Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Infinite Caps! for Fallout: New Vegas

Infinite Caps!


The courier drop more than 32,768 of any casino’s chips, the game’s engine glitches. Upon retrieving them, the player receives a negative number of chips that may be traded for caps, NCR, or Legion money.(I recommend to save the game before dropping the caps!) The exploit may also be done with values higher than 32,768 but the number of “negative” chips received is inversely proportional to the number of chips dropped. Dropping 33,000 chips will give you close to -32,000 chips. Every time the chips are turned in, the player will gain that amount, only in positive numbers. Bear in mind: when picked up, the chips will not show up in the player inventory anymore, but may be turned in for money over and over. Rate Up! Ez! Thanks for reading my guide. have a nice day! 🙂