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Legion Build for Fallout: New Vegas

Legion Build


Ever want to kill NCR for being Profligates?(Profligates means slightly more dissolute) Well then let’s begin the Legion Build. First the backstory of our legion soldier, which we will call Augustus Caesar after the step-son of the real Caesar. (The character would most likely be a male character just because of how the Legion feels towards female soldiers, so I’m gonna say he and his and not do the /her or /she, because of this fact) Augustus was a proud Legion soldier and would give his whole life to the legion, he was eventually promoted to frumentarii (spy/undercover branch of the Legion) Augustus was honored to have this role, he was told to become a courier and travel the Mojave and other wastlelands listening on the things said and watching the things done. Eventually he was given a Platinum Chip and told to go to the Strip with it, while he was on the journey he was shot by the Dissolute Benny (Dissolute means lacking in morals) He reawoke barley remembering what had happened before then, the only thing he recalled was his love of Legion’s ways to kill Profligates and Dissolutes, and eventually remembers his loyalty to the Legion over the time he spends working for the mighty Caesar (which is meant to be pronounced like /ˈkaisar/ but is commonly pronounced /ˈsiːzər/ ) Ok enough learning when you want to pretend to be a murder who enslaves people for more of those murders and slavers in a video game. Into the build itself though. (This whole build is personal preference, if you want a build better for your playthrough, make it your damn self….this was something i took the time to make after i had a fun time playing with it. If you don’t agree with all these choices…then make a build of your own and stay away from the comments, thank you)

SPECIAL, Skills, Start Perks

Strength- 9 The Legion is trained in hand-to-hand and with melee weapons including throwing spears.
Perception- 9 The Legion must know when someone or something is nearby to defend themself and attack the creature or person.
Endurance- 9 The Legion doesn’t believe in stimpaks,and chems being useful, that it is an insult to Mars. (The God Of War)
Charisma- 1 The Legion has no time to talk to Profligates.
Intelligence- 1 Legionaries have no reason to think for themselves and only need to listen to mighty Caesar.
Agility- 8 All Legion soldiers need to be quicker than most enemies to truly inflict damage with the melee they use.
Luck- 3 The Legion needs not for Luck to win a fight but Strength and the honor of fighting for Caesar.

Starting Perks:
Loose Cannon- A Legion soldier need to be able to throw his spears as fast as possible, but there are times when range is better then speed.
Heavy Handed- Legion needs to deal consistent damage with their weapons not leaving it to chance to deal a large amount of damage.

Skills to Focus:
Melee Weapons
What ever skills you want

Level Perks

Level 2- Intense Training (put point into Strength) The Legion must learn after every fight.
Level 4- Travel Light (Survival 45) A Legion soldier must travel light to catch profligates.
Level 6- Toughness (END 5) The Legion must make up for the lack of heavy armor
Level 8- Toughness 2 (END 5) Some Legion know a secret to being more tough then most Legionaries.
Level 10- Fight the Power! (no requirements) The Legion must be strong against the NCR and other profligates.
Level 12- Piercing Strike (Unarmed 70) The Legion must be able to pierce armor like silk with their weapons.
Level 14- Purifier (no requirements) The Legion can’t let anything stand in the way, including Abominations.
Level 16- Unstoppable Force (STR 7, Melee Weapon 90) The Legion is to be feared when in close combat.
Level 18- Walker Instinct (Survival 50) The Legion must be one with the Earth and Mars.
Level 20- Tribal Wisdom (Survival 70) The Legion needs protein and so they eat mutated insects.
Level 22- Heave, Ho! (Explos. 30, STR 5) The Legion can throw spears farther and faster than any other.
Level 24- Slayer (Unarmed 90, AGL 7) The Legion are warriors like Mars and should be feared by all.
Level 26- Adamantium Skeleton (no requirements) The Legion has no time for injuries and broken bones.
Level 28- Alertness (PER<10, PER 6) The Legion must be aware of everything around them.
Level 30- Light Step (PER 6, AGL 6) The Legion can’t kill the NCR if they have a minefield, so just be careful going through.
Level 30+ is what ever you want

Followers, Faction, Armor/Weapons

Rex- He has a faded red bull on his body, which means he was a Legion Cyber-Dog. Do his Ain’t Nothing But A Hound Dog quest and give him Lupa’s Brain (Dog next to Antony in the Fort) which will make him even more of a Legion Dog.
Raul, and Lily won’t have any problem with Caesar’s Legion. Cass will go through with Legion but won’t like it.

Caesar’s Legion…..That’s it….The Guide is called “Legion Build” what are you gonna side with? NCR? Mr.House? Yes-Man? yeah I thought so.

Any light Legion armor such as Recruit Armor but no heavy or medium armor. any headgear as long as it’s light.
Any melee weapons, preferably Machete and Machete based weapons and Unique Machetes, and powerfist weapons, like “Machete Gladius” which is found on three Legion soldiers at Cottonwood Cove, you may be able to pick it off one of them if they are using a gun. The “Liberator” can get from Dead Sea in Nelson if you wipe out Camp Forlorn Hope, you could pick it off of him, any form of powerfist variants around the wasteland, some Legion will have Thermic Lances, Rippers, and Chainsaws. Any throwing spear, you can use throwing knife, hatchet, or tomahawk from the “Honest Hearts” DLC. For Guns you should only use Cowboy Repeater, .357 Revolver, Hunting Rifle/Sniper Rifle/ Anti-Mat Rifle, Marksmen Carbine, .44 Magnum, 9mm and 10mm submachine guns, and other weapons found on dead Legion soldiers. Some Explosives like plasma grenades and dynamite which Legion assassination Squads tend to have. No weapons to High Tech, because the Legion doesn’t believe in those items(- plasma grenades, and thermic lances, because Legion Hit Squads have those weapons)

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