Fallout: New Vegas Guide

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New Vegas: Mods To Make It A Game


Want to overhaul your game to enhance everything? This isn’t ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Fallout 4, love the game as is! New Vegas does have some weak points, and these things will help.

Getting Started

So you bought new Vegas and have not played it yet or had it for an amount of time. I’m going to say while these are my views on things, I have good reasoning behind them. Now, first I must explain something.

Fallout 3 was a test.
Fallout New Vegas was a fix.
Fallout 4 is an overhaul.

Fallout 3 was Oblivion, but with guns. New Vegas was reacting to reviews and fixing some problems with Fallout 3, most notably ironsights. However, one thing they neglected was an infamous part of every first person shooter: Recoil.

Which brings me to to my first mod, the mod you need even if you don’t want a modded game.


Project Nevada

I may be jumping the gun by skipping the mod manager, but I’ll get to that. This is the gameplay fix that adds many features to the game, most noteable replacing every BB Gun in the game with actual guns. Thats good, since every gun in the vanillia game are BB Guns.

It can be found here: [link]
DLC Support and Patches: [link]
Needed for PN (Script Extender): [link]

This mod is essential for anyone who plays Fallout: New Vegas. It balances the game and you can even fine tune it to you liking. Options include (but are not limited to):

  • Loot Rarity Chance
  • Safe Jumping Height Distance
  • Stealth Diffficulty
  • Hunger, Thirst, and Sleep meter speed
  • Time speed (How fast the day and night pass)
  • Crippled Limbs Options
  • Many More!

There are other neat features too, like enhanced vision. This can be used when wearing any power armor, from the combat helmet to riot gear. You can use night vision, heat vision, and EM vision(detects electronic activity, such as robots and other electronics)

Core Features Are:

  • Dynamic Crosshair
  • Bullet Time (Slows time instead of stops it, like an action movie)
  • Sprint
  • Grenade Hotkey (Hold a key (default G) to throw a grenade then switch back to your previous weapon.
  • Variable Zoom for scoped weapons (Different zoom levels)
  • Slower Backpedeling (Can run backwards as fast, makes sense.)
  • First Person Visor Overlays For Helmets (Put on gear from glasses to power helmets and you can accually tell you’re wearing them. Pretty cool)
  • Immersive Heath Visuals (Blurry screen when you lose health, etc)
  • Enhanced Stealth Field (Toggleable Stealth Fields, while staying balenced.)
  • Enhanced Vision (Read Above)
  • Explosive Entry (Light a explosive near a lock and you may break it open)
  • Immersive Primary Needs (As hunger, thirst or sleep depriviation increase, the player is notified by periodic sound effects.)
  • Control Panel (Where you adjust the features of the mod)
  • Chargeable Weapons (Certain Unique energy weapons can be charged for stronger attacks)

You can find and imp,ant yourself with implants (with the help of a doctor) to enhance your character. These implants can boost skills, your SPECIAL, or give you perks. My favourite is the AR Scanner, you can scann enemies too see how strong they are before you fight them.

This seems too weird for you? Turn it off in the control panel in the pause menu! You can keep it from the game without removing all of the other stuff.

Project Nevada also adds more weapons. Some of these are from Fallout 3, while others are custom made but still following the theme, such as the European Battle Rifle which is a semi-auto G3A3.

Other questions can be asnwered by acually looking at the mod’s page. Like I said, its essential for any Fallout: New Vegas player. PC MASTER RACE

More Perks Pack

This pack will add many more perks, so many that by level 30 you can’t even decide. From the “Wheres My Pants?!” to the “Too Drunk To Die” perks, this will give you more options than choosing a perk because you don’t know what else to choose. Fill bottles from a toilet, get fruit due to a tree growing out of your head. A must have for Hardcore Mode, the Field Medic perk will give you an attempt to revive a dead companion at the cost of a super stimpak. Of course, this is a perk and not a one time thing. And after awhile, you cannot attempt.

Potato Farmer enables you to recover more grenades and explosives from fallen foes. Civilized Bravery give you +1 to both strength and bravery when dressed with pre-war clothes or gambler suits.

The list goes on and on, too long for me to care to count. While these may seem odder than the vanillia perks, they add alot more to the game. And combined with Project Nevada’s options, you can gain a perk every level like Fallout 3.

Enjoy: [link]

Mod Managers

These make life hella easier. The two I’ve used are Fallout Mod Manager and Nexus Mod Manager. These can be found here:

Fallout Mod Manager: [link] (The newest version)
Nexus Mod Manager: [link]

The Difference

Fallout Mod Manager is more basic looking, out of beta, and can handle larger mods (Like Tale Of Two Wastelands, which is great btw). Nexus Mod Manager is Nexus Mods’ official manager. It looks nicer and is more user friendly, but has a little more trouble handling larger mods. It also can manage mods for other games like Skyrim, but is still in beta. Its page will tell you all the supported games (All 17).

Nexus Mods[www.nexusmods.com] is where I get all of my Fallout mods, and I reccomend it.

Optional: Desperado

Want to start out with a nice .357 and a lever-action scoped rifle? Is your character a cowboy? This is the mod for you. It makes the little deserted house in Goodsprings by the Doc’s house the hideout in which an outlaw lived. You don’t see him, but he left his rifle, revolver, and ammo behind. the house also has supplies such as food, cola, sasparillia, armor, and a couple other weapons.

But this isn’t just a give-me-weapons-mod. The Outlaw also left notes behind to tell a sad story, as a Cowboy always has. And the location of an end-game shotgun. Well, you can’t be level 4 and try and get it, I’ll tell you what… The rifle and revolver are said to level to end-game weapons too, but I haven’t carried them that long.

Nice mod, but optional for New Vegas to even function like a FPS as Project Nevada has done.

Oh, the Desperade mod can be found here: [link]

And so…

Each of these mod makers own the rights to their mods, not me. New Vegas was made on an engine without support for guns, and Project Nevada fixes that. Desperado was a neat little mod that fit in with the game without changeing it much.

So please, for the love of Mr. New Vegas get Project Nevada. And I hope Bethesda finds out about this mod and works with the Project Nevada team.

This are my preferances while yours may be different. At the time of this guide, I run NV on a toaster, so I decided not to run too many mods. This guide is good for the minimalist who simply wishes to enhance the game without changeing it much.

For the person who wishes toinsult the developers byoverhaul the game, these are the first mods installed and the ones that I think must be there no matter what. (Like I said though, the Desperado mod is optional, just wanted to state my love of it.) Of course, graphics are not everything. So, feel free to add as many graphical enhancement mods as you want.

These mods will complete the game, altering the Skyrim engine to FPS RPG instead of “Skyrim with guns”. Think of these as game patches.

That’s all I have for you. This is Mr. New Vegas, wishing you ladylike luck tonight.