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Legion Guide for Fallout: New Vegas

Legion Guide


This guide tells you all about New Vegas’ Caesar’s Legion, from their origin to their ranks, this guide should come in handy when planing a suprise attack on the faction or for when you want a quest to increase your karma with them. Please note that this guide has major spoilers for Legion runs.


Before being the leader of the powerful Legion, Caesar was a Follower of the Apocolypse. He was sent out on a mission with a fellow Follower to learn the dialects of tribes from the Grand Canyon with the help of a local mormon named “Josha Graham”. Looking back at it Caesar considers the mission to be a stupid waste of time saying that it was something either a Follower or an idiot would do. But then Caesar, Graham, and the other dude get captured by a tribe called the blackfoots. At the time of their capture the blackfoots were at “war” (Caesar considers the wars that the tribes to be just “playful fighting” considering that all the “war” was through rappe and occasional raiding parties) with seven others. Caesar tought the tribe how to fight, and in no time they had conquered their weakest enemy, with total war (not Rome 2) – something the enemy was unfrimiliar with. From there it was just a matter of getting the next strongest tribe, and in no time Caesar controlled all 8 tribes under the flag of the bull. As of the events of New Vegas the legion has conquered eighty seven tribes and brought them into their ever expanding empire that controlls all of the four corner states (Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado), a tiny bit of north noth western Mexico, and parts of Nevada.

Failure at Hoover Dam

If you can’t tell already, New Vegas is based around the second battle of hoover dam. The Courier, the person that you play for in New Vegas, is the one who chooses the fate of the NCR, Legion, and Strip. And you also get to decide who controls the dam, a major producer of energy and a bridge above the Colarado River. But before New Vegas, there was the battle of Hoover Dam, an indevidable yet important battle. The NCR was expanding west of the colorado, and the legion was conquering to the east of the river. The first person in the legion to spot the dam was Ulysess, the only other human in Lonesome Road. Ulyesses knew that there would be a great battle over the dam, and he was right. When the battle came on that fateful day in 2277 came, the legion destroyed the the majority of the New California Republic’s soilders. But they wanted to make this more than just a petty victory againist a lesser empire, they wanted this to be a day to remember for the republic. The NCR withdrew into the nearby city of boulder city, where first reconn snipers kept the legion at bay while the army set up explosives around the town. The NCR blew up the town defeating the legion at hoover dam, but also turning the town into rubble. But the citzines didn’t really care because they liked the NCR. Caesar was upset with the Malpais Legate, Josha Graham, and his failure and ordered the that the praetorean gaurd were to burn him. Graham was burnt and thrown into the grand canyon, he didn’t scream or yell at all on the way down. But according to slaves and young legionaries he lives on as “the burned man”, a vengeful spirit who hates Caesar.


Caesar’s ulitmate goal is to unify the entire country under the flag of the bull. In his eyes, his empire works towards something much greater than themselves – the legion. The legions brutal forms of torcher point towards the legion wanting to have a drug free world. And the legion’s tendency of earasing culteral identies would, in theory, lead to a strong sense of nationalism and no oppsers. And of those who dare oppose him, they would be squashed by his powerful army. Raul claims that the legion really cleaned up Arizona, so think about the effects of the legions firm yet kind hand all over the country. Caesar also looks at the city of New Vegas four ways. The first way is as an economic and trading super power, which is a good thing because legion is very kind to caravans and traders, they even have defense that is provided by the military. He also sees it as the capital of his Empire, which makes sense, it would be the most glourious capital in the wasteland. It is also the power for his empire, which is great considering the most technologically advanced thing you will see in the legion in a mark II auto-doc. He also sees it as a milestone for the legion. In New Vegas Caesar looks at his Legion as very large nomadic tribe, but capturing New Vegas signals that they truely are an empire.

