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New(?) XP Farm Strategy - Knight Slam for Castle Crashers

New(?) XP Farm Strategy – Knight Slam


Confirmed new XP grinding trick. I find it to be pretty effective

Requirements and Suggestions

So what you are going to want first, is Hawkster. This makes it where when you knock them down, he attacks them, BUT ONLY when the opponent is on the ground. According to the XP count system, one hit is one XP point, therefore less damage=more hits= more XP.

Something else you might want to consider is a weapon that deals less damage, again; The best weapon for this job is the Glowstick, but the Unicorn Horn works too if you aren’t high enough of a level.

MAKE SURE you DO NOT upgrade any strength when you level up, less damage=more hits= more XP.
less damage=more hits= more XP.

How you do it

First off, you want to go to a place where the enemies don’t receive much recoil when you hit them, meaning they shouldn’t fly very far when hit. There are only two really good place to do that in, and those are Cyclops’ Fortress and Full Moon.

Now for preforming the actual string itself, which is super simple.
All you gotta do is somehow knock them to the ground, stand over their corpse and mash the “Y” button and follow them in whichever direction they stray off into.

I find all of this to work better depending on how well you can manage enemies. Sometimes you get ganged up and it doesn’t work but other times you can make use of it if you know what to do.