Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Known vault list for Fallout: New Vegas

Known vault list


This is a list I compiled of all the known fallout vaults. There were around 120 vaults built. I hope it is helpful and teaches some lore.*() Means the vault underwent change

Known vault list

0- Primary vault
3- Family housing (Taken over by the fiends)
7- Family housing
8- Control Vault (Became Vault City)
10- Populated by overweight people
11- Mandatory 1 sacrifice a year (One survivor)
12- Ghoul creation
13- Faulty waterchip (Fallout 1)
15- NCR vault and GECK housing
17- Unknown (Turned into supermutants by the Master)
19- Separated into red and blue groups
21- Disputes settled by gambling
22- Hydroponics (Taken over by spore carriers)
27- Overcrowding
29- Only children
34- Overstocked with weapons
42- Low lighting
53- Constant malfunctions
55- No entertainment
56- No entertainment except bad movies
68- Females to males 1000:1
69- Females to males 1:1000
70- Only mormons
75- Genetic harvesting (uprising)
76- Control vault (Was broken on release and not fixed to this day)
77- One man and a box of puppets
81- Scientific observations and disease curing
87- FEV testing
88- Unfinished (built by sole survivor)
92- Filled with musicians and subliminal messages over speakers
95- Addiction curing (Hidden drug stashes)
101- Dictatorship (Fallout 3)
106- Pumped In psychoactive drugs
108- Gary cloning
111- Cryogenic freezing (Fallout 4)
112- Tranquility Lane VR
114- Rich people in small areas (Unfinished)
118- Wealthy robobrains with Mr. Handy servants