Notable Members

Caesar – Caesar is the undisputable leader and the dictator of the totalitarian militaristic Caesar’s Legion. His story begans at the age of two when he was a citizen of the New California Republic, a group that he is now morally opposed to because they are corrupt and in his eyes the modern equivelent to the Roman Republic (which is when he considers Rome to be doing the worst, while the Legion is Dictator Rome which was better – which is definitly not true it’s when Rome was too big causing it to be destroyed by raiders from northern germany). But when he was two his father was killed, so him and his mother had to flee to the Followers of the Apoclypse. He stayed with the followers until the age of twenty. I know I mentioned the creation early but I’m going to say it again. Caesar was sent on a mission to learn the dialects of the tribes native to the Grand Canyon, with the help of a fellow follower and a local mormon to the area named Josha Graham. The three of them were captured by the weakest tribe in the area. Caesar tought the tribe how to fight, bringing them to a victory againist the second weakest tribe. He ordered all the women and children to be killed, and the tribals obeyed. They went up againist the next weakest tribe and told them of their atrocities againist the weaker tribe. They believed this to be a bluff but they proved them other wise, out of a logical fear for themselves they joined Caesar. From there they destroyed all the other tribes in the area, and once all the tribes where unified the Legion was erected and Caesar crowned himself Caesar (His name was edward or something I just didn’t want to say it because I didn’t want to spread lies). Caesar had the guy from the followers tell the Followers of the Apocoylpse not to worry about Caesar.

Legate Lanius – Legate Lanius is Caesar’s field commander, and he most likly the most powerful human in New Vegas, if not Fallout. He is an absolute behemoth, because he is a whoping eight feet tall. His devotion to Caesar is very strong but on the battlefield what he wants more than anything the assured distruction of the enemy. Before his days in the Legion, he was just part of a tribe that was a full of savages. Lanius would kill entire Legion patrolls by himself, for fun. But eventually they submitted to the Legion. This freaking enraged Lanius so he did something that caused the leader of the tribe to have a ton of guys to attack him – it took fifteen to take him down. He also practices ” decimatio”, a thing that the Romans did where every soilder in the army lines up based on rank, each tenth man walks forwards, and the rest of the army kills the guys who stepped forward. It desenitizes the soilders and makes them understand that failure is not an option.

Vulpes Inculta – Vulpes Inculta (Fun Fact: His name roughly translates to Wild Foxes) is the legions greatest frummentarii. The Frummentarii do what ever Caesar pleases, which could anything from assassinations (Arizona Killer), hyjackings (You put a spell on me), or spying on the enemy (You put a spell on me) – the Frummentarii do it all. Although it can be infered that he has done more based off various quotes from Caesar and the really random NCR poster with a picture of Vulpes and the caption “If you steal NCR equipment, YOU ARE HIS ♥♥♥♥♥”. in New Vegas we see two things that Vulpes did was the atrocities at Nipton (south south west of mojave outpost) and Camp Searchlight (North west west of Cottonwood Cove). At Nipton he curified and burned a ton of Powder Gangers and NCR soilders, leaving only one arragont ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ alive and one awesome Boxcars. And at Searchlight he detonated a raditation bomb in the middle of the town, turning all the soilders in the area into Feral Ghouls excpet for like four. And based off of the quests “White wash” and “You Put a Spell on Me”, he is gathering information about the NCR from Picus at MacCarran.

Lucius – Lucius is the leader of the protarion gaurd, and the only place you will find him in the game is Caesar’s tent. The protarion gaurd is basically Caesar’s secret service or Impreal Gaurd, they don’t use guns and generally use unarmed or melle weapons. If you have an unarmed of fifty or higher he can teach you the Pratorean gaurd unarmed trick. The trick basically increases the effectivness of charging with an unarmed weapons. He also will give you the quest “I heard you knocking”, which makes the Howizter at the fort functional so that they can kill the snipers in the hills durring the second battle of hoover dam.

