Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Koniko's Way Of Getting NCR Armor! for Fallout: New Vegas

Koniko’s Way Of Getting NCR Armor!


Heya, you want that sweet a** armor dont ya? You’re in luck! You’re probably just as lazy as a sack of potatoes and dont wanna do jack sh** for the NCR But thats okay because papa koniko is gonna tell you how to get it without even having to fire your shi**ty rifle.


Okay, your probably starting off very early so if youre on PC or laptop press the ~ key on your keyboard. Its under esc.. you entered the console command thingy.. sorta menu thing… thats good! Type in: tmm 1 woah! Now you have every place on the map in your pipboy! Now you gotta search up NCR safe house its somewhere around…. the map.. yeah.. Fast travel to it and ka-zam! Youve don- it needs a key. You dont need a key because we gonna do a magic trick!!! Get into the console commands again, now listen up. This is the most important part so read carefully. And you will need alot of patience and time to read all of it.

1st : enter console command thing thinighhhhhhhh
2nd : click on the door of the safe house (right mouse button)
3rd : type unlock
4th :the door is now unlocked and ready to be opened!

Good job champ you’ve done it! You have proven to be the most laziest piece of sh- Congrats!