Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Making it to New Vegas with 500 caps or less for Fallout: New Vegas

Making it to New Vegas with 500 caps or less


Now there are 3 ways to get into Vegas without having 2000 caps..Option number 1: Science! with a high enough science skill you can do a science check at the gate to trick the robot into thinking you have the 2000 caps.Option Number 2: Boone… when you get to novac you can meet a night-time sniper by the name of Boone, by talking with him you’ll find out his wife was kidnapped by legion slavers who were tipped off by someone in town, Boone literally wants to blow their head off. So by doing this little side quest he’ll give you a beret to wear, simply go to camp mcarren airfield and use the monorail, if you wear the beret and have Boone with you the gaurds will let you on throughOption number 3: The kings… Apon coming into freeside youll see the kings everywhere, and if you goto their leader he’ll give you some quests and if you do them you’ll get a favor. If you goto Mick and Raplhs one of them will make you a passport for 500 caps if you have the Kings favor. another to do this is with a really high speech and or barter skill to get the passport.Secret Option 4: some mods can remove the 2k caps requirement just look for them on the nexus