Notable Former Members

Josha Graham – Josha Graham was the first Legate of the Legion. He was a powerful man, a devote mormon, follower of Caesar, and a great warrior. His title was the Malpais Legate and he was a close friend of Caesar until the failure of the first battle of hoover dam. The loss at the dam and Boulder city was upseting to Caesar, and he wanted to prove that failure at even the highest level would not be toulerated. Graham was burned on Caesar’s order and was thrown into the Grand Canyon. Caesar wanted to remove the memory of Graham from history so none are allowed to speak his name. Some young Legionaries, and slaves believe that Graham still lives as the burned man. And they are right. Caesar nearly destroyed all of Graham’s mormon tribe, the New Canannites. He know lives in Zion national park (get it because Juresalem was supposudely made in Zion, the one in Israel of course) with a tribe known as the White Legs.

Rex – One of the many police cyber dogs of Dog Town, aka Denver, Rex was once the companion of the mighty Caesar. He was Caesar’s best friend until one day he was lost on the battle field and was found by a random prosepector. They travelled together for a while, but the he eventually sold the dog of to the King the leader of the Freeside gang – the kings. After a bit of work, the king gave the dog to the Courier. It should also be mentioned that he does not like people with hats.

Semi-Notable Members

Dead Sea – Dead sea is in charge of the contibrinum at Nelson and gives the Courier the quest “We are Legion”, which I’m not going to bother explaining her because there is a perfectly good description of it in the “Marked Quest” section. But after killing everyone at Forelorn hope, he rewards you with the liberator – a unique machete that he gained from his own personal achievement, and believes that you deserve for your actions.

Canyon Runner – A former member of the first tribe, Canyon Runner is now a member of the legion and happy about it. He accepts that his tribe was weak and savages and Caesar transformed them into something much greater than they ever could have been. He can sell the courier the enslaved Weathers family for thier quest – even if they are dead.

Denacus Servus – Denacus Servus is a guy in a cottonwood cove named Servus (that means servant in Latin) who has recently been promoted to the rank of Denacus. He oversees the suppplies, so he is basically the quater master of Cottonwood Cove. The courier can pass an explosive check (either fourty or fifty, probably fourty) to tell him how to disarm mines. And if you pass a barter check of fifty with Aurleus of Pheonix while “Ariozona Scavenger” is active, then he can give you supplies for dog tags.

Picus – Picus is a frumentarii disguised as the NCR Captian Ronald Curtis is based at Camp MacCarran. Based off a quote from Mr. New Vegas, Picus tried blowing up the monorail once but it failed before you wake up in Doc Mitchell’s house at the start of the game. He is currently trying to figure out who tried to blow up the monorail and keeps causing ambushes on the Camp (hint it’s him). Vulpes reveals his true idenity to the Courier after completing the vault 22/omerta quest, starting the legion side of the quest “you cast a spell on me”

Otho – Otho is outside of the Glditorial Areana in the fort and triggers almost all of the fights that occure within the areana. The exceptions being the fight with Lupa and the fight with Benny if you choose to give him a chance by fighting him in gladitorial combat.

Silus – Silus is an imprisoned Centerion in Camp MacCarran. He refuses to tell the people who attempt to interagate him anything, like a good legionary, and constantly insults you for doing a NCR quest and not siding the Legion.

Cato Hostilius – Cato Hostilius is the Furmentarii who you work with durring the quest “Ariona Killer”. He gives the Courier NCR trooper armor and tells Caesar of the successful assassination before you do.

Cursor Lucisus – Cursor Lucius is the best Cursor in the Legion. In other words he is the best person in the legion at driving a raft up the colorado. Most People in the Legion are shot in the head by Ranger station Alpha when they have to go up stream to the fort, but not Lucius. He brings you from Cottonwood cove to the Fort unharmed – always.

Karl – Karl can be found in red rock canyon, the home of the Great Khans. By the time you have gotten there he has already convinced Papa Khan (the current leader of the Great Khans) to join the Khans. He has clearly told him lies like they will make great fighters, and that Caesar is honored to have an alliance with the Great Khans, not to mention that he defenitly hasn’t mentioned their whole culture identity erasing that the legion does. If you read his journal that that can be found in his room, it says that they will make great slaves and warriors for the legion – among other things.

