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How to XP and get money easily. for Castle Crashers

How to XP and get money easily.


Hey guys I promess you I will do a guide in english and I’m here ! I’m not guarantee there are no misstake but I try it for you ^^Pour mes amis francais il y a deja un guide dessus chercher dans les guides que je fais vous le trouverez


How to XP or get money easily.
Well you tell me that will be hard and long, long of course but not necessarily hard.


Already it takes the primordial objects to perform the technique correctly:

  • Having a character with a magic area attack.
  • Be at least 25 see 30.
  • Magical being full.
  • Have reached the level of flying castle.
  • Optional: Have the Giraffe for XP faster Needless if you are 99 ^ ^

Here you have the prerequisites then you can start to technique.

The technical

The technical
The technical is extremely simple, just go the the flying castle and reach the 4 doors, enter in the level of the painter, the fight begins go to the top of the screen left side of the chart and spamming your magic area attack when it is in the process of painting a picture, it will take TONS OF DAMAGE Reference LoL :p depending of your total magic, once you have killed him, the final booty gives a 300 ~ 200 Gold. Exit the room, don’t destroy the crystal just leave the room and when you are outside come back in the first door,(the lvl of painter) and kill him again and again..
Chaining this technical as many times as you want, it earns XP, mass money allowing you to search for powerful items in the store denied if the story is finished.


Here I hope that this guide will serve you well for Up or for all objects in the insane store, for which does not have the patience I can not help you.
Thank you for reading and if you do not like tell me with a constructive comment ^. ^