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Muck Rock Strat (How to win the game)((OUTDATED)) for Muck

Muck Rock Strat (How to win the game)((OUTDATED))


This guide is extremely outdated and I will not be updating it. So just enjoy it as it is.

Basic overview and explanation on what the “Rock Strat” is.

So first I will start by explaining what the “Rock Strat” is
The rock strat is a strategy in where you pick up a rock, and collect as many powerups as possible while using the battle totems to gain more gold and powerups

Steps on how to do said strategy

step 1 get rock
step 2 run around the island looking for the old chests (black chests)
step 3 start the battle totems, while you are fighting enemies since you do not have a strong weapon yet what you need to do is circle around the enemies, and stay as far as possible while also being in melee distance, attack until they are all dead and retrieve your item
step 4 repeat step 2 and 3 until day 4 or 5
step 5 once you are at day 4 or 5 start getting wood tools, then iron, then mithril, and then get all adamantite weapons tools and armor, (do not waste time making iron armor and mithril, If you are doing the strat correctly you do not need armor or a sword to be able to progress)
step 6 continue the game as normal repeating the steps 2 and 3 until you are overpowered
step 7 win

Disclaimers: This strat may take some time to get the hang of, if it does not work immediatly for you or you die, you might need to retry a few times and get the hang of it before it really starts working. Once you get a good grip on it you will be able to get very far 80 percent of the time (might fail due to bad rng which was not your fault).

End of guide

First I just wanted to address that i was not the creator of this strategy and it would be bad for me to not credit the original person who found out this strategy, I simply just made a guide about it
Credits to “icy steel” for inventing the rock strat.

If you have any problems with this guide be sure to address them in the comments. (I may add images and gifs later when i get them)

Thank u for reading this guide i kinda just was bored and decided to share this with people