Batman: Arkham City – Game of the Year Edition Guide

Keybindings; Perfect Freeflow 2.0; Combat for Batman: Arkham City GOTY

Keybindings; Perfect Freeflow 2.0; Combat


It can be overwhelming to learn and master all the attack options in Arkham City, even for those who have played plenty of Asylum (like me). After some experimentation, I recommend these keybindings to help you control combat with a bit more ease.You’re still going to need a lot of practice. There’s 17 base attacks, but variations for all of them. There are already a handful of guides out there that go into detail about Perfect Freeflow 2.0, but I wanted to chip in anyway.Obviously, this is for keyboards not game pads. The game plays just fine on a keyboard, not all of us need to rely on our thumbs so much. =P

The ReBindings

To rebind actions, you’re going to need to start the Launcher: launch the game from Steam –> Configure PC Options –> Settings –> Controls. The in-game Options screen does not allow you to change the Controls, just view them.

  • If the dialog pop-up isn’t appearing when you launch the game: try right clicking the game name in your Library. If it’s not there, from the context menu go to Properties –> Local Files –> Browse local files, then double click on Run Launcher batch file. If you still can’t get it working, then there’s probably something wrong with your install and you should try to Verify local content.

I’m keeping the list in relatively the same order as the Launcher. The Launcher Controls menu doesn’t detail every single available action through key combinations like the in-game screen. These are all intended as Primaries only, because I see no reason to have redundent commands. You can assign Secondaries as you see fit, take some of these bindings and leave others, or read over this only to make a snarky comment about controllers which I will promptly delete.

For mouse controls, you have to click inside the box with the name of the input while assigning the control.


  • LMB – M1 – left mouse button
  • RMB – M2 – right mouse button
  • MMB – M3 – middle mouse button (depress scroll wheel)
  • TMB – M4 – thumb mouse button (browser back)

Basic Actions

Unchanged from the default settings except for Previous / Next Gadget. I don’t think scrolling forward (up) feels like moving left. I swear I have to change this setting on every single game since 2004. Old dog, new tricks. Also, who really selects weapons and things with any of the number keys past 6? No one. Although, this game is the first I’ve seen to have Shift + # up to 6, which would work.

Look (Aim)
Movement (Aim*)
W, A, S, D / Arrows
Run / Glide / Use

  • Evade / Redirect
Spacebar (hold)

  • Spacebar (x 2)
Crouch / Drop Down

  • Ground Takedown
Left Control (Hold) / L. Ctrl

  • L. Ctrl + RMB
Grapple / Bank Points
F / The Joker’s Carnival Challenge
Toggle Crouch
Caps Lock
Detective Mode / Scan
X / X (hold)
Strike / Use Gadget
LMB / LMB (aiming gadget)
Counters / Aim Gadget
RMB / RMB (hold)**
Cape Stun / Gadget Secondary Feature

  • Beatdown
  • Aerial Attack / Directed
  • Ultra Stun
MMB / MMB (aiming gadget)

  • + LMB (repeating on stunned / special enemy)
  • + Spacebar (x 2) / (+ LMB)***
  • MMB (x3 total)
Previous Gadget
Mousewheel Roll Down (back)
Next Gadget
Mousewheel Roll Up (forward)
Select Gadgets
1 – 0, -, =

  • * Movement commands supercede camera aiming for attack directions. Good for when you want to look in one direction and attack in another. Keep in mind that attacks and takedowns favor immediate attackers and special enemies.
  • ** Bladed Weapons are evaded by holding the movement direction away from the attacker during the entire counter, holding the counter key for every slice, and releasing the counter key after every slice. Normal thugs have three slices, ninjas have four. A successful counter knocks out the offending enemy, but does NOT destroy the weapon. Ninja katanas disappear upon knockout and cannot be disarmed.
  • *** For a Directed Aerial Attack, you have to aim + click immediately after the Spacebar double-tap, not when you’re already on top of the launchpad henchman. Played through most of the game before I figured that one out…
  • The miniature car door Shields cannot be countered and therefore should be top priority for Disarm and Destroy, Shock Sticks second, Blades third. Aerial Attack is generally a waste of time and a risky one at that, it won’t destroy the Shield.

