Muck Guide

Muck: The Order of the Stone for Muck

Muck: The Order of the Stone


A simplified guide to a strategy that works on all of the modes.

Days 1-3

(days will start on the first hour/night time)
Day 1

Day 1 is usually the easiest day. Loot all the black chests nearby spawn, grab a stone and mushrooms. On the chance that a small patch of 3 mobs spawns (being either goblins, daves.) , kill those and collect their coins and other materials. In the case that this patch is a chunk, either stay away or find/craft a pickaxe. If you get coins from the naturally spawned mobs, you can start to open silver chests. Continue accumulating powerups. Additionally, if you find a Jack Hut (workbench outside), Miner Hut (furnace outside), or Smith Hut (anvil outside), loot those and mine the workbench/furnace/anvil that is outside, as you will need that. If you’re nearby a Cook Hut, Fletch Hut or a Cart you can loot those too, but to me they aren’t as necessary, as Miner Huts and Smith Huts can usually yield steel tools and gold. A warning to avoid opening diamond/gold chests as they aren’t really worth the price and you can get diamond/gold powerups from Battle Pylons and silver chests.

Day 2

Once night falls, kill all the mobs you can, and get more coins to unlock more silver chests, while finding and unlocking black chests. Once sunrise happens, go around activating the Battle Pylons (the small pillars with 3 blocks) and kill the buff mobs that will spawn by strafing around them with your stone/pickaxe. Having a sniper scope works really well during this step. By this time you should have alot of powerups. Continue accumulating more powerups and activating Battle Pylons.

Day 3

On Day 3, if you do not have a steel axe and pickaxe already, mine iron and start smelting it. Once you have a Steel Axe and a Steel Pickaxe (do not get a sword, or armor.) Mine and smelt Mithril and gather wood from Fir Trees, and craft a Mithril Pickaxe and Axe. Start mining adamantite and with good luck and the powerups from days 1-2 (Checkered Shirts, and Sniper Scopes are really good for mining resources) start smelting your Adamantite and craft a full set of armor & tools, as well as a sword.

Day 4

Day 4

This day is very tricky. Depending on your mode the boss will likely have spawned already. Continue trying to get Adamantite Armor and tools, as well as getting powerups while the Adamantite smelts.

If you get Big Chunk

Jannik’s Frog powerups are very useful for this boss. Big Chunk has 3 different attacks, a ground pound, a club slam (Will slam club directly into ground), and a club swing (will swing club ahead of it, damaging all people infront of it), If you can jump on the top of Big Chunk and hit it with a sword/pickaxe/bow, you should be able to take it out fairly easily with a lot of powerups, before it can ground pound. If Big Chunk tries to ground pound, run back and evade the rocks that will spawn when he lands, or use Jannik’s Frog and try to stay in the air above the rocks as long as possible.

If you get Gronk

Gronk is slightly harder than Big Chunk, but having a lot of Sniper Scopes and Orange Juice can help. Orange Juice will grant alot of attack speed, and Sniper Scopes will have a chance to do alot of damage. Gronk has 3 different attacks, similar to Big Chunk. Gronk can use a sword slam, in which daggers will go out in all directions, similar to Big Chunk’s ground pound. Jannik’s Frog can easily avoid ground pounds. Gronk can also do a flurry attack where he will be stationary, and attack frequently, doing alot of damage in a certain direction. Gronk can also throw his swords at the player, meaning that if you are in the air you can still be hit. A really good strategy to kill Gronk is to evade the sword throws, and when he attempts to ground pound, jumping over the daggers. If he attempts to use the flurry, go behind Gronk and spam attack him. Optionally, if you have a bow, you can shoot him with it.

Going Foward

If you killed the miniboss, congratulations! Follow the same strategy of opening silver and black chests for power-ups, and you can practically become immortal. If you have friends, start to balance eachother out by having people go hunting for powerups, and people gathering arrows and mithril/adamantite. If you get a blade and sword hilt from gronk, with some dark oak wood you can craft Gronk’s Sword, which is the best weapon in the game. Begin farming the elemental daves for elemental balls, and farm dark oak. If you get an ancient bone, craft a rope and a fletching table, and craft an Ancient Bow, as well as a lot of arrows. You can smelt extra adamantite or mithril to get adamantite/mithril arrows, or optionally go for the weaker normal arrows. On Gamer mode, after Day 3-4, a miniboss will spawn each night. On the other modes, after day 12, bosses will spawn each night (correct me if i’m wrong).

Good luck!

tl;dr powerups are meta, comment if i made anything wrong and i will edit the guide.