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Keep Dishonored 1 Interesting! Runs! for Dishonored

Keep Dishonored 1 Interesting! Runs!


Keep Dishonored 1 Interesting! With the release of Dishonored 2, Dishonored 1 has pretty much been left in the dust, but I haven’t played 2 yes because, well, requirements are too high… :/ So I am STILL entertaining myself with dishonored 1, if you enjoy these go join “Gaming Irresistible”, my steam group!


Runs are pretty much giving yourself a list of requirements, or rules you must follow before you play a game. Here are a few I have come up with myself. Feel free to comment your own Runs and I might add them to this list. THIS LIST OF RUNS WILL BE UPDATED AS I COME UP WITH NEW IDEAS FOR RUNS.

Bullseye Run:

•Allowed Weapons:
-Flintlock Pistol

•Allowed Powers:
-Agilty I, II
-Bend Time I, II
-Vitality I, II

-Upgrades for Pistol:
-Corvo’s Pistol Upgrades
-Pistol Magazine I
-Pistol Reload I, II
-Pistol Accuracy I, II
-You may use the sword to break glass, etc. and can be used to block, but YOU CANNOT KILL WITH ANY SWORD!!!
-Aim for High Chaos Ending!

Hero Run:

•Allowed Weapons:
-Any Sword
-Crossbow (No Fire Bolts)

•Allowed Powers:
-Blink I, II
-Bend Time I, II
-Windblast I, II
-Vitality I, II
-Agility I, II

-Upgrade you Sword and Crossbow as you see fit
-Keep casualties to a minimum (Dont kill who you dont have to, Combat Sleep dart will help with this!)
-Give anybody you have to kill a quick death (This is why you have no Devouring Swarm)
-If any of Daud’s Assassins are encountered by you, you MUST KILL them (This is an interesting twist considering you are supposed to get low chaos ending, Flooded District is going to be a hard one to do low chaos!)
-Respect your enemies and anybody around you. (This is why you have no possesion)
-No theft (No opening safes or pickpocketing)
-No Graverobbing (Looting corpses)
-Kill NO CIVILIANS EVAARRR, Kill a civilan, load your game ;D (Acceptions for Lady Boyle.)
-You must put all “Weepers” out of there missery (Kill ’em) (This is an interesting twist considering you are supposed to get low chaos ending, Flooded District is going to be a hard one to do low chaos!)
-You MUST KILL main targets (Including optional ones such as Curnow)
-Encounter Granny Rags in some way, but dont do her missions. Near the end of the game refuse to [SPOILERS] Slackjaw, then, fight Granny Rags
-Do not do Slackjaw’s missions, you are not accociated with ~♥♥♥♥♥♥♥~ *Clears Throat* the gang is what I was going to say! ♥♥♥♥ OUTTA HERE, MEMES!
-In situations, like, saving Griff, well, do them!
-Aim for low chaos ending.

Madman Run:
•Allowed weapons:

•Allowed Powers:

-Vist all of the outsider’s Shrines and Take the Runes
-Kill all main targets slowly, painfully.
-Get as many Hostile/ Civilian Kills as possible, you are evil.
-In situations, like, saving Griff, save them, then kill them.
-Kill Curnow
-You worship the Outsider, any Overseers that are encountered, will be killed on sight.
-Collect all bone charms you can.
-When Granny Rags asks you to [SPOILERS] Slackjaw, do it! >:D
-Aim for High Chaos Ending. Dont save emily…

Barbarian Run:

•Allowed Weapons:
-NO LEFT HAND GEAR (I reccomend temporarily unbinding right mouse button for this run.)

•Allowed Powers:
-Aderenaline I, II
-Vitality I, II
-Any Bone Charms that involve Combat, Aderenaline, or health are alloed.

-Kill ANYONE who detects you, including civilians
-No Stealth, ever
-Eat all food you encounter. Fatass
-Aim for any ending.

Greedy Run: By The_Gamer95

•Allowed Weapons:
-All weapons

•Allowed Powers:
-Blink I, II (Sorry, adding this because it will most certainly help you get loot much better.)
-Dark Vision I, II (Adding this so you can locate loot through walls, Dark Vision I only lets you see people.)
-Agility I, II (Sorry, I had to add this because there is some loot you need agility to get to. :D)
-Any beneficial bonecharms are allowed.

-NO upgrades
-Steal EVERYTHING! Including things on people. (Money, Paintings, Runes, Bonecharms.)
-Spend NO money, meaning you have to scavenge for all of your supplies.
-Aim for Low chaos ending!

Thank you

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