Special Combos

The settings I grandfathered in from Asylum. I think combo keys are more intuitive for “mode types” especially since I don’t want to accidentally hit a single keypress and use up a Freeflow. I really do miss the Throw, it always let me feel the brute strength of Batman, though Disarm and Destroy almost makes up for it as a replacement. There is a Counter sequence now where Bats tosses the thug over him and donkey kicks him ten yards…. pretty damn awesome.

Combat Takedown
Shift + LMB
Bat Swarm
Shift + RMB
Multi-Ground Takedown
TMB (thumb mouse button)
Disarm and Destroy / Takedown*
Shift + MMB

  • * Disarm and Destroy performs a Combat Takedown if no enemy is currently holding a weapon.

Quickfire Gadgets

Double-tapping number keys to Quickfire sucks because:

  1. The gadget fired remains selected, I don’t want that.
  2. The second keypress is a waste of time and energy.
  3. Chance of losing a combo.
  4. It’s stupid, I hate it, and it rightfully hates me back.

I highly recommend taking advantage of the extra keybind options for one-touch Quickfire. Borrowed these from Asylum as well. Maybe they changed to the double-tap because of the massive number of gadgets now available…. even though that makes no sense because you can only Quickfire the five main gadgets anyway!

Explosive Gel
Freeze Blast
Shift + F

  • All of these gadgets are greatly enhanced when Quickfired to consume a Freeflow Focus.
  • Firing any of these more than once in a row will break combo, except for Batarangs which can be fired up to three times rapidly. In Freeflow this adds up to a total of nine Batarangs and potentially nine knock downs! Be careful that you don’t run out of targets and lose your combo!

Menu Navigation

These can’t be changed, at least not in the Launcher or in-game. No big deal.

W, A, S, D / Arrows / Mouse
Mouse Wheel
Enter / Exit – Pause Menu / Restart Challenge
Enter / Exit – WayneTech / Medals (Riddler’s Revenge)
Go Back a Screen
ESC / Tab
Confirm / Continue
Enter / Spacebar
Show Stats (Riddler’s Revenge)
Right Ctrl
Delete / Details

Perfect Freeflow 2.0

There’s a rumor that “Combo Batarangs” can be used as a Special Takedown without reaching Freeflow Focus, and that these count as another combo variation for scoring, achievement, and XP purposes…

This is not true, for:
This action is from Arkham Asylum, and was replaced by the Freeflow Focus version which DOES NOT count as a combo move on its own. The other Freeflow Focus boosted gadgets also do not count as distinct combo moves. Using Quickfire Gadgets, regular or Freeflow, counts toward x5 Gadget Variation bonus, and that’s it.

Combat Variation x12


  1. Strike
  2. Counter
  3. Cape Stun
  4. – Beatdown
  5. – Aerial / Directed
  6. – Ultra Stun
  7. Dodge / Redirect
  8. Ground Takedown

Special Combos

  1. Combat Takedown
  2. Bat Swarm
  3. Disarm and Destroy
  4. Multi Ground Takedown

Gadget Variation x5


  1. Batarangs
  2. Batclaw
  3. Explosive Gel
  4. R.E.C.
  5. Freeze Blast

My tactics for easy completion of the achievement and resulting score bonus:

Maps: I’ve been able to complete it in as little as four guys: at least one with a weapon and one with armor. The Extreme Riddlers Challenges are the perfect resource for practice, especially the two DLC neverending ones: The Joker’s Carnival and The Iceberg Lounge VIP Room. The major difference is that the Carnival has a slow build up with the full variety of enemies / weapons and requires that you never get hit to keep playing and extend the timer, whereas the VIP Room is exclusively regular thugs, Armor, and weapons with a larger crowd from beginning to infinity until you’re knocked out / killed. I find the Carnival easier to use for this simply because it begins with a smaller group allowing space and time to complete the slower moves, especially Ground Takedown.

