life is cool6. Blue pill – extra energy shield is cool but you can’t lifesteal energy shield.♥♥♥♥ TIER – These aren’t in any set order1. Wings of glory – Alternative to sniper scope. Definitely not worth its cost.2. Adrenaline – Endgame you won’t ever be below 100% hp.3. Berserk – Endgame you won’t ever be below 100% hp.4. Jetpack – Do not pick up more than 5-6 of these. You’ll overshoot when you try to jump attack dragons.