Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Modding Made Easy (Using Nexus) for Fallout: New Vegas

Modding Made Easy (Using Nexus)


FOR BEGINERSThis guide will show the easy way of modding the game “Fallout: New Vegas” but the same technique can be used for games such as “Skyrim” and “Fallout 4” using a programe called “Nexus Mod Manager”


This guide will just intuduce to modding using the “Nexus”

Lets begin…

Step One

To start go to the nexus website (http://www.nexusmods.com/games/?) and create an account.

Step Two

Then you will want to install the manager

Step Three

Open the manager and select the game that you have installed, in this case Fallout: New vegas

Step Four

Just head back to the website and download whatever mod you want, Just remeber two things!

1) Some mods will require you to have other mods to run them and if you are not sure you can read it in the description of the mod (hopefully)

2)When you install the mods your achievement feature will be disabled

Now enjoy your modded game!