Priority One: Try to always start off with a Batclaw pull n’ punch, since it is stupidly time consuming. Though if you don’t want to: the Bat Swarm creates a decent opportunity to complete slow actions like Aerial, Batclaw, Beatdown, or Ground Takedown. Bat Swarm is very low damage so feel free to use it a lot but remember that Armored and other special enemies do not get stunned easily.

Second: Quickly cycle through all of the low / no damage attacks. You can’t just go through all of them without entering Freeflow, though. We can’t remain in Freeflow, otherwise gadgets become too powerful with limited targets. So use the first two Takedown charges on Disarm / Destroy and Batswarm. If you’re missing Batclaw or Beatdown, Bat Swarm buys time, when in doubt: Batswarm!

Third: Cycle through all your gadgets, but not in Freeflow. It’s best to spread these throughout the fight so you don’t find yourself in a room of mooks on the floor and / or frozen simultaneously. Another option is to reserve one guy to take all the toys in succession. R.E.C. –> Freeze –> Batarang is my favorite cruel combo. Remember that you can, in fact, freeze thugs to the ground when they’re down. Great for keeping armor or weapons out of your way, or save for dessert.

Fourth: Use Takedowns on guys who are too softened up to take another punch. With practice, you should be able to keep track of how much punishment you’ve doled out to each individual thug. Normals can only take the equivalent of three critical hits, ninjas two.

Finale: if you haven’t Ultra Stunned and Groundpounded already, it makes for a nice cherry on top of your can o’ whoopass. Both Ultra Stun and Ground Takedown are slow, so it’s nice to give the last poor bastard standing some extra love. Nothing says “Batman!” like dazzling a guy out of his mind, jumping on him, and smashing his head into pavement…. because Batman doesn’t kill.

Combat Considerations

In an effort to perfect my playstyle, and help people be more Batman, I will make an attempt at a maximally detailed general combat guide.

I provided some basic insight with the bindings, but here I’ll explain in more entertaining detail.

  • Movement and Aiming – First off, know that you can’t sprint, Batclaw grapple, glide, or aim a gadget without losing your combo. You have maybe half a second to make that kind of mistake, but it’s not worth doing on purpose. Almost all movement while you’re in the crunch is basically whatever is necessary and automatic to perform all the techniques, so you technically have to plan your path through enemies rather than around them. Keep this in mind when timing your action, reaction, and choosing your targets for priority.
  • Playing Defensively – Like any game involving the exchange of violence, staying alive is ALWAYS the highest priority. You can’t fight and win, if you lose, duh. In fact, it’s number one priority in real life too if you know what’s good for you, so eat keto and lift heavy kids. Defeating enemies is often a derived secondary priority from survival, besides the other objectives of winning etc. Defensive actions primarily include: Counter, Evade / Redirect, Freeflow gymnastics, and preemptive attacks. Prevention is the best solution to any problem, so if you can keep enemies from picking up weapons (or destroy them), or avoid situations where they have an opportunity to attack, that helps to keep the fight easier to manage in the future. Your future self will thank… yourself.

    Not all enemies will patiently wait to take their turn in attacking you! The most imminent dangers are area attacks because they can hit you if you’re doing anything but a Special Combat Maneuver! These include Guns, Lieutenants, and Titans. Normally a thug won’t try to shoot into a crowd of his buddies, but I think they get impatient after a few seconds so you can’t simply ignoring them while beating on everyone else. Lieutenants have about a 360 degree attack arc so they’re tricky when it comes an effective dodge. Titans have a punch, Shockwave, and Bull Charge… all of them are area attacks and you typically have to be well out of their way because simply being in the air does not protect you.

