Fallout: New Vegas Guide

New Vegas Modding Guide - Vanilla Plus Edition for Fallout: New Vegas

New Vegas Modding Guide – Vanilla Plus Edition


The aim of this guide is to tweak inconsistencies of the base game, patch up the game and enhance the gameplay without going over the top from base game.

1. Introduction

Fallout: New Vegas is amazing game in Fallout series. It continued well from the third game and improved every aspects of it. Unfortunately, thanks being only developed nearly two years, Obsidian didn’t had all the time to fix inconsistencies and bugs that Bethesda had left upon the game. Despite that, the game has been enjoyable, from the main game to DLCs that can stand out on it’s own. Despite that, there are mods to enhance it, which I would like to cover up in this guide.

2. Starting Tools

To start up modding, fill up these bullet points before everything else, to ensure if things screw up, you have way to revert back to original files.

  • Have a copy of Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition. Yes, we are going to need every DLC here.
  • Start up the launcher, so that it generates the default .ini files and have tweaked them as you see fit.
  • Went into My Documents/My Games/FalloutNV and checked that each ini file is not read only.

And with that, let’s get the necessary tools to mod the game.


This tool is used for cleaning up dirty edits on mods. We don’t use it on DLCs though, as it is known to break up things. Install and extract the archive into New Vegas folder.


Tool for generating LOD to your game. Read the installation instructions on the site to get it working with New Vegas.

New Vegas Script Extender

NVSE adds more scripts/functions that most mods use for full usage. Install and extract the archive into New Vegas folder.

Mod Organizer 2

The best Mod Manager to come out. It lets you configure and add mods for your hearts content and uses “virtual data” folder instead the actual data folder of New Vegas, meaning that your game files are not screwed if something happens. Create a folder anywhere and extract contents there.

FNV 4GB Patcher

Simple patcher to make Fallout New Vegas 4GB Aware. Supports all known steam versions. Also makes lets you launch the game from New Vegas .exe instead nvse .exe. Install and extract the file into New Vegas folder.

Ogg Vorbis Libraries

Latest Ogg libraries, increasing performance with audio issues. Download and extract the content to the Fallout NV directory.

Once those are done, let’s start by having Mod Organizer configured.

  • 1. Go into Mod Organizer folder and launch ModOrganizer.exe. The title should appear, showing you window if you want to do the tutorial or not. If you are not familiar with it, it is recommended to click yes, but if you just follow this guide, click no.
  • 2. Once the window appears, go up and choose the icon with screw and wrench, which is options. In General, set your language, and style you want to have for the mod manager to ease your eyes. In Nexus, you can login to Nexus that way, letting you use mod manager download from Nexus to download mods to MO.
  • 3. Click the puzzle icon and choose INI editor. Go into falloutcustom.ini and copy paste this in there:



    ( INumHWThreads should be changed to the value to number of threads you have in your CPU. These settings utilize CPU better and helps prevent out of memory crashes )


    (Increases light distance and disables V-Sync )


    (Disables Mouse Acceleration and sets mouse sensitivty to same in both horizontal and vertical )


    (Larger grass rendering distance )


    ( Increases the audio cache to prevent stuttering and audio not playing )

  • 4. Click the gear icons to bring up executables. You want to add your tools you installed as launchables through MO2. Title should be the name of the tool, binary is the location of the tool and Start in should be Fallout: New Vegas directory. Here’s an example:
  • 4. Click the ID card looking icon to bring up profiles. You want to create a new profile, name it as you want, then click it tick Automatic Archive Invalidation from below. This ensures data files from mods will be used, so texture mods will show all the textures. If you want to switch profiles even without this window, you can see the profile above the modlist. It should also create notification incase the .ini files are read-only, so it allows you to tick them off this way too.
  • 5. Put the files into order. It should be like this:

After those are done, close MO for while to execute FalloutNVPatch.exe, which should be now be in Fallout New Vegas folder. It will automatically patch it up and by that point, you can use New Vegas.exe to launch the game in an instant, as it loads nvse.exe automatically with it.


3. NVSE plugins

Now is time for the NVSE plugins, some required additions to make the life more viable in Mojave wasteland. You want to install these plugins manually and drop them into Fallout: New Vegas/Data/NVSE/Plugins folder.

