No More Room in Hell Guide

NMRIH Survival Guide (Edited Tips & Improved Gameplay) for No More Room in Hell

NMRIH Survival Guide (Edited Tips & Improved Gameplay)


Appeals to every No More Room in Hell player with showcases everything possible to have the best gameplay possible!

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This game is difficult! Don’t worry I’ll help :3

1st Step: Virtual Surroundings
One of the main ways people die is by not realizing that a zombie isn’t by their ankles or is behind them and are jumped when they least expect it. In this game, focus and checking of surroundings is crucial to avoid becoming food. When with friends this step is less of a risk, but is still a good idea before going further into the depths of Hell.

The best way to do this step is to clear every room you enter or to make sure that nothing can sneak up on you such as doors, boarding up of areas or killing everyone in the room.

2nd Step: Weapons and Firearms Knowledge
Some weapons are useless to stop the army of the dead, in the event that you pick up something quickly to kill the hungry rusher hopefully it’ll be enough to kill.

(for weapons I will only incorporate 3 melee and 3 firearms with good to bad)


Based on personal experience these are the best ways to murder with the arsenal provided.
#1 Melee Weapon: The Fire Axe

The Fire Axe is a very neglected tool among the apocaypse but is certainly a tool that can easily kill. The weapon has the same damage as some of the heavy weapons but this weapon still allows enough stamina to run when times are tough.

#2 Melee Weapon: The Sledgehammer
My personal favorite and a great tool of destruction. This weapon has a charged attack that is a guaranteed to kill with a headshot or knock back to slip through. It is very uncommon to find on the ground, however once found this tool is a great room-clearer. One negative aspect is the amount of stamina that is required to use this weapon and most of the time while using the weapon you will be out of breath.

Worst Melee Weapon: The Flashlight

Although it is a given that the flashlight is not a good weapon to defend yourself, this tool has no real power behind it, offering no support to push back the infected.


Based on personal experience these are the best ways to murder with the arsenal provided.

#1 Firearm: The Colt 1911

The Colt has an ammo type that is very common in the game and the gun itself is very deadly and is an insta kill to headshots. Taking up little room, this firearm is perfect for murder.

#2 Firearm: The Simonov SKS

It is difficult when choosing firearms to defend yourself in the apocalypse, with the SKS this concern is greatly reduced. Although this weapon has rare ammunition with the chance being very slim, the bayonet provided makes this weapon easy to maneuver by stabbing anything that is in front of you and running through.

Worst Firearm: The Glock

This weapon needs some sort of fix or something. Even though it can kill, the gun has a very weak action and it requires multiple bullets for single kills, which in the scarce ammo times is not very good to have.

3rd Step: Health and Roles in the Apocalypse

Keeping healthy is very important and can be crucial to survival. It is always reccommended to carry bandages, anti-infection pills and a first aid kit with you so you are prepared with what you will face.

Roles in the apocalypse means something as easy as “Medic” or “Killer” which allows each person to have some reason / job in the apocalypse and it also lets teammates know which position you will play (You don’t have to do this but it is helpful to).

Creating a Private Server (Friends / Co-Op)

Servers in this game are generally not the best and you want to play with your friends but you can’t create one. I’m here to show you how 😀

For connecting / hosting a game I use LogMeIn Hamachi (A free program that allows IP and LAN networks to be able to connect to friends) because the servers in this game will not allow you to just connect to friends in a private game
Link to Download: [link]

Once the program has been successfully downloaded, the first thing you need to do is go into the options on the main menu of the game and select the advanced tab under keyboard.

Then when in the advanced tab make sure “Enable Developers Console” is turned on. Using the key on your keyboard that looks like ~ then it will bring up the console.

Now if you have all of this on and you want to create a server, make sure there is a network on in Hamachi that your friends are able to join to get your IP address

Now go to Create Server in the main menu of the game and create your server however you want (Maps, Time, etc) and once you get in game turn your console on with ~ and type the following.

sv_lan 0
changelevel (Whichever level you chose)

Then it will reload the map and with your friends in the network you have created in Hamachi they will right click over your name in the network and click “Copy IPv_4 address” and then they can go into their console and type “connect” and paste the IP in the console and they will connect into your server.

Have fun playing games with friends :3