Fallout: New Vegas Guide

[incomplete] How to deal with the 5 most feared enemys in the Wasteland for Fallout: New Vegas

[incomplete] How to deal with the 5 most feared enemys in the Wasteland


Wanted to walk around but some ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ retarted deathclaw got outta nowhere and onehits you? No problem. Just read this guide. JUST DO IT!


Welcome to my Guide. I will show you how to deal with the 5 most feared enemys.

Let’s start with a quote:

Originally posted by Sun Tsu, Chinese General:

It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.

The Night Stalker

What are night stalkers?

Night stalkers are created by Dr. Borous by mixing DNA from coyotes and rattlesnakes. They are poisonous, so be prepared with some kind of antivenom.

Only some are able to cloak themselves. The only night stalkers with cloak ability live in Charleston Cave (it’s near Jacobstown) and in the lower levels of X-13 research facilities. The night stalkers in Charleston Cave got their cloak ablilty by chewing on a Steath Boy and the night stalkers in X-13 got it by some unknown scientists.

How to deal with Night stalkers?
Originally posted by A now dead guy killed by a group of night stalkers:

Throw a stick or something. Or tell it to sit. Never met a night stalker actually.

Night stalkers are actually one of the easiest enemies out there. Just take out your Katana (or other melee weapons. Note that the Katana is the best option due to the highest attack speed of all melee weapons in the game.) and move backwards while you slash them in handy night stalker cubes. But if you’re over-encumbered, you’re dead. Also watch your back. You don’t want to run into a wall while trying to avoid the attacks of night stalkers.

Facts about night stalkers:

  • The Animal Friend perk makes them non-hostile, which is funny, because they’re classified as abominations.
  • The Abominable perk, the Purifier perk and the DNAgent perk can make night stalkers easier to kill.
  • Their eggs are a component of Mushroom Cloud
  • You can make Hydra and Antivenom using their blood and other incrediens.
  • Their Venom does 5 damage per second for 60 seconds (320 damage total) and lowers endurance by 2.
  • Normal night stalkers do 70 attack damage with their melee attacks and have 110 health points

The Cazador

What are Cazadores?

The most hated bug (aside from the vendor bug) in the game. Created by Dr. Borous and made from Hawk and Taranula DNA.

How to deal with Cazadores?
  • Cripple their wings via V.A.T.S.
  • Sniping them is the easiest way to kill them safely. (Because they are so quick, unexperienced sniper will have trouble with that method.)
  • HAVE. ANTI. VENOM. READY. (snakebite torniquet FTW)
  • To protect companions from dying, stimpak the hell outta them or give them datura anivenom.
  • KILL IT WITH FIRE (no, seriously)
  • Since they are mutated insects, the bonus damage from those (Entomologist, Bug Stomper) perks apply to them. Also there are perks existing only to deal more damage against them (DNAvenger, Inplant C-13).

NCR Ranger Hit Squad

What are NCR Ranger hit squads?

Honestly, I don’t know anything about them. Never met them.

How to deal with NCR Ranger hit squads?

Umm … maybe not being an enemy of NCR? If you fail that I can’t help you.

Legionary Assassins

What are Legionary Assassins?

The most annoying ♥♥♥♥ in the Mojave and the evidence that caesar can break his own rules (not to kill any courier).

Originally posted by The Fallout Wiki:

Legionary assassins are small groups of four elite killers for Caesar, usually led by a Decanus, a Praetorian guard or a Centurion, dispatched to eliminate the Legion’s enemies.

First type of group is composed of

1x decanus (leader)
2x veteran legionaries
1x vexillarius

The second type of group is for eliminating Caesar’s greater enemies, composed of

1x Centurion (leader)
1x prime decanus
1x veteran legionary
1x vexillarius

The last type of group is for Caesar’s greatest, most hated enemies, composed of

1x praetorian guard (leader)
1x veteran decanus
1x veteran legionary
1x vexillarius

During these assassination missions, Praetorian Guards are allowed to use firearms in the place of their unarmed weapons.

