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Lady in Black Sniper (Non Vats) for Fallout: New Vegas

Lady in Black Sniper (Non Vats)


Lady in Black Sniper (Non Vats)By PsalmistA very strong sniper build. High criticals, High damage.Switch the gender specific perks for male playthrough.**Intro.**You know that with guns its who seeswho first, how fast you are, and that longrange gets it done with fewer injuries.You might be called a sneaky [email protected]#$, butyou prefer being alive over trying tofight up close with a rifle. Just incase – there’s always a shotgun.The occasional stealth boy neverhurt, just don’t share ’em with Lily…VATs isn’t that useful from whereyou should be shooting…Go snipe somethin’ 🙂


Sneak up on enemies from as far
away as possible. Then dispatch with ease.
Try to avoid being seen. Patiently pick off those
who investigate fresh kills. It’s fun, trust me.

Agility and Luck should be emphasized in your SPECIAL
choices. Guns and sneak both increase their stats from agility,
and critical hits stat from luck. If you get implants in agility and
luck, you could start with them at 9.

What to use:

What to use:
Light armor with bonuses if you can find them.
Scoped Rifles. I like Christianes CoS Silenced and Antimateria
rifles with Silencer mods. To start with a modded sniper rifle. For up close use shotguns.
The riot shotgun is quite helpful.

Suggested Traits:

Suggested Traits:
1. Nothing 2. Build to destroy, or not. 3. Wild wasteland, or not.

Best Tag Skills

Guns, Sneak, repair


S6 P6 E5 C1 I4 A9 L9
Get Luck and Agility implants ASAP
Consider implants in Pe, En, Sub-dermal, or In


Guns to 100
Sneak to 100
Repair to 45
Then level up other favorites

Guns, Sneak are essential for this build.Repair to 45. The rest really is optional.
What you level will change your perk choices.

Perks Suggestions:

2 Black Widow
4 Educated
6 Toughness
8 Bloody Mess
10 Finesse
12 Toughness
14 And Stay Back
16 Better Criticals
18 Weapon Handling (For anti-material rifle)
20 Shotgun Surgeon
22 Light Touch (Repair 45)
24 Adamantium Skeleton
26 Silent Running (sneak 50)
28 Stonewall
30 Rapid Reload
32 Cherchez La Femme
34 Tunnel Runner
36 Light Step
38 Fight the Power!
40 Sneering Imperialist
42 Lifegiver
44 and beyond, Get your favorites to
suit your playstyle.

Usefull perks, depending on what other skills you level:
Be sure to look over all the perks you can get, and decide for yourself
what will work for you.

Travel Light
Tribal Wisdom

Living Anatomy

Hit the Deck

Certified Tech
Intense Training
Karma perks at level 50