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In-depth Guide to Dishonored


This guide is for new and experienced players. It will explain all the basics of the game/powers/skills, show locations of runes/bone charms/blueprints, achievements and how to get them, as well as tips.Feedback would be much appreciated as this is my first guide, and I plan to make more! :)Note: I can also write the guide in Korean if anyone would like me to do so.만약에 한국분들이있으시고 이안내서를 한국어로 읽으면더 편하실것같으면, 한국어로 쓸수있읍니다!!~ 하지만 저는미국에 오레살아서 제한국어가 좀이상할쑤도있읍니다.

Welcome to the guide!

Take your time, enjoy the game

Just as many other guides and users have said, the most important thing is to have fun with the game.

Personally, I recommend playing through the game and just doing things however you want and feel like without caring about achievements or loot. Just to have some fun and to be able to focus more on the story.
Then you can go for achievement hunting or whatever else you would like to do.

However, that is just purely my opinion and suggestion.

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Disclaimer: Lots of information from this guide has been obtained from the Dischonored Wiki[]

Chaos? Loot? Money?


This is one of the major factors of the game that affects the environment, dialogue, the enemies you face throughout each mission, as well as the final outcome at the end.
Generally, the higher the chaos level, the more difficult each mission may get due to many factors.


There are two different ways of obtaining money throughout this game.

This is going to be your primary form of “income” as it is also the most plentiful. Generally loot can be found everywhere in many different forms.
You can find loot as coins, statues, herbs, feathers, and pouches to name a few.

TIP: The Hound Pits, which is the area you go back to after each mission, will always have a “reset” of loot in the area. Take advantage of that by looting everything there before or after each mission for extra money. But keep in mind that not all the loot will be the same and they wont always be in the same locations.

NOTE: If you have “Show Interactions” ON in your user interface settings then all the loot (as well as all other interactable objects) will have a yellow glow around them. Very hard to miss.

The other method of obtaining money comes in the form of looting safes that are scattered here and there through some of the story missions. These can only be looted once. There will usually be a letter, journal, or note in the vicinity of the safe that gives hints to the safe’s code. However some of the safes require human interaction in order to obtain the safe code.


When it comes to achievements one thing to keep in mind is that some of them can’t be obtained at the same as other achievements. Because your actions and decisions affect the game, it also affects which achievements you will be able to get; by either playing through the game or through certain scenarios.

Weapons / Gadgets / Items

Weapons and Ammunition

Corvo’s Pistol

  • Regular Bullets – Loud ammo. Easily looted off of City Watch.
  • Explosive Bullets – Very loud ammo. Requires blueprint.

Corvo’s Folding Blade

  • The primary right hand weapon throughout the game.

Corvo’s Crossbow

  • Crossbow Bolt – Silent. Can also sometimes be picked back up from corpses.
  • Incendiary Bolt – Burns a single enemy. Slower than regular bolt and also has a drop curve.
  • Sleep Dart – Puts an enemy to sleep very fast. Alert enemies have a 1 sec delay. Can be upgraded for the sleep effect to be instant (for both aware and unaware enemies)

Gadgets / Tools

The Heart

  • Point at NPC and right click to hear “secrets” about the NPC.
  • Use to track down Runes & Bone Charms.

Rewire Tool

  • A tool used disable alarms and technology or to turn them against the enemy.

Example: If you rewire an “Arc Pylon”, it will not harm you and instead kill the guards.

Spring Razor

  • Device unfolds with an audible click and its sharp wires snap outwards wildly.
  • You can also trigger it by hitting it with a shot from either the crossbow or throwable objects such as a bottle.


  • Explode after a few seconds.
  • Can be cooked.

Sticky Grenade

  • Will stick to any surface and explode after a few seconds.
  • Can be cooked.



  • Used to purchase upgrades or ammunition.


  • Used to purchase different powers as well as upgrade them.

Spiritual Elixir

  • Restores mana

Health Elixir

  • Restores health

Bone Charms

When you equip bone charms, they give you a variety of enhancements to help you throughout the game.

There are a total of 36 bone charms in the game but throughout one playthrough only 26 will be spawned randomly.
This means it is impossible to collect all the bone charms in a single playthrough.
Also, due to their randomized nature, I can’t promise that certain charms will be at certain locations. However, I will list all locations of bone charms further down on this guide.