Heap allocation

Create NVSE_config.ini file into the directory of Data > NVSE. Paste these lines in there:




This self created .ini file increases heap allocation to help prevent stuttering/crashing.

Originally posted by Jazziparis:

This plugin is an extension of the New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE). It adds 800+ new functions, which can be used in GECK scripting and (in some cases) as conditions.
Additionally, this mod includes numerous engine bug fixes/tweaks, and restores several broken game features.


New Vegas Anti Crash. Makes the game crash……less than before.

NVTF – New Vegas Tick Fix

A lighter, more compatible version of the 64hz stutter bug fix from NVSR. Fully Windows 10 compatible, including Fast Exit. No more fiddling with inis on windows 10!

New Vegas Heap Replacer

Replaces in-game heap system with more optimized one.


Borderless Window that doesn’t make the game crash.

lStewieAl’s Tweaks

Tweak Preset by Axonis: [link]
Misc. Tweaks: [link]
An espless collection of game tweaks that can be configured through .ini file. Axonis ini file is a good preset to go by and tweak to your liking, and miscanellious tweaks also offers things you might want to look out for.

JohnnyGuitar NVSE

an NVSE extender required for some mods.

Improved Lighting Shaders

xNVSE plugin that almost completely fixes the exterior lighting bug, and allows up to 4x the number of active lights!

FNV Mod Limit Fix

Exactly what it says, allows you to have more than 100 plugins in the game and not cause stability issues.

4. Mods – Patches/Bugfixes

Finally, the thing you have been awaiting for. These mods are to be installed by the way they are in here. In MO, there’s downloads tabs upon your right where you can see them. To install them, you double click them and press OK to install them. You can also do it manually by clicking manual upon there, that way you can see what is included upon the file you install. Finally, tick them from the left to activate them. Keep in mind to when you want to test them, click the executable, next to run button to bring up LOOT and run loot, in order to sort out the load order.

Yukichigai Unofficial Patch – YUP

YUP is the unofficial patch. This means that it has been designed to fix purely bugfixes and not feature creep anything else on it. It’s guaranteed installing this will solve majority of problems that comes in form of visual or quest related issues.

Navmesh Fixes and Improvements

A navmesh improvement mod for base game, allowing AI to travel better on the world and in combat.

Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus

YUP is good bugfix mod, but it only covers bugfixes where you don’t need NVSE. For NVSE related bugs, a pure bug fix mod that covers issues that needs script extender.

Weapon Mesh Improvement Mod

Fixes for mesh errors, uv errors, incorrect flags, missing extra data, form lists, projectiles, and other weapon related bugs and errors. Additionally makes weapons look a bit nicer.

Throwable Weapon Fixes

A collection of fixes for throwable weapons. Mainly its projectiles.

Gun Runners Kiosk Glass Fix

Fixes the window of Gun Runners kiosk.

Collision Meshes

A mod that gives better collision meshes, so you can shoot between the space of planks from a fence, for example.

5. Mods – UI/HUD

User Interface Organizer

This mod makes UI changing mods to work together with each other.

The Mod Configuration Menu

Mods that have menus will be showcased by this. Needs to be installed manually, the main file and update file. Click the disc shaped button on MO, and choose mod configuration menu archive. Comes with Installer. Click the update file as well and rename it to the name of the mod and merge it with it.

Vanilla UI +

Much more cleaner UI that doesn’t stray off from Vanilla style. Optional hardcore compass. Comes with installer when you activate it.

JIP Improved Recipe Menu

QoL changes to recipe menu.

FOV Slider

Adds adjustable Field of View menu.

Vanilla Loading Screens HD

HD loading screens.

Pause Menu HD

HD pause menu.

Consistent Pip-Boy Icons

lot of icons fixed and upscaled.

Vanilla Hud Cleaned

Cleans and redoes vanilla HUD.

The HUD Editor

Allows you to adjust and edit various HUD elements.

Simple DLC delay

Delays DLCs. Doesn’t make you press ok message the moment you step out of Doc’s house.

6. Mods – Gameplay Content

Gun Runners’ Arsenal Merged

GRA variants merged with base weapons.

Logic and Consistency Fixes

Bunch of QoL tweaks.

