Fallout: New Vegas Guide

My Lonesome Road for Fallout: New Vegas

My Lonesome Road


The story of my life in Fallout NV.

The Story of my Life

Got shot in head

Got in fight against people with dynamite
Broke all limbs
Apparently doctor enough to use a doctor bag.

Stole pre-war stealth technology from old school house
Snuck past Deathclaws
I forget I am a courier sometimes.

Wandered into New Vegas
Got stuck between NCR and fiends
Killed all fiends with pistol
Hey look an energy weapon.

Infiltrated NCR base
Put on some random NCR outfit
Took NCR Monorail to Vegas strip
Nothing suspicious.

Played bets on blackjack
Tried some slot machines
Caps will be missed.

Wandered into freeside
Got mugged by people with bats
Holstered energy rifle not visible enough.

Went outside vegas
Got ambushed by random fiend.

Found Gun Runners’ store
If only I had better luck with those slots.

Wandered some more
Found shack
Found Big Book of Science in said shack
Learned me some good science for great good
Became scientist
Exit shack with hopes to enlighten wasteland with my newfound knowledge.

Got gang banged by 6 cazadores
Did not survive.