  • Attack Choices – Both for the max amount of points / XP bonus and the full experience of the game, you’ll want to attempt cycling through your entire arsenal at least once throughout every fight. Certainly, you’re going to find a small pattern you enjoy when the crowd isn’t large enough, but being able to mix it up and choose attacks depending on the situation is exactly what Batman and friends is all about. The satisfaction of pulling off a Perfect Freeflow 2.0, just because, is great. Makes me feel like I didn’t just beatdown a gang, I ruthlessly overpowered them.
  • Don’t Forget Your Gadgets! – To expound on the previous, I find that I neglect my gadgets regularly. I do this for a few reasons:
    because of the moments of vulnerability given on each;
    they consume Freeflow (Batman);
    and they’re kinda sorta weak hits.
    I really love Freeflow, so burning it on an empowered gadget always feels like a waste, even though the Explosive Gel and Freeze Blast are very potent.

  • Targets – I always prioritize enemies with defenses: Shock Sticks, Shields, Armor, and Titans. Nothing is a better combo buzzkill like accidentally sending a punch to someone who’s not willing to receive. After that, there’s the major threats: Guns, Blades, Ninjas, and Lieutenants. It usually plays well to move around the area quickly to minimize the need for Counters and Redirects, either in a circle or a sorta of hopping to and fro pattern. Feels hilariously awesome too, when you can keep them spread into two groups that you take turns on.
  • The Obvious – Ideally you never ever get hit nor lose your combo, for a Perfect Freeflow. This will require a lot of practice, so just keeping pounding away in Challenges until your brain gives up and memorizes everything. That’s how you get to Carnegie Hall, you know.

Bat’s Dance Moves

  1. Strike – These are your garden variety, mixed martials arts, punching, kicking, and all around awesome looking punishment. This is your bread, your entire meal is built on it, even though it’s carby, fills you up and has minimal nutritional value, you’re still going to want a good portion. Personally, when I lose a combo, about a quarter of the time it’s because I’m missing a regular punch on a guy who’s not standing anymore via gadget or goofy rubberbanded movement. Be careful, feel the rhythm. Sometimes your hero will perform a reckless flourish with this, so don’t always count on being able to jump past or preemptive striking an oncoming attack, even in Freeflow.

    To get critical hits, and you want to be getting those all the time for the combo multiplier, you need to time your clicks for every trademarked “POW!” sound when you smack a baddie. So when you’re flying at an unlucky someone, you’re already planning your next target. You do not need to time this with gadgets or takedowns because the timing is messed up for all those and it’d make things so much more difficult for a combo.

  2. Counter – This is your butter. It tastes good and no, it doesn’t clog your arteries, that’s demonizing natural saturated fat. You can counter regular attacks, thrown objects, blades, and I think that’s it. Everything else requires Evade or a Stun to avoid. If you really wanted to, you might be able to successfully play without using Counter at all, but you’d spend a ton of time Redirecting and throwing Batarangs. Interrupting an attack with a fast Batarang / Bola is pretty satisfying actually.

    Maybe half of the combos I lose are because I got too excited, lost the combat rhythm, and started Countering attacks that don’t happen: because they got interrupted, are too far away to hit, or just fail due to game goofiness. If you keep your calm rhythm and stay aware of the situation you can avoid this. Don’t Counter in the presence of Lieutenants or Titans.

  3. Cape Stun – No damage. This has a pretty wide radius of a stun for what’s just a flourish of fabric. I’m guessing Bats lined his cape with an eye irritant like asbestos or something to get this effect. I think the max number of targets is four or five at a time, but it’s not very reliable when surrounded due to the shape of the cone, so you might be better off with a Redirect, or the ever popular Bat Swarm!
  4. Beatdown – This one is awesome if you’ve got anger issues and need to let off some steam. It’s actually an efficient use of henchmen hitpoints for building a large combo, if not for the danger of someone hitting you in the back of the head while you’re going to town on a guy. It’s only required for putting down The Twins, Titans, and The Joker. Armored enemies are much better dealt with by a Combat Takedown.
  5. Aerial / Directed – It looks nice, but it’s a waste of time with a lot of vulnerability. You can easily stun Shields with the R.E.C. then punch, or better Disarm and Destroy, rather than Aerial. Directed Aerials are safer and work as a fun way to travel but you’re probably better off just Redirecting or Punching your way around. Only Neo was able to make it look cool, and even then it was for gratuitous show. Be careful with this on Armor, it will break your combo unless you Direct it away.
  6. Ultra Stun – No damage. This takes a little while to complete, but it will put a thug down for much longer, like ten or fifteen seconds. This is required to put down Titans unless you use a Twin to deal damage for you. I use this a lot for Armor to have those juicy morsels for dessert. There’s a half second of protection at the completion of this attack.
  7. Evade / Redirect – If you don’t feel like Countering, or you need to get out of the way of a Titan or something, “getting out of dodge” is the thing to do. You can only Evade once at a time before breaking a combo, but you can Redirect all day long if that’s what floats your combat boat. If you think you’re losing the rhythm, playing leap frog like a jumping jackass might help you get your head back in the game.
  8. Ground Takedown – Huge vulnerability. I don’t get why Batty has to take so long just to gently smash a guys head into the ground? He might as well soccer kick these people, because that’s basically the same amount of brain damage and chance for spinal injury. Whatever, man.
    Special Maneuvers