Antony – Antony is a dog trainer and breeder for the legion, and he comes from a very strange tribe. They worshiped animals so when the legion came they exploited this and burned their animals. The elders of the tribe couldn’t stand the thought of the animals burning in the after life so they submitted to the legion and joined them. Antony has the dog Lupa with him, you can kill Lupa in arean combat for her brain for Rex’s quest.

Aurelius of Phoenix – Aurelius of Pheonix is a centirion who can be found in cottonwood cove. He run the place and gives the Courier the unmarked quest “Arizona Scavenger”, a quest all about getting NCR dog tags. In his office there is a copy of the popular pre-war comic book series “Gorgnak the Barbar” on the desk. In his desk there is a unique item that is basically brass knuckles made out of NCR dog tags.

Barely Notable Members

Siri – Siri is a female slave who makes healing powder for the legionaries. If you a high enough understanding of medicine, then you can pass a medicine check (I am pretty sure it is fourty) and tell her to use one broc flower and one xander root instead of one broc flower and two xander roots.

Legion Instructor – The legion instructor can be found infrount of the draw bridge that brings you to the center of the Fort. He is training two childred to become full legionaries.

Main Gate gaurd – The main gate gaurd of the Fort makes you take off all your weapons (like a casino) so you don’t start killing people. He also tells you that all chechimicals are banned, and that does include stimpacs. But you can pass a speech check (I believe it is thirty) and tell him that you have a heart condition that makes it so you need the chems.

Weather Station Gaurd – The weather station gaurd is a member of the Prateoran Gaurd who tells you to put away your weapons unless you are doing the first part of “Render Unto Caesar”, then he allows you to use weapons but takes them away when you leave the Weather Station

Prateoran Gaurd (outside Caesar’s tent) – The unnamed Prateoran Gaurd outside Caesar’s tent makes it so the Courier cannot bring companions into Caesar’s tent.


Recruite Legionary – New recruits in the army, and they don’t do much besides patrol camps, do small raids and act a human sheilds for the hire ranks.

Prime Legionary – They have a complet training, better weapons, and they are more privilaged.

Vetran Legionary – Vetran Legionaries a in short better version of the Prime Legionary, but due to them being better than the other legionaries they are generally the back up in fights.

Legionary Assassin – The people who are in the hit squads that try to kill you if your legion karma is too low.

Decanus – They generally second in charge (servus at cottonwood cove) or in charge (dead sea) or a camp. They are leaders and wear those cool feather hats.

Decanus – They generally second in charge (servus at cottonwood cove) or in charge (dead sea) or a camp. They are leaders and wear those cool feather hats.

Centerion – Centerions are few but powerful, so they are generally reserved for moreimportant instances like the second battle of hoover dam. They are strong and well trained but also good leaders.

Legate – The Legate takes orders from no man but Caesar and himself. They are extremely strong and indeffinetly posseses the powers of a good leader. The devotion displayed towards Caesar should be unmatched. They are looked up to by the legionaries, but strike fear into the enemy. Although Graham and Lanius are the only so far, they proved themselves to live up to these standards.

Caesar – The indisputalble leader of the legion, there is only one at a time and he has complete power of the Legion.

Mongerel – Dogs that they use for fighting. Sometimes they are Robot dogs like Rex, who was once Caesar’s dog until he lost him one day in battle and was found in battle who sells it to the King who possibly gives it to the Courier.

Legion Scout – Basically a legion sniper, they generally have mongrels with them.

Explorer Legionary – A veteran Legion Scout.

Frumentarii – the legion’s hyjackers, spys, and assassins – the Frumentarii are masters of this art and can only be compared to the ninjas of pre-war japan. Vulpes Inculta is incharge of them because he is the best of them.

Legion assassin – the people who attempt to kill you with Legion hit squads when your legion karma is too low.

Houndmasters – They tame dogs and use them in the legion. The only actual expial of this is Antony at the Fort.

Vexularius – They wear the flag of the bull durring battles and rally the troops, their Arizona football jerseys (yes, legion armor is canonly Arizona College Football jerseys with shoulder pads) has plates attached to them.