Healthy Appetite I
Food heals slightly more

Healthy Appetite II
Food heals moderately more

Robust I
Potions grant 5% more health

Robust II
Potions grant 10% more health

Tough Skin
15% increase to maximum health

Being damaged grants a small amount of adrenaline

Water of Life
Drinking from fountains grants 7.5% health


Blood Ox Heart
20% increase to maximum mana

Falling Star
Drop assassinating recharges 20% of your mana

Plague Affinity
Damage by weepers grants a small amount of mana

Spirited I
Potions grant 5% more mana

Spirited II
Potions grant 10% more mana

Spiritual Pool
Slightly faster mana regeneration

Spirit Water
Drinking from faucets recharges 20% of your mana

Twist of Fortune I
Very rarely, using a potion grants full mana

Twist of Fortune II
Sometimes, using a potion grants full mana


Slightly faster climbing

Fleet Fighter
Drawn weapons do not slow movement speed

Strong Arms
Faster choking speed

Sustained Rage
Adrenaline takes slightly longer to cool down

Swift Shadow
Increased movement speed in stealth mode

Throwing Hand
Thrown objects travel slightly further

Increased movement speed while carrying a corpse

Whirlwind I
Swing speed for swords is slightly faster

Whirlwind II
Swing speed for swords is moderately faster


Reinforced Bolts
Bolts stuck in enemies break less often

Greater amounts of ammo on discovery


Increased chance of white rats

Carrion Killer
Killing rats grants some adrenaline

Rat Scent
Rats attack only when approached in close proximity

Welcoming Host
Possession lasts 30 seconds on white rats


Clockwork Malfunction
Enemy grenades take slightly more time to explode

Plague Resistant
Weepers inflict slightly less damage

Unnerving Target I
Enemies have a slight chance to miss with guns

Unnerving Target II
Enemies have a moderate chance to miss with guns


Golden Touch
Slight increase to value of precious items

Powers (Runes)

Powers are basically the abilities that you can use within this game, and must be unlocked and leveled through the use of Runes that are scattered throughout the map.

This is a list of all the powers as well as their traits at higher ranks.

Active Skills

Dark Vision
Rank 1: See people/animals through walls and their sight cones. Also shows any sounds Corvo makes.
Rank 2: As well as Rank 1 effects, also gain vision of resources and technology..
TIP: This skill makes makes it easier for you to plan out when exactly to make your move.

Rank 1: Rapidly move forward or upward.
Rank 2: Increased movement distance in all directions
TIP: Always consider the objects in your path. This skill moves you rapidly to a location, it does NOT “teleport” you. You can’t use this skill to get past a wall of light.

Rank 1: Possess rats, fish and hounds.
Rank 2: Also possess people (can’t make them attack or use powers)

Bend Time
Rank 1: Slow time for about 12 seconds
Rank 2: Freeze time (can pluck fired projectiles out of midair).

Rank 1: Blast back groups of foes (non-lethal), break doors, blast bolts back at foes.
Rank 2: Kills foes if blown against solid objects

Devouring Storm
Rank 1: Summon rats to kill people nearby, or eat bodies.
Rank 2: Summon more rats

Passive Skills

Rank 1: More Health
Rank 2: Health Regeneration

Rank 1: Higher jumps, and less damage from falls
Rank 2: Faster running, climbing, and swimming

Blood Thirsty
Rank 1: Brutal melee kill animations
Rank 2: Kill Multiple foes

Shadow Kill
Rank 1: Unaware foes turn to ash when killed
Rank 2: All foes turn to ash when killed

Locations – Blueprints

Soooo before I get onto spending a ton of time listing Bone Charm and Rune locations (cuz there is a lot..) first up will be the location of all the blueprints of equipment/gear/weapon upgrades.

Bonded Galvani Weave – Improves armor and reduces damage

  • During mission 2, “High Overseer Campbell”. Can be found in a locked cabinet in the Overseer’s workshop in the Backyard
  • In Daud’s Chest in The Flooded District

Lens Magnification 2 – Increases zoom magnification further

  • Purchased from Griff

Sokolov’s Formula – Allows purchase of Sokolov’s Elixer(health)

  • Can be bought from Griff(see Griff section at bottom for more info)
  • Can be found in Anton Sokolov’s greenhouse during The Royal Physician.

Incandescent Paste – Allows purchase of Incendiary Bolts for the crossbow

  • During “House of Pleasure” in the Distillery(Slackjaw’s place) in the room behind the rolling metal door.
  • During The Flooded District in a basement near the Gateward Tunnel exit.

Folded Galvani Resin – Lessens boot sound, increasing stealth

  • During “The Royal Physician” in the first warehouse on the desk next to the electric cart lever
  • In Daud’s chest during The Flooded District

Spiked Grenade Housing – Allows the purchase of Sticky Grenades

  • During “Lady Boyle’s Last Party” in the security office located near the entrance.
  • During The Flooded District in the looter’s warehouse

Small-scale Combustion Refinement – Allows the purchase of Explosive Bullets

  • During “Return to the Tower” in General Tobias’s office
  • During The Flooded District inside an abandoned rail car in Central Rudshore.

Locations – Bone Charms


Locations – Runes



Edit/Update Log

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