  9. Combat Takedown – Great for neutralizing pesky Armor, Weapons users, or Ninjas. It’s hilariously brutal every time, takes a bit of time, but has a considerably small effect otherwise with crowds.^^
  10. Bat Swarm – It might not be effective on the tougher special enemies, but if you’ve got a decent crowd of regular thugs then you can buy yourself a bunch of freetime for Beatdown / Ground Takedown or a Gadget spending spree without fear of attack. I love this thing, reminds me of that Batman Begins scene, so I use it all the time.
  11. Disarm and Destroy – Guns are really annoying. Definitely destroy them first, then shock sticks, then blades, and then maybe regular blunt objects if you really want to. I think this attack only does a regular punch worth of damage, so it’s strictly a utility move for keeping the danger level reduced. I prioritize this Special Combo above the others, always.
  12. Multi Ground Takedown – If you don’t care about building a massive combo, and you absolutely want to knock out as many grunts as possible in one shot, then this is your baby. The only problem is getting a lot down simultaneously. Get a well placed Freeflow Explosive Gel with at least a couple guys left standing, to charge another Combo, and you might be able to get up to a dozen guys in one!

  13. Batarangs – The classic standby. Might as well pump these things out at every given opportunity. You can spam three times, or take your time to choose targets. I’m sure Bruce Wayne Batman has a factory in China that 3D prints all these at a dollar a piece anyway. Be generous, and remember that as long as you hit one guy while throwing three you won’t break combo, even on Armor. There’s a half second delay after throwing before you can act, this is vital. The Freeflow version is 3×3, Bat power!
  14. Batclaw – This thing just takes too damn long to work. He pulls himself around buildings fast as can be, but tripping a meaty criminal is hard work? My immersion is broken! He can bench like 800 lbs! The Freeflow version simply is a one man KO, and area knockback. In Asylum, we had a nifty triple header.
  15. Explosive Gel – Plant this in the center of a fight and lure a crowd over. At best, you can get four knockdowns with the regular blast, but if you save up for Freeflow then you can clear the room! Don’t worry, the gel doesn’t expire, so you can wait as long as you want for the harvest. Activating it takes a somewhat lengthy second and a half, so be out of harm’s way when you do.
  16. R.E.C. – I use this almost exclusively for making Armor Rockets, and disabling Shields. Freeflow has a decent area of effect, but isn’t as effective as the Gel and Freeze. If this thing is anywhere near as powerful as a standard tazer, these convicts wouldn’t just be standing there in dramatic fashion, they would be on the ground for a while. But I guess that’s not a very fun Batman fight, is it?! So, obviously, all these guys are so hopped up on cocaine and heroin that a little bit of amperage won’t slow them down much. Scary ♥♥♥♥ bro.
  17. Freeze Blast – Incapacitate a guy from a distance, or a whole focus group? Sign me up! This is a guilty pleasure. Useful on any special enemy that you want to be able to ignore for a time. Effective on the Twins! But the Titans are immune to every damn thing…

Dance Partners and Party Favors

  1. Thugs – The basic vanilla gangster. Usually unarmed, but they could come stocked with any of the weapons below, pick them up off the ground, or get guns out of a box. They take three critical hits to go down permanently, and they usually come in sets of four or five depending on location and game mode. Resolution: use anything and everything you have because they’re vulnerable to all attacks and arsenals. They’re combo fuel.

