Muck Guide

Muck guaranteed OP. for Muck

Muck guaranteed OP.


This guide will help you get increased chance to become OP in Muck.


1.Find a good seed. You can search on the internet for good seeds or you can keep making worlds until you get a good one. Good seeds are ones where u get alot of stuff right in the beggining.
2.Must know tips- it takes 45 of any ores to make full armor set (Except adamantite which needs 40 and chunkium which needs 30). And it takes 25 ores to make tools and weapon.
3.Strategy- My strategy is that on night of day 4 i have to have adamantite tools and sword (maybe armor), if i dont reach that goal till day 4 then i start over, the same goes to easy but you need to have it at day 5. You can change your strategy but this is mine if u wanna use it.
5.Buffs- Open as many free and brown chests as fast as possible, dont waste time to get blue and gold, only get those when ur starting to get OP. Also defeat totems, those will also give buffs. Watch out cuz totems can spawn buff bosses, and those are extremely hard even being OP.
6.Bosses Every 4 days (on normal) bosses health will increase, so get as many buffs as you can while those guys are still weak. Also craft bows, those will be really useful against those annoying bosses.
Extra tip- Watch out for wyverns if ur underpowered, those guys can one shot you.
Thanks for reading, i hope this helps.