Fallout: New Vegas Guide

my favorite mods for new vegas currently (from a mod maker) for Fallout: New Vegas

my favorite mods for new vegas currently (from a mod maker)


i really just want to share my favorite mods with you to maybe make your 2021 slightly better

Viva New Vegas (modding guide)

this one is simple, its a modding guide that helps point you to some really good mods to keep that vanilla experience in-tact, its fairly simple and can help you install mods if you yourself dont know how


some mods i like that arent in viva new vegas

here are a few mods that i personally like that you wont find in Viva New vegas

Gas Masks of the World, its a small mod that adds many different real world gas masks to the wasteland and can really add to your experience [link]

Spice of life, its a simple mod, it adds more clothing around the wasteland to really add that variety you might just need on a new play-through [link]

Cyberware 2281, this mod is a rather cool one, it adds a new implant system to the game, along with adding tons of new implants scattered around the mojave, it even moves all pre-existing implants in NV to this cool system [link]

A World Of Pain (AWOP) is a mod that adds new enemy and npc variety to the game along with new stuff like locations, weapons and other stuff for you to learn, its really good, check it out

there are so many mods in new vegas i dont think i could make just one guide about every mod i like

TTW (only for those who ignored both sections above) and a good mod guide for it

first before we continue, do you have both fallout 3 and new vegas with all DLCs? if so good, if not, ignore this section entirely, so TTW is a mod that allows you to play through both fallout 3 and new vegas on the FNV version of the engine, thus adding verious NV improvements to fallout 3 and can be a good way to experience fallout 3 if you cant get it working, or just want all the stuff new vegas added to the fallout series, this mod is one i am currently using for my playthrough, the website ill link where you can download it will also have guides to help you install the mod proper


Now for a simple mod guide that will help improve your TTW experience, why a mod guide and not the mods i mentioned above, well because if you use TTW you sacrifice alot of mod compatibility, alot of mods wont work proper with ttw unless you find a patch for it, just make sure that patch isnt outdated


closing thoughts

new vegas is a great game with tons of modding potential, i think you should go look around and view every mod on nexus, you’ll always find something good and fun, especially since the modding community shows no signs of stopping any time soon, mods are a great thing for most games, they can do alot to improve ones time with a game, so dont go off what one guide said, go find your own mods, your own experience, thank you and have a good 2021