  2. Blunt Weapons – Pipes, bats, wrenches, crowbars etc. They have longer reach than fists, cause dizziness, and they do more damage. Worth destroying for the points, but otherwise not a big deal. It’s entertaining to counter attack or Takedown with these.
  3. Blades – Much more serious than blunt weapons, knives and swords strike faster, deal even more damage, and require a special counter. Definitely destroy or make a point to incapacitate users. Ninja swords can’t be destroyed or disarmed, they are one with the Ninja.
  4. Shock Sticks – These are plain as day, but damn are they annoying. You can’t directly attack because they act as a sort of shield, and you can’t directly counter either because…. reasons. Jumping over the users will allow you the opportunity to attack, instead I recommend gadgets and other special moves. Destroy these stupid things ASAP.
  5. Guns – Batman has some cool armor but he’s not exactly Iron Man or whatever (don’t know why…. realism? Yeah, sounds about right.), so bullets hurt pretty bad. Ranged enemies are always a larger threat, and this is quite a bit more serious than a fire extinguisher or a foot stool being thrown. Even if you Evade, you’re still probably going to get hit. Use gadgets to buy time for a Destroy: top priority.
  6. Shields – So I guess everyone in Arkham City drives a clown car, because I don’t know how else they would get doors these small except off of kids vehicles. The only way around these is with a R.E.C. shot, because metal conducts electricity you know. The “recommended” Aerial attack to knock down users doesn’t destroy nor disarm, and as we know it’s a huge waste of time to begin with. So make sure you Disarm and Destroy ASAP. Like the Shock Sticks you can’t directly attack nor counter against these, and with Shields most gadgets won’t work!

  7. Armor – The tough little fatties of the gang scene. You would think Batman is tougher to put down considering he’s not wearing old hockey pants! Hur dur. These buggers are immune to any attack that hits like a regular Strike, but are vulnerable to R.E.C., Freeze Blast, and Whip Trip. They recover faster from knockdown and stun. If you do accidentally hit them with an ineffective gadget, it won’t break combo as long as you keep attacking. A Beatdown takes a long damn time, so I recommend Ultra Stun and Ground Takedown.
  8. Ninjas – They can dodge direct attacks once, and all gadgets indefinitely, but they only take two Critical Hits to knock out. When they evade you do not lose your combo, and there’s a 50/50 chance they’ll counter attack immediately so be ready for that. They have both regular and Blade type attacks. You need to be careful with them altogether because they have a very long reach and while you’re jumping around stomping everyone you might accidentally jump back into one of their attacks. Remember, you can interrupt an attack with a Gadget or Redirect.

    Ninjas know Aikido, so they recover almost instantly from knockdowns. We are damn lucky they don’t use kunai or shuriken, countering those would probably be difficult.

  9. Lieutenants (Twins) – Things get a bit more complicated with these mini-boss bros. They have a three meter reach, don’t mind knocking over their buddies, have a large amount of health, and require a finisher with a special high-speed beatdown that will fuel your combo into the sky. However, they are susceptible to gadgets! A Batclaw / Whip or R.E.C. will swing their arm for a friendly fire attack, just make sure you’re not nearby. Freeze Blast is good to hold them for later so they’re not messing up your combat priorities. You can, in fact, use these guys to deal damage to Titans.
  10. Titans – These Arnold Schwarzeneggers are generally the same from Asylum, except now they don’t stun themselves on walls like moron bulls, and when you rodeo them you can use up some of your ride time to force up to three special attacks out of your mount. Only Batman can Rodeo, the others have a six hit combo. Their special attacks are a Bull Charge and Shockwave Smash. They are immune to all gadgets and require an Ultra Stun to interact with.

