Fallout: New Vegas Guide

NCR Defect Build for Fallout: New Vegas

NCR Defect Build


Just a build I like to play as.


This is my first guide, so feedback is welcome.


I don’t have a very good backstory yet, so help is appreciated. Thanks.

You were a poor person with a poor family. You hated the NCR, but needed the money, so you joined them. You then realized that war is hell. You kept going. One day, you went AWOL. You became a courier. Then it happened.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and tagged skills

S – 5.
P – 8.
E – 6.
C – 1.
I – 10.
A – 5.
L – 5.

Tagged Skills

Things To Use and Implants

Pistols – That Gun, Ranger Sequoia, Lucky
Rifles – Service Rifle, Survivalist Rifle, All-American, This Machine
Melee and Unarmed – Chance’s Knife, Superheated Saturnite Power Fist

SPECIAL Increasers – Perception, Luck, Endurance
‘Perk’ implants – Monocyte Breeder, Sub-Dermal Armor
OWB Implants – Implant Y-3, Implant M-5

Elite Riot. NCR ranger armor but not factioned? Let’s go!

Who To Side With

Side with…
Legion – What I do, these are your best bet for wiping out the NCR.
Yes Man – Sure, but he turns on you.
Why Legion? You hate NCR.
Why Yes Man? Actually, he isn’t the best. But he still kills NCR.


I just choose random ones, but grunt, commando, and cowboy are always there.
For endurance use the training thing to be able to get implants.
Traits are Wild Wasteland and Skilled.