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Mount & Blade Strange(Samurai) Armor & Weapon Items Locations Guide for Mount & Blade

Mount & Blade Strange(Samurai) Armor & Weapon Items Locations Guide


The Strange set, also known as The Samurai set, is a hidden unique set of armor, consisting of six parts: the Strange Helmet, Strange Armor, Strange Boots, the Strange Short Sword (The Wakazashi), Strange Sword (The Katana), and the Strange Great Sword (The Nodachi). Although the set’s stats are not very high, it is cosmetically appealing.Note: On the Launcher, select Configuration and then check the Start Windowed and Enable Edit Mod box.


Look in the dirt piles opposite the church to find a half-buried chest containing the Strange Armor and Strange Short Sword (The Wakazashi).

1.First, go Rivacheg. When you get there, take the first left and go past the armorer. Keep going until you can see a pile of hay on your right.
2.You should see a corner of the chest in the hay. Go up and open it for the short sword and armor.

*Strange Armor
-Weight 18.0
-Body Armor 38
-Legs Armor 19
-Requires Strength 7
*Strange Short Sword”The Wakazashi”(One-Handed Sword Weapon)
-Weight 1.3
-Swing 25c
-Thrust 19c
-Speed Rating 108
-Weapon Reach 65


From the main crossroads, turn left past the merchant’s shop and turn right, then turn right again to face a small recess between the buildings. The chest is hidden in the bushes here. This chest contains the Strange Helm and Strange Great Sword (The Nodachi).

1.Go to Tihr.
2.Run over the bridge.
3.Make the first left under the overpass.
4.Keep going straight, then make a right. When you get the the corner of the house make another right.
5.Hidden in the bushes and along the wall is the chest holding your new helm and great sword

*Strange Helmet
-Weight 2.0
-Head Armor 44
-Requires Strength 7
*Strange Great Sword”The Nodachi”(Two-Handed Sword Weapon)
-Weight 3.5
-Swing 38c
-Speed Ratng 92
-Weapon Reach 25
-Requires Strength 11


Originally, Jelkala had a chest containing the Strange Sword and Strange Boots. This chest is no longer accessible under normal conditions. It can be restored using edit mode. To use edit mode:
1.Open MB
2.Open the Configure menu in the starting window
3.Tick Start Windowed in the Video and Enable Edit Mode in Advanced

Now load a savegame and go to Jelkala. There take a walk in the street. Press Ctrl+E to activate edit mode. Will appear a window with a list of objects, and you will be able to move the camera with WASD.

Move the camera where you want to place the chest (any place is okay, just your character will have to reach it) and search for chest_a in the list below. Select it, toggle Place Object and double click on the entry. This will make the chest appear. Press Ctrl+E again to exit edit mode, reach the chest and grab the strange items.

If you want to keep the chest there, you are done. If you don’t like a chest in the middle of the street, just press Ctrl+E again, PC Mouse Right Click.png the chest (it’ll be highlited) and press Delete. Then Ctrl+E and back to the game. The items will remain in your inventory. Configure MB as it was before to return to optimal performance.

◾Go to Jelkala.
◾Do the same exact thing you did in Tihr (Spawn Chest).
◾Spawn it near you on the ground.
◾Save the changes you just made.
◾Open the box, get your last 2 pieces.
◾Delete it again.
◾Alternatively, falling into a trap set by bandits causes the chest to spawn next to you.
Notes: If you have trouble viewing the editor in game, close the game, and set it to run in windowed.

*Strange Boots
-Weight 1.0
-Armor Legs 21
*Strange Sword”The Katana”(Two-Handed Sword Weapon/One-Handed Sword Weapon)
-Weight 2.0
-Swing 32c
-Thrust 18c
-Speed Rating 108
-Weapon Reach 95
-Requires Strength 9