Praterian Gaurd – Caesar’s personal group of gaurds, they are lead by Lucius.

Where they are

The Fort – The fort is the main area for the Legion on your pip-boy’s map. It has Caesar’s tent – a room where six quests start, and contains Caesar and Vulpes Inculta. It also has two unmarked quests, and the majority of the Legion lore. It’s where they stratigize for future attacks and battles, and where most of the soilders are – training for the second battle of hoover dam.

Cottonwood cove – Cottonwood cove has been a legion stronghold for quite a while now. It was where Boone’s wife was going to be sold, and it is where the Weathers family may be sold. It has one centerion, one decanus, a cursor, and the rest is just explorers and legionaries.

Nelson – Nelson is a recently captured NCR town that is just a stone’s thrown away from Forelorn Hope. And the sacking of the town is so recent that the crucified soilders are still alive, so it’s been like a week since they gained it. The only Notable person there is dead sea, who can give the Courier the unique machiete – “the Liberator”

Nipton – Nipton was also taken recently but it wasn’t a town of soilders, it was a town of prositutes and corruption. The Mayor of the town corrupt and had prositutes who would attract NCR soilders. His goal was to get a ton of money and to move to the Hub from the original fallout. But then the Powder Gangers had a successful riot which allowed them to take over the town. But then the legion came, or to be more precises Vulpes Inculta. Vulpes rounded everyone up and handed out the lottery tickets. The mayor was burnt alive along with other people, everyone else was crucified expect for two people, boxcars who got second place. Second place was getting your legs smashed, so all he does now is sit alone in a general store and jerk off (that isn’t a joke, it’s actually true). And then first place, given to Oliver Snawich. He is cocky as heck because of his victory and if you don’t kill him right after he runs up to you, then you are a disappointment.

Legion Raiding Camp – A camp where the legion attack Forelorn Hope to slowly chip away at the number of soilders there. There also are several powder gangers wh oare being held captive who you need for a quest given to you by Boxcars in Nipton

The Legate’s camp – The Legate’s camp is the first place that you will meet Lanius, and if you aren’t doing Legion it is the only place you’ll see him. Like the General’s compound in Hoover Dam, the Legate’s camp is inaccessable until the quest Vini, Vedi, Veci is started; or at the end Wild Card (Independent Ending), The house always wins (House ending), or Eurka! (NCR ending).

Marked Quests

Cold, Cold Heart – When you go to Nipton, Vulpes Inculta will aproach you. He will tell you that he taught the town a lesson by having the lottery. He wants you to tell Ranger Ghoust at Mojave Outpost of what he has done. It’s a very easy quest but will be failed if you are hated by the NCR because Ghoust wants to kill you because her faction hates you (also Rangers can see through disguises)

I Hear You Knocking – Talk to the head of the Protareon gaurd, Lucis. He is almost always behind Caesar’s thrown at a table with a map on it. If you ask him what you can do he will tell you that the howitzer’s firing mechanizim needs to be replaced and that boomers probably have the replacement. So just fast travel over to the boomers hangars (If you haven’t gone there yet it’s north of Raul’s Shack or a stone’s throw West of Carlyle St. Claire’s House), then go in the house next to Loyal’s House, or go in the house that issecond closest to the left part of the back row. Take the “Howitzer Firing Mechanizim”, out of the closest on the right. Then leave and fast traavle to the fort, install it, and tell

