Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Kyle for Fallout: New Vegas



Have you ever wanted your fallout character to be a real life Kyle?


Strength: 10
Years of digesting energy drinks has made Kyle a rather strong person

Perception: 8
As energy drinks contain caffeine, Kyle as developed super senses, having the quickest reflexes

Endurance: 5
Kyle has short bursts of energy, during which he is nearly indestructible

Charisma: 2
Kyle can only speak in bro talk, as well as grunts which makes it harder for him to communicate.

Intelligence: 1
Self explanatory. As a child, Kyle never did well in school.

Kyle’s nature results in him being clumsy, and his muscles being large does not help. As well as his caffeine jitters.

Luck: 4
Average fellow, made it this far in life so his luck must be good

TAG skills:

Melee: Strong boi
Unarmed: Strongest boi
Survival: Doesn’t know how to use much equipment, so he just relies on street knowledge