Fallout: New Vegas Guide

Ninja/theif build. for Fallout: New Vegas

Ninja/theif build.


This is how i prefer to make my Ninja/Sniper/theif builds.

Setting up your stats

Well for the skill points you should invest in:

Sneak: You will need this to become a ninja/theif. this will make your sneak attacks more powerful and bigger critical hit chance.

Guns: This whill give you more damage whit pistol’s and sub’s As a ninja/theif you will need to kill fast and run (this will make a perk availble called Run’N’Gun).

Unarmed/melee: Well a ninja’s weapon of choice is a blade. it makes no sound and even tough it is a up close and personal weapon this will make attacks from behind about 30-50% of Instant kill or critical damage.

Barter: Well. as a ninja it doesent give you much…. ofc it does. this will make evertything cheaper for you! and you will have good offers. like double pay for a easy quest.

Speech: well if you want to not kill every NPC. then invest in this. You can talk your way out of trouble and it’s kinda OP to have 100 speech since you will be able to get every quest easier (SIDE QUEST’s mostly!)

Lockpick: as a theif you want to steal stuff. and everything is looted by settelers. except for locked stuff. Having this will make you kinda op in looting.

Weapons you should buy.

Sniper: You should invest in i 50cal like Anti-Matriel. this is how i like to set up my rifle.
Exp. Ammo / Incendary
The bolt mod.

Silencer: Well this will muffle your shot and it wont give away your position. example: you are in the legion camp waiting to kill caesar. you take the shot. BANG. everyone knows were you are you are in deep ♥♥♥♥. And whit the silencer they will look for you and it gives you time to get away

This is the best ammo. EXP rounds blow up your target and damages thoose who are close.since it has splash damage. Incendary. is good agains tough enemies whith light/normal armour, this will burn them for a while so they have a bigger chance of dying in one shot.

The bolt mod.
Makes so your rifle wont jam so fast.

Ninja: You should invest in F2F combat.

Katana: A nice sword to kill people since it is so sharp and have massive damage rate on your enemies.

Chainsaw: Dont bring a knife to a gun fight. bring a mothertrucking chainsaw. This will rip the flesh of your enemies (10/10 should buy) And have massive amounts of damage and you dont need to slice one and one hit.

Shishkebab: A burning katana nuff said

Theif: You should get pistols.
10.mm pistol
Ext mag
hollow point.

10.mm pistol: Well this is a good weapon for theifs since you can smuggle it in casinos and kill people whitou beeing busted (silencer required) And you can burst more rounds in your enemies heads (Ext mag) And whit the hollow point. the damage rate goes up.

Now also, you should upgrade weapons as you progress. But keep in mind that they should be a bit alike

Good tips for building.

1. Dont change build type in the middle of the game.
2. Dont make a mix that does not make sense (example Ninja/Run’N’Gun)
3. Always wear the armor that looks good. not the ugly good one.
4. Make your own kind of build.(dont forget Tip 2)
6. NEVER judge a build before lvl 20
7. Have a badass name.
8. Have fun.


This is a short build guide going not too deep in the details. And my motherTounge is not english it is norwegian so tell me if i typed anything wrong just dont flame on me. thank you.
I will make more build guides. if you liked this 😀