Castle Crashers® Guide

Industrialist/Fencer splash magic efficencies (WIP) for Castle Crashers

Industrialist/Fencer splash magic efficencies (WIP)


A guide that lists what enemies the Industrialist’s and Fencer’s splash magic is strong or weak against.


  • This guide is a WIP (Work In Progress).
  • The information shown may or may not be accurate.


Note that the list (shown below) is ordered from least to greatest; and additionally notes may be shown on the line of which lists a certain enemy, such notes are indicated by a semi-colon and a space before the note starts

  1. Evil Wizard Spider and Balloon forms; these are listed here because Industrialists/Fencers cannot hit these forms with splash magic, alike to most characters.
    1.1 Dragon/Sockpuppet; for same reason as Spider/Balloon Evil Wizard forms.
    1.2 Volcano; as for this (mini-)boss is immune to all attacks from non-beefy players.
  2. Evil Wizard Second form; this is due to this form’s rapid movement and temporary shielding from magic, although attacks cause loss of mobility temporarily.
  3. Evil Wizard Final form; this is due to this form’s rapid movement and attacks, of which the fireball attack grants immunity alike to the Spider and Balloon forms, and the cartwheel attack of which makes it very difficult to attack the Evil Wizard temporarily although the evil wizard can still be attacked at this time.
  4. Evil Wizard Crystals; this is due to how the crystals stay still temporarily but then eventually lift back up, causing a delay in avalibility of an attack window.
  5. Corn Boss; this is due to how he burrows, and also how he can block magical attacks; this is despite how he stays still for a short time.
  6. Cyclops; this is due to rapid movement, however temporary lack of mobility when and after attacking.
  7. Undead Cyclops; although Undead Cyclops acts similarly to the non-undead Cyclops, his coffin-stomp attack gives him temporary immunity to all attacks.
  8. Conehead Groom; this is due to rapid movement along with short immunity given to him whilst doing his cannonball attack.
  9. Normal enemies; this is more difficult as-shown than Frost King due to the fall caused by the splash.
    9.1 Necromancer; this is because he acts very similar to a normal enemy.
  10. Frost King; this is due to his semi-rapid teleportation.
  11. Beefies; this is due to further stability than normal enemies.
  12. Pispitrello; this is due to slow movement although having periodic immunity from flight.
  13. Catfish; due to slow movement and large size, however having high defence and temporary immunity during fist attack.
  14. Barbarian Boss; this is due to slow movement and large size.
    14.1 Medusa; same as Barbarian Boss.
  15. Antlion; this is due to no movement although small size.
  16. Catfish (stunned); this is due to (temporary) loss of defence and mobility.

Increment of difficulty on certain bosses on insane mode

Some bosses are harder to attack with Industrialist’s and Fencer’s splash magic whilst playing on insane mode, for certain reasons.
The table below lists the bosses that are more difficult to attack with buzzsaw splash magic, how much more difficult they are, and why.
Note that “increased health” does not count as a difficulty increase because of how this guide shows difficulty based on ability to attack with buzzsaw magic, not based on enemy health.

Boss name
Difficulty increase
Reason of difficulty increase
Barbarian Boss
Increment of speed for each attack performed by boss
Conehead Groom
Increased speed
Largely increased speed