Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Level 30 or 50 before you leave goodsprings. for Fallout: New Vegas

Level 30 or 50 before you leave goodsprings.


In This Guide I Will Show You How To Get To Level 30 or 50 Before You Leave Goodsprings.

How To Do The Glitch

Alright Heres what You want to Do, Obliviously Make A New Save, I suggest maxing out intelligence and put a few points in charisma. Go Talk to Sunny And do her shooting bottle thing, After that go back to the bar and talk to The Powder ganger Person (forgot his name) and follow him outside. after you followed him, agree that you will help him takeover Goodsprings, Go and Kill Ringo for Him and come back to him, You should probably save because sometimes this doesn’t work. Go Tell him that you killed Ringo, and then hell tell you that they need supplied for the fight. after that kill him and his powder ganger buddies. Dont worry the quest is supposed to fail. if you do kill the rest of the powder ganger go to the shop right next to the saloon, Go Talk To Chet (cant remember his name ) and say that powder gangers need supplies for the fight and if you did point in a few points in charisma you speech should be above 25 and then click on “this is your chance to join the winning side. you have three seconds to decide. One…” it will give you some armor and ammo. now keep spammimg the same option and you will keep getting xp. Now If You Stop getting xp dont worry just exit out the conversation and level up and then do it again. And Thats how you will be max level before leaving goodSprings, Now Im Not Sure How Long it will take But My Guess is probably 2-3 hours. I will provided screenshots if needed.