Render Unto Caesar – Render unto Caesar, but I’m going to call it RUC to save time, is the main quest to legion quests. It starts with when you kill benny after meeting him at the Tops, I would suggest gladitorial combat. With the Platnum Chip you have to blow up the Mr. House’s Secret underground army of Sucritrons. For doing this I would suggest having a science of seventy-five, because that allows you to disable most of the enemies, you should also be well equiped because after blowing up all three generators, several senetry bots will come out of a previously unaccessable door. After this Caesar wants you to kill House, which is pretty easy compared to what you just did. All you have to do is open up to conosles, but doing this makes the sucritrons in the Penthouse suite become hostile towards you. When you get into house’s chamber use any weapon to kill him but not a gun, he actually a one hit with everything. If you have Gunner Runners arsenel then you should kill him with Driver Nephi’s Golf Driver, or a 9 golf club which is probably at Camp Golf, thus completing the one star challange “A slave obeys”, which is a reference to the original Bioshock. After that you are supposed to make the Boomers join the Legion, but don’t waste your time doing Volare! because they just try blowing up the legion when they get near Nellis. Just kill Pearl and Loyal, this actually really convient durring the quest “I hear you knocking” because no one is stopping you from getting the firing mechanism. Then you have the Ultra Luxe cannable quest. I can’t remember when you need to do it but, having the cannable perk durring this quest is pretty helpful Just save the kid in the basement and use some companion you hate or that guy out in the north west for the main course. Then after that you need to destroy the Mojave chapter of the Brotherhood. And unlike the NCR version of this quest, you can’t do this non-violently because Caesar won’t let you. I would really suggest having one nuke in your inventory durring this quest because if you discharge you fat man in the elder’s room it kills everyone and it’s awesome. You’ll also need a science of seventy-five so you can have the turrets shot at the members of the Brotherhood of steel. You’re gonna need to blow up the bunker so get the key cards on the bodies of the Head of Sucerity (in office to the left of F1 entrance), Scribes (to the left of the f2 entrance), Paladins (Right room branching off of the room on the right in f2), and the brotherhood (room to the right of f2 entrance). After that you have Et Tumor Brute (take out Caesar’s tumor) and Arizona Killer (Assassinate president Kimball) and Vini, Vedi, Veci (Second battle of hoover dam and kill General Lee Oliver) which are all described below.

Et Tumor, Brute? – Caesar has cancer, or to be more specific a brain tumor. And you are given the task of curing him of this cancerous cranial growth. There are three diffrent ways to do this quest, all of which I will be telling you. The first way is by selling Arcade Ganon (the gay enclave FoA companion) into slavery so he can cure the diesease because he has pretty high Intelligence and Medicine (ten inteligence to be exact). You can also buy, or steal, all the parts of for the Auto-Doc at the New Vegas Medical Clinic (South of the south entrance of the Crimson Caravan Company). You could also obtain the parts for the Auto-Doc by going into vault thirty-four for which is the boomer’s old vault which is inhabited by feral Ghouls who used to be cault dwellers. The final way to complete this quest is trusting your luck and passing a luck check of nine.

Arizona Killer – Durring Arizona you are given the task to assassinate the leader of the NCR, President Arron Kimball, durring a brief speech to increase the moral of the troops who want nothing but nuceular winter. First you will meet up with a frumentarii behind right ranger station charlie, so don’t fast travel there if you haven’t killed everyone there yet. From there you you talk wit hthe guy and he gives you NCR trooper armor. If you have too low NCR karma then the Rangers at the speech will see through your disgeus and kill you. I would suggest having a stealth boy or two to evade sucirty if this is the case. After that you should scout out the area and figure out how you’re going to kill President Kimball. Then you tell the guy you are with that you are ready, and then the President’s vertibird comes. Right now I would suggest making a save so you can expirement with your methods of murder so you can turn new vegas into the newest hitman episode. If you have Gun Runners installed then shooting him with a one hand pistol will complete a two star challange. But after you kill him in best way possible report back to Caesar and begin “Vini, Vedi, Veci” which is latin for “I came, I saw, I conquered” – quite approprite for the Legion.

