Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction™ Guide

Low FPS fix for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

Low FPS fix


This will fix any low fps issues from the game running on one core.

Changing The Application CPU Affinity

Copy and paste the below text and save as a PowerShell file (.ps1). After launching the game and arriving at the main menu run the PowerShell file by right clicking on it and selecting “Run with PowerShell”. This script will change the CPU affinity of the program allowing it to run on more then one thread.

Copy/Paste Below:

$PROCESS = GET-PROCESS conviction_game #Core 1 = 1 #Core 2 = 2 #Core 3 = 4 #Core 4 = 8 #Core 5 = 16 #Core 6 = 32 #Core 7 = 64 #Core 8 = 128 #Add all the core values (255) to use all 8 cores #Ex. 4 Core usage = 1+2+4+8 = 15 $Affinity = 255 If($PROCESS -ne $Null) { Write-Output “Setting Affinity for: “$PROCESS.ProcessName do{ #Refresh the process to get the current values $PROCESS.Refresh() #ProcessorAffinity=255 set the cpu affinity to the first 8 cpu threads if not already set If($PROCESS.ProcessorAffinity -ne $Affinity){$PROCESS.ProcessorAffinity = $Affinity} #Sleep the command for 3 seconds Start-Sleep -s 3 #As long as the process conviction_game is active the loop will continue }while(-not $PROCESS.HasExited) }