The more infamy you have with the Legion, the harder the assassins.

How do I deal with Legionary Assassins?

My best hint is using a strong energy weapons such as Elijah’s advanced LAER or Tri-beam laser rifle, because they are amored. There’s also a perk which can help you (Fight the Power!). Terrifying presence can also help if you’re not already vilified, since they will initiate a dialouge first before attacking. With this perk you can make them flee so you don’t have to kill them.

If you keep getting suprised by assassins, try to memorize the location where you got assassinated. If you got assassinated multiple times at a certain location, expect another assassination attempt when you go to that location again.

Also the Miss Fortune perk could help here, too. Since the level 3 assassin group carry C4 and plasma explosives.

Originally posted by The Fallout Wiki:

With this perk, Miss Fortune will appear 10% of the time in V.A.T.S. to attack enemies. To trigger an appearance, the player character must complete a series of attacks in V.A.T.S. without killing their opponent.

Unlike the Mysterious Stranger, Miss Fortune’s attacks deal low damage to an area, aiming to cripple and knockdown enemies rather than kill them outright.

Miss Fortune’s gun creates a “fortune” percentage for the target.

If their fortune is under 35:

Knock-down for 10 seconds.
Any of the following will detonate if they are in the inventory and are at least 1 game unit further away from the player character than the max splash damage range, with an appropriate explosion:

  • Incendiary grenade; creates a 40mm incendiary explosion.
  • Frag grenade, dynamite, or bottlecap mine; creates a 40mm explosion.
  • Plasma grenades or mines; creates a plasma grenade explosion.
  • Pulse grenades or mines; creates a pulse grenade explosion.
If their fortune is between 35 and 65:

Any of the grenades explosives before will detonate, as well as:

  • Flamer, incinerator, or heavy incinerator; creates a 40mm incendiary explosion.
  • Grenade launcher, grenade rifle, grenade machinegun, missile launcher, or Securitron missile launcher; creates a 40mm explosion.
  • Recharger pistol, recharger rifle, plasma pistol, plasma rifle, multiplas rifle, plasma caster, or Plasma Defender; creates a plasma grenade explosion.
  • Pulse gun; creates both a plasma and a pulse grenade explosion.

If any of these detonate, the weapon will be broken and the NPC’s right arm be crippled.

If none of the weapons are present, a “cripples” percentage is set instead:

  • Below 10 cripples the head.
  • 10 – 25 cripples the left arm.
  • 25 – 40 cripples the right arm.
  • 40 – 55 cripples the left leg.
  • 55 – 70 cripples the right leg.
  • Above 70 cripples the torso.

If all limbs are crippled beforehand, the target is paralyzed.

If their fortune is above 65

only the limb crippling is applied.

Remember, this is all determined per shot, and Miss Fortune will more than likely empty her revolver for all 6 shots in a V.A.T.S. attack.

Miss Fortune will appear in 10% of all cases if you don’t kill the enemy targetet in V.A.T.S.
Every shot by her sets a random number between 1 and 100 called “Fortune”.
The luckier the enemy, the less bad things happen to him. From “just being crippeled” to “stuff in their inventory exploding”.


What are Deathclaws?

The better question is: what aren’t they? Aside from being friendly and cute creatures of course …

How to deal with them?
  • Nukes
  • More nukes
  • Hit the NUKE button like it were a nice booty
  • Don’t miss
  • DON’T get near


  • Nukes/Explosives
  • Sneakily snipe them with .50 Explosive rounds (armor piercing doesn’t do as much damage)
  • Use a flare gun
  • Target the legs using V.A.T.S.
  • Don’t use Hollow Point rounds

And if all of that fails and they start to attack you with their as-long-as-your-ex-girlfriends-nails claws:

  • Run
  • Cry for your life
  • Or take it like a real man, take some turbo and kill it with whatever you have.

(Deathclaws are affected by the Purifier and Abominable perks)

Maybe it’s just a bug in my copy of game, but if I try to fight Deathclaws in the Thorn they flee instead of attacking me.