Vini, Vedi, Veci – The legion’s final quest for New Vegas, so expect spoilers. Basically you go to the Legate’s camp, Lanius tells you he sacrificed a goat to Mars (the Roman version of Ares, the god of war) and the second battle of Hoover Dam begins. Just so you know, I would really suggest doing “I hear you knocking” before this quest because the fixed Howitzer kills a ton of soilders for you, including a good number of snipers in the hills near Boulder City Beach. After you get through the outdoors part some Khans great you (if you met the Khans at red rock) and help you out for like 5 seconds, because right when you get into the Dam you are greeted by two heavy armor NCR soilders. After that it is a fight through each part of the Dam, where you are frequently reinforced by Legionaries. And then its time for the final fight, enter the General Oliver’s compound. Four Veteran Rangers, and Eight NCR Heavy Troopers. It’s hell but worth it. After you kill everyone and leave the Legate congradulates you for you aid in their victory, and then sit back and relax as the closing sequence plays. And then fifteen deathclaws come up out of no where and obliterate to venege their brothers at Quarry Junction (That doesn’t actually happen but someone should make a mod so it does)

We are Legion – In the town of Nelson you can find the leader the contibrinuim – Dead Sea. After talking to him for a while you learn that the Legionaries in Nelson have been told by Caesar not to attack Camp Forelorn Hope. From here you can tell Dead Sea that you will kill everyone in Forelorn Hope yourself. This triggers “We are Legion” A quest with one objective – kill all commanding officers at the camp. It’s one of my favorite quests in New Vegas, and it’s really fast – so savor its sweetness by killing all the troops at the camp along with the officers.

Marked Quests part 2

That old sun – That old sun is a quest that is technically NCR, but it can be Legion if done right. So you do the normal talk to the genius Fantastic who has a theortical Degree in physics. Then talk to the gay Followers of the Appocylpse member, then flirt with him. Then go and make the arrays work, and make the computers have the solar arrays allian with the sun, which demands a science of seventy-five to do, and if you don’t have that yet then grind by doing we are legion or alpabetically destroying the Ranger stations. Then you have you go inside the building and kill a few robots, then you have to fix a rope which requires a repair of fifty or a science some number under seventy-five so you can make a mr. handy fix the rope for you. Go on the computer that rope is connected to and do Archemides I. Sending power to strip and MacCarran is for NCR/House, freeside for independent or just being a nice guy, and Archemides II gives power to this gun a kid in freeside has that shoots lasers from spaces, I’m not joking at all it’s called Euclid’s C-finder – look it up. But Archemides I is glorius, it causes Helios one to shoot lasers out using the power of the sun, killing everyone except for you, fantastic, and the gay guy. Then you have to go the top of Helios One, go to the controll pannel and wait. For you to actually do this it has to be between nine am and three pm. Then after that jump off of helios one, and right before you hit the ground either hit f5 (quick save) or the save button. You might die on impact, but when the game reloads it thinks you just started to fall so you signifanctly less damage than you should.

Finger of Suspicion – Finger of suspicion is a very fast quest given to you by Vulpes Inculta, who can generally be found to the left of Caesar’s thrown speaking with a member of the praetorean gaurd. All you have to do is talk down or kill a group of Omertas who are going to kill a lady who leaks secerts to Captain Ronald Curtis. After saving her life you can ask Vulpes about why a NCR captain matter so much to them, and he tells you it is because he is secertly part of the alligant to Caesar not Kimball. This initates the Legion side of the quest “I put a spell on you”

Unmarked quests

Arizona Scavenger – Collect an endless number NCR dog tags for Aurelius of Phoenix. One dog tag is worth ten caps and some good Legion Karma. This quest is the easiest way to become idolized in the Legion, about 50 tags should do it.

A True Aid – Gain access to the Legion Supply Cache by having high enough Karma with them.

Saving (or scavagening) Saregent Teddy – Find the slave girl Melody’s Teddy bear and rip it up in frount of her face.

Laurifer Gladiator – Fight againist slaves, mongrels, and eventually a Ranger in the areana.

Powder for the people – Tell the slave siri how to make healing powder using less items, a survival of either thirty or fourty is needed.


Thank you for reading around thirteen pages, or just a paragraph, of lore and random facts about the legion. I realize that with more than a dozen pages, I’m doomed to get something wrong. So, if you find any errors or things I missed (For example I left out the legion side of “I cast a spell on you” because I haven’t done it yet, or Ulyesses’ story because I don’t know enough about him) with this guide, then please tell me in the comments and I’ll fix it as fast as possible. I’m not perfect, and this guide isn’t either – but with your help it can be.