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Installing A Tale of Two Wastelands (A TTW Guide) for Fallout: New Vegas

Installing A Tale of Two Wastelands (A TTW Guide)


I’m writing out these instructions on how to install A Tale of Two Wastelands for a friend of mine, and it got too long for a comment. lolDon’t expect this to be perfect, it’s written in really simple terms, and there are probably much smarter ways of going about whatI have described here. I’m open to all editorial comments.But be nice please. 🙂


Installation actually isn’t that hard once you get the hang of it. It just sounds complicated. Here, I’ll put it down into some easy to understand steps:

Installing A Tale of Two Wastelands:

Downloading and Setup

Step 1: Create a folder labeled TTW (or Blue Daffodils, I don’t care) and download the three zip files from the website into that folder. This is the main file, and it’s two updates.

Step 2: Create a folder for each file. Extract each file into it’s corresponding folder.

Step 3: Install Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Run the launchers (ONLY the launchers, but if you end up getting to a main menu, don’t freak out, just exit) to create the necessary ini files. Set your graphics options if you like, but we’ll be repeating this step later on anyway.

Edit: If you already have the games installed, have played the games for any length of time, installed mods, etc… uninstall both games, delete every inch of them from your my games, program files, storage drives, etc, and reinstall them as fresh as a dew kissed rose – preferably somewhere far, far away from program files.

Step 4: Open MO2 (after a clean install if you do portable installs – or click the refresh button and ‘create a new instance’) – MO2 has built in support for TTW when it sees New Vegas is installed, so you will see the TTW option. Choose it. (Note: double check file directories if this is an instance and you are OCD) Close MO2.

Installing the Main File

Step 5: Back to the nice little folder we created for the TTW install files. Open the folder you created for the main file and click the ‘TTW Install’ executable. Ignore all other options you see unless you are an advanced user, in which case, why are you here?

(Note: Save time here: go create a file named Tale of Two Wastelands (don’t abbreviate) in your mods directory for the MO2 instance you set up for TTW.)

Step 5a. Gamerpoets explains this a lot better than I do, but simply put… you set (one) file path to your FO3 game directory, (the other) to your New Vegas file directory, and…

(ATTN – here’s where people get confused)

Step 5b. ….the (final one) to the previously created folder named after Tale of Two Wastelands within your MO2 mods folder. In a portable install, this will be the mods folder within the MO2 install (wherever you placed it) – in an instance, it will be where you dictated mods to be installed to in your paths directory settings within MO2.

Step 5c. (NOW) Click install. Wait. Wait some more. Go get a pastry and some coffee and binge watch Good Omens. Maybe take a nap. FINALLY. In 2 to 12 hours (this range depends entirely on your processor and storage drive write speed), you will have installed the main file. Don’t close the installer just yet.

(STOP HERE: Check MO2 to see if all relevant files are showing up and where they are supposed to be. Do not use LOOT or clean any files. Follow the list provided in the installer’s last page for load order – it should already be in place as described.)

First Update:

Step 6: Now for the first update. Check the readme within the 3.2.1 folder and use the link in the readme to download and install the appropriate runtime library from Microsoft.

Step 6a: Drag the TTW Update 3.2.1 .mpi file from the appropriate folder we extracted it into, into the folder for the TTW main file installer.

Step 6b: Save time here: go create a file named after the update file in your mods directory. Double check your original TTW folder within your mods folder to make sure it is not set to read only (right click folder, go to properties, uncheck the read only box, agree to all files within subfolders)

Step 6c: Click the executable for the main file. Here you will be given the option to choose the update. Do so. Check file paths and install. This update should only take a few short minutes, tops.

(STOP HERE: Check MO2 to see if all relevant files are showing up and where they are supposed to be. First update should be listed below the main file. Do not use LOOT or clean any files.)

Second Update:

Step 7: Second Update.

There are many ways to approach the second update. You can simply copy what I explained above to make a new folder named after the second update (3.2.2) within your mods folder, then use MO2 to make sure they overwrite each other… however, this is a little messy, so what we’re going to do is head over to our mods folder… we’re gonna copy and paste all the contents of our 3.2.1 Update mod folder and paste them into the main TTW folder, overwriting when asked.

Or you can merge them if you are an advanced user. Again, why are you here? (lol j/k).

Once you have merged the two folders successfully, delete or remove the Update 3.2.1 folder from your mods directory. Then you may create a NEW folder, named after the 3.2.2 Update, and install as described in Step 6. It goes below the main file in the left pane in MO2.

You will not see esps for either TTW or the updates in the right pane.

(STOP HERE: Check MO2 to see if all relevant files are showing up and where they are supposed to be. Second update should be listed below the main file (or under the first update folder should you have chosen to keep it as is). JIP (see addendum) goes below the second update. Do not use LOOT or clean any files.)

Addendum and Notes

Addendum: Be sure to download the JIP mod for New Vegas and install it as you would any other mod. It is no longer bundled with TTW because it is constantly updated and having it managed as it’s own mod was a better option for all concerned.

ALSO: Make sure you copy the contents of falloutcustom.ini from your Documents/My Games/Fallout NV folder and paste into the appropriate ini section of MO2. Be sure to see GamerPoet’s “Final Steps” section of his Main Install video guide for extra steps you may need to take that I have not outlined here.

Finally: Run the NV launcher one last time (DO NOT click play!) and set your graphics the way you want them. Most systems today should be able to run TTW on High or Ultra.

Enjoy: Run Tale of Two Wastelands through MO2 using the Tale of Two Wastelands option in the drop down menu.

Notes: We create new folders within the mods folders because it has been observed that the installer often does not automatically recognize a folder created within the program – GamerPoets says to create the folder, exit, then re-enter the program, but it’s really simpler to just create the folder beforehand.

If you’re interested in modding TTW, be sure to check out the main website and forums, or check out the TTW discord for faster assistance. Links below.

The difference of playing Fallout 3 in a New Vegas engine.

Take note that since you’re playing Fallout 3 in New Vegas, that Super Mutants will be at least twice as hard to kill. I find myself running from super mutants more often than taking them on in the early game.

Also make note that the “Rivet City Run” no longer bumps you up to 10 Intelligence. The bobblehead now offers one extra skill point per level instead.

(This list will be updated as I learn more…)


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