No More Room in Hell Guide

No More Room In Hell - An In-Depth Guide On How To Play And What To Do for No More Room in Hell

No More Room In Hell – An In-Depth Guide On How To Play And What To Do


So let’s see, you found this game either on the Steam store or somewhere on the Internet, you decide to download it but after you do so, you realize that you don’t know how to play this game At All.Well if that’s the case then don’t worry because Am Here To Help.And if that’s not the case then What Are You Doing Here ?!.

Basic Controls:

If you ever played any game made in the Source engine, or in fact just any first person shooter you can safely skip until the “Extra Keys” header, it is the final header in this section, if not then Listen Up:

The Basics Of Movement:
  • Use your mouse to make your character look around their environment.
  • W is for moving forwards, Use your mouse to guide what direction you want the character to move forwards in (This does not apply to the rest of the movement keys).
  • A Is for moving to the left.
  • S Is for moving backwards.
  • D Is for moving to the right.
  • The SHIFT key Is for running (Keep in mind that running consumes stamina, the heavier your character is breathing the less stamina you have so make sure to conserve your stamina until you need it, your stamina regenerates over time so if you need to use then don’t be afraid to do so).
  • The CTRL key Is for crouching.
  • The SPACE key Is for jumping (Keep in mind that jumping also consumes stamina).
Communications And Miscellaneous Keys:
  • E Is for using things around you i.e. doors, objectives, buttons etc, or it can be used to grab things and move them around without putting them in your inventory.
  • R Is for reloading your gun, you can also hold it for a bit and your character will check how much ammunition is left in your gun.
  • Y Is for opening your text chat window to communicate with your teammates (Keep in mind that if you are too far from the person who sent the massage you won’t be able to read it, so it’s best to keep close to your team).
  • Middle Mouse Button Is for communicating via microphone with your teammates (Keep in mind that just like text, if you are too far away you won’t be able to hear your teammates, and the further you go the more muffled their voice will be until you no longer hear them).
  • Left Mouse Button Is for attacking with your weapons (Keep in mind that most items can be used as a weapon one way or the other).
  • Right Mouse Button Is for using alternate firing modes on specific weapons I.e. turning your chainsaw/abrasive saw on/off, it can be also used for using special items in a specific way I.e. using the fire extinguisher to extinguish a fire, and finally it can be used to look down the sights of your weapon.
  • Q Is for quick-switching to the last item you were using before your current item
  • Scrolling Up And Down With Your Mouse button Is to equip the next/previous item in your inventory.
  • G Is for dropping the item your currently have equipped, if you hold it down for a bit and then release it will throw that item instead of just dropping it (some items cannot be thrown).
  • The TAB Key Is used for opening the players menu which shows you all the players in the current server you’re in as well as some useful in-game information about each player.
Extra Keys:

This last header talks about keys that you’re not going to usually find in other games and are specialized to No More Room In Hell.

  • U Is used for emptying all the ammunition inside a firearm into your inventory.
  • The (1) Key Is used to open your inventory, use your mouse to highlight the item you want by just hovering your cursor over the item and letting go of the (1) key to equip said item, or you can right click instead to drop said item (As some side info, the more items that you have in your inventory and the heavier they are the slower you will run and the more stamina you will use so make sure to throw away the stuff you’re not going to use).
  • The (2) Key Is used to open a special inventory to see all the different ammunition you have in your inventory, you can’t equip your ammunition like any other item and you can’t drop all the ammo you have in one go but only a bit at a time, for example you can only drop (10) 9mm bullets at a time, the ammunition inventory works a little differently then the normal inventory, since you cannot equip ammunition, in order to drop some of it you will have to highlight it with your cursor and then let go of the (2) key.
  • The (3) Key Is used to open the voice commands menu that allow your character to say curtain dialogue lines as chosen, these commands include but not limited to, simple answers being (Yes) or (No), specific questions like asking for more ammunition, asking for help, or asking for your teammates to follow you, and specific statements such as stating that more zombies are incoming, or stating that you are injured, or just simply taunting your enemies after you blow them to pieces using an M67 hand grenade kill them.
  • F Is used for quick switching to your flashlight and turning it on, if you don’t have a flash light it will switch to your lighter which provides less light and you have to turn it on manually, also it sometimes takes multiple tries to turn it on, you do it by press your left mouse button, you cannot use it as a weapon and if run while its on it will go out.
  • H Is for unequipping your current item and pulling out your fists, this can be useful as you run faster with your fists equipped.
  • X Is for changing your firearm’s fire mode I.e. from full-automatic to short burst to semi-automatic.
  • V Is for shoving zombies away, If there is a “most important button” out of all of these so far, it has to be this one, the reason for this is because when fighting zombies, they may sometimes try and grab you and then they start biting at you Possibly Infecting You, the only method to get away is to either kill them or shove them away and a lot of the time shoving them away is much faster thus reducing the time they have to bite you, when shoving them away successfully, they are stunned temporarily giving you time to either run away, pull out a weapon, take a defensive position or attack them.