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Nellis Airforce Base: A Guide for Fallout: New Vegas

Nellis Airforce Base: A Guide


If you’re having trouble with Nellis, you’re not alone. Nellis was probably the most frustrating part in the game. My friends passed through it really easily, which just amounted to the frustration I felt every time I entered into the artillery range. Even if you do follow the instructions of getting through, it’s still possible to be blown to bits, especially if you’re carrying a lot of weight and don’t have a lot of stimpaks.(Stock up on Medical Supplies)First of all, if you can’t beat it following the instructions that the gambler gives you, go to a medical clinic, (the New Vegas Medical Clinic is a good one) and stock up on Doctor Bags and Stimpaks. You’ll need them. Even if you take cover behind the places you’re supposed too, you might take damage. And being crippled out there can be a death sentence, especially on hardcore mode.(Find the correct cover places)If you’re having trouble with the place you’re supposed to take cover behind like I had, take note of all of the structures around you. Look for the ones with the most cover, and preferably one with a head covering. Once the artillery barrage stops, save your game, take time to survey your surroundings, look for adequate places for cover, then load your save, and make haste for it. The artillery will start up again. Repeat this process. Use your medical supplies whenever neccesary.(Don’t be an Idiot)Never ever run out into the field when the artillery is striking the ground. I’m not sure, but I think it might have a function to where the artillery will follow you and kill you when you’re running through it without cover. So ALWAYS stick to cover, no matter what.Please do remember that the artillery has a large damage radius, and when you get it, it almost instantly cripples. Make sure you don’t run out of medical supplies.Thank you for reading, good luck!