Courier’s Stash Pack Handler

Standalone plugin to distribute Courier’s Stash DLC weapons to worldspace.
Allows you to choose when to select Pre-order packs, specific packs or none at all.

Rewarding Exploring – Unique Places for Unique Weapons

GRA unique weapons are scattered across the Mojave for you to find out.

Equipment Restoration Project

Restores items that were cut off from the game.

DT Multiplier and DR Adder (MCM) (JIP LN NVSE) (Compatible with Everything)

Adds Damage Resistance to armors and allows you through MCM configure multiplier for Damage Treshold, Resistance and weight of the armor.

JIP – Companions Command and Control

Overhaul of companion system. Gives new commands you can order, let’s you have more than 2 companions and bunch of other features. Configurable with MCM.

Lonesome Road True Faction Allegiance

Tweaks the way Ulysses views your allegiance.

Old World Blues – Light Stealth Suit MK II

Changes stealth suit MK2 from medium to light type.

Old World Blues – Keep Big MT Active

Keeps Old World Blues alive instead of shutting down spawning once you complete it.

Less White Leg Weaponry

Removes most of the high end weapons added to White Legs (AMRs, Brush Guns, 12.7 SMMGs ect) in favour of them usingg 45. Machine guns and pistols. Hey, It’s the DLC that introduces those weapons, why not let them shine?

Honest Hearts DLC white legs respawn and npcs stay after finish

NPCs stay and White Legs respawn. You can keep killing tribal people infidently now.

Fallout 3 Economy

Gives value for lot of items a lot smaller than originally, quite same way as in Fallout 3.

PushTheWinButtons mods

This author has done a nice collection of mods. Ones to install from him would be:

  • VATS Alternative – A Comprehensive Bullet Time Mod (gives bullet time, but more importantly changes some vats related perks to have effects outside of vats. Recommended to turn off bullet time in favor of standalone perks, especially if you use Just Mods Assorted.)
  • Follower Tweaks (Tweaks few of the more useless perks of companions to be more useful)

Miguicks mods

This author has done a nice collection of mods. Ones to install from him would be:

  • WTU – Weapon Tuner Utility (A configuration system for changing numerical weapon data through text files)
  • Companion Perks and Tweaks
  • Boxing Fatigue Fix and Tweaks (Implements better fatigue damage for weapons that inflict it)
  • Powered Unarmed – Fist Weapons use Ammo (Ballistic Fist, Power Fist, Displacer Glove and such now use ammo)
  • Power Attack AP Cost and Toggle (Adds AP Cost for Power attacks and eases up making directional power moves)
  • Critical and Effects – Fixes and Tweaks (Tweaks some critical effects on various weapons)
  • Ammo Burst Case Count Fix (Gives more ammo cases on guns that use more ammo once)
  • Weapon Requirements System (Overhauls skill and strength requirement)
  • Detonator Overhaul (Select which charges to detonate)
  • Rex Brain Swap and Overhaul (Different effects for brains and allows you to re-swap brains)
  • Gauss Rifle VATS Fix – JIP (A fix for Gauss Rifle used on VATS)
  • Perk Sorter (Sorts your perks, traits, challenge perks and companion ones)
  • Ammo Script Fixes (Fixes for different ammunition)
  • Big Guns Skill (Adds big guns as a skill and changes some weapons to use said skill)
  • Meltdown NVSE Upgrade (makes the perk more worthwhile and less friendly damage friendly)
  • Tesla Cannon Chaining (tweaks effects of few Tesla cannon weapons for better properties)
  • NAWEMO – NPCs use Ammo Variants and Weapon Mods (NPCs use ammo and weapon mods, duh)
  • Fallout 4 Power Armor Features (Gives more utilities for Power Armor rather than just act as late game armor)
  • Miss Fortune NVSE Upgrade (Upgrades Miss Fortune’s features with some scripting magic)
  • Well Rested Overhaul (Gives more benefits to being well rested)
  • Super Mutant Overhaulord (Overhauls super mutants to be tougher, additionally adds Overlords)

7. Mods – Quest Content

New Vegas Uncut – Outside Bets

Restores bunch cut content that is minor.

Uncut Wasteland

Restores lot of content which some of Moburma’s mod doesn’t cover. Mostly props and scenery, but also includes NPCs.

