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Maximizing XP Farm on Solo Rescue Mode for Tomb Raider

Maximizing XP Farm on Solo Rescue Mode


A quick way to earn 30k exp per run while farming multiplayer Rescue Mode solo.

Moar XP – true story!

Hello fellow exp farmers!

I was in a mood to record some video =] so I decided to share a quick tip on how to maximize the amount of experience that you can get farming the Rescue Mode solo in the Beach map. The main idea is to cut the delivery of the medkit in two by dropping the kit in an appropriate moment to receive a Long Run bonus (500 exp) and then receive another 200 exp for a Medium Run right at the base point. This can be done in 10 minutes or less (my record is 8 minutes) and can yeild 30k exp minimum at the end of the round instead of 27-28k exp that other guides in the web are showing and since you require almost 2kk exp to reach level 60, getting only 2k exp more in a long run could save you dozen or maybe several dozens of runs. The details can be seen on the video, hope you’ll find it useful.

But sir, how about doing 5 bag runs?

I did some tests and calculations. Actually doing four 5 bag runs nets you just a little less or equal amount of experience comparing to one 20 bag run. Here take a look:

As you can see using a technique described in the previous section I can get 8900 experience per 5 bag run, which is 35600 experience for 20 bags done with 4×5 runs against roughly 30600 experience for 20 bags done with 1×20 run. But the amount of time that you spend on loading screens, creating a match, waiting for match to begin actually negates this difference. It will take you 8-10 minutes to make a 1×20 run and it took me 12 minutes and 48 seconds to complete 4×5 bag runs. Lil’ math:

10 minutes = 30600 XP, 30600/10 = 3060 XP / minute
12 minutes = 35600 XP, 35600/12 = 2967 XP / minute

So it looks like doing a slow 1×20 run is still more profitable that doing 4×5 runs with even real luck with bag spawns.