    The biggest problem with the Hulk Wannabes is that they are hell for keeping a combo alive and well. First, they are huge and have nothing but area attacks that require a full dodge or a Stun, to avoid. Then there’s the issue that they need an Ultra Stun to be directly attacked, which can be difficult to aim properly in a crowd, so a combo dies if you miss. Also, it’s difficult to watch your back when you’re in the middle of a Beatdown and you’ve got Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson eating up all your screen space. It’s not so much that Titans are dangerous or difficult to KO, just that they make things much harder to manage cleanly. They do hit like a freight train, of course.

  11. The Joker – Just a regular thug for the most part, except the only way to take him down is with one very long Beatdown like Armor, and if he recovers from Stun all of his health recovers. He is also able to “counter” all Takedowns! You won’t lose your combo when he cancels you out, but it can be unnerving.
  12. Other Villains – Not worth detailing because those are boss fights.

Bat Friends

  1. General – She’s much sexier than Batman, relatively speaking; she’s much faster in all attacks except maybe Aerial, and Ground Takedown; she’s got Special Combo Takedown and one less Special Combo; she has two less Quickfire Gadgets; BUT using her gadgets in Freeflow Focus does not consume for enhanced gadgets! This makes rapidfire ranged combat a reality!
  2. Strike – She’s actually got the same effective strength as Batman, but possibly faster general speed it seems. Sexier.
  3. Counter – I swear, every single one of her Counters is grappling sexiness. I’m surprised there aren’t more crude jokes in the game from the thugs than there are.
  4. Whip Stun – Seems to be about the same cone area of effect as the Cape.
  5. Beatdown – For this, she definitely attacks faster. I really should time it, but I won’t. Hard to say if it’s just visual.
  6. Aerial / Directed – I think this chick went to an all cheerleaders college with a minor in sexy gymnastics.
  7. Ultra Whip Stun – Seems a bit quicker than the Cape because I keep accidentally whipping an extra time. Thel window of attack immunity upon successful execution seems shorter!
  8. Evade / Redirect – I don’t mind saying I like watching her move.
  9. Ground Takedown – Slow and sensual… mmmm hmmm…
  10. Combat Takedown – I want you to want me. One of the animations she humps the guys head into the ground. Is that a legit real life combat move? I want to learn that martial art.
  11. Whip Cardinal DirectionsKeybinding for Batswarm. Not very powerful, but it will buy you a bit of time. The range is good, like five yards.
  12. Whip Trip Around the WorldKeybinding for Multi Ground Takedown. Slightly smaller range than the other Special, but much more effective because it actually trips most enemies! Also, it’s sexier and naughtier. Good for setting up a Ground Takedown, if you need it.
  13. Whip TripKeybinding for Batarangs. This is equivalent to a Batclaw but faster, and you don’t have the 1-2 punch combo for it to put someone on the ground. Good for Armor.
  14. CaltropsKeybinding for Batclaw. Sexwoman Catwoman throws a handful of spikes on the ground tripping up any thugs who walk over for a short time. You only get three handfuls per battle! What a ♥♥♥♥♥. Be careful with these, if thugs fall over and you try to attack them at the wrong moment you’ll screw up your combo.
  15. BolasKeybinding for Explosive Gel. Just like Batarangs, you can throw up to three at a time, but I think these are actually slower. Oh, also sexy and naughty.

  1. General
  2. Strike
  3. Counter

  1. General
  2. Strike
  3. Counter


^^ But you know, when you break a bone, you generally always want to go to the hospital. “Why?!” You ask with completely innocent ignorance. Well, besides setting the bone back into place to heal properly, and getting medicated for the intense amount of pain you’re definitely in, there’s the very real chance for what’s known as “complications”. These are disorders caused as a secondary effect from the initial injuries / disease. So while Batman might try his darnest to not kill directly, while breaking so many limbs in his regular schedule, he’s definitely killing or permanently maiming a lot of people in the long run. That’s even assuming he’s able to manage perfect breaks that they don’t knick arteries for a nice bleed-out right then and there.