New Vegas Uncut 6 – If It Wasn’t For Betsy Remastered

A remade version of Moburma’s mod, which comes with more options.

Vanilla Intro Plus

Restores a scene in opening where Victor pulls you out of the grave.

The Living Desert

This mod adds hundreds of npcs and several scripted events to the world of Fallout: New Vegas; people patrolling the roads, traveling between towns, occupying locations, exploring the desert and reacting dynamically to your choices throughout the game. The Mojave will never feel empty again.

8. Mods – Graphics/Visuals


Improves ragdoll behaviour for all NPC/Creatures in the game. Wheels roll, limbs stretch and heads will move.

Improved LOD Noise Texture

Vastly improves the LOD noise texture used on all distant land. Uses only minimal video memory and greatly improves quality.

Blue Moon Imagespace and Lighting

Imagespace/weather mod that gets rid of excessive orange tint and gives much more nice blue hued night.

Securitrons in CRT

CRT Monitor effects for Securitrons.

Simple Glowing Ranger Visors

Gives NCR Ranger Combat Helmets a nice glowing effect.

Universal Pip-Boy Customization

Customize your Pip-boy however you see fit.

Classic Adobe Buildings in Mojave

Gives classic Fallout look for NCR occupied buildings.

Windows of the Mojave

Adds windows where they logically should be in interiors.

Character Expansions Revised

A purist NPC face rexture mod. Comes with changes that makes NPCs look more human, and most iconic NPCs based off from concept art are used as base in this mod.

Dynamic Pipboy Light

Configurable Pipboy light.

A Little More Lamplight

Light effect rework.

EXE – Effect teXtures Enhanced

Texture enchanter for some nice looking lasers and explosions.


[link] (Install all but .esp file from 1 of the 3 selections)
[link] (merge with above as this containts the esp)
Adds nice impact textures and decals.

Caravan and Casino FNV themed playing cards

Cards are replaced by the ones in Collector’s Edition of the game. Aesthetical.

High Res Vanilla Water Bottle Textures and Meshes

Bottles look transparent.

Transparent Nuka Bottles

Soda bottles look transparent.

Karma Music Swap

Swaps positive karma music tracks to play when on positive karma.

Anniversary Anim Pack

hitman has created nice, simple animations for weapons. Might require using Sniff to ensure same features to other mod added weapons.

9. Mods – Optional Stuff

This section is designated for lot of optional stuff that I personally recommend, but isn’t quite in standard of this guide’s aim to be consistent. Use these at your own risk and interest.


Adds more locations to game, at the more sparse areas of worldspace. Integrates few elements of DLC into base game and makes exploring worthwhile thing to do.

Character Creation Streamlined

Streamlines the start of the game to get the player out of Doc Mitchell’s house smoothly and quickly, without skipping it entirely.

Music Pack for Radio NV – 250 Songs.

A radio song mod that adds songs related to quest names and few others.

Just Mods Assorted

A compilation of gimmicky FPS features.

Helmet Overlay

Adds overlay depending what kind of headgear you wear.

Vicious Wastes – Difficulty Rebalance

Rebalance overhaul mod to make game harder.

10. Generating LOD

After everything has been installed, you should generate your LOD for objects and terrain, to take account the mods that edit them.

After starting xLodGen:

  • Check “Object LOD”
  • Check “Terrain LOD”
  • Select the worldspaces you want to generate for.
  • Set your “Atlas size” accordingly. Depending on whether or not you use extra LOD Packs, you may need to bump your Atlas size up to avoid errors when generating
  • Click “Generate” and wait for the message “LOD Generation complete.”

    NOTE: If you are using Mod Organizer 2, you need to put -FNV in the arguments as well as the path to your LOD output using -o:”Filepath/Output” and add it as a mod via MO2 (Replace filepath with your actual filepath)

11. The End Result

The changes to the game are subtle, but overall, except much less blurrier Mojave wasteland.

12. Last words

I hope you enjoyed this guide and it showcased mods that you haven’t seen before. I put effort upon this not only to share a good experience I had with others, but to let them also get used to New Vegas without having to rely on big overhauls like Project Nevada and such. And Most importantly, I wanted to keep things relevantly configurable, so that you can tweak the settings as you may see fit for your tastes.
Incase you have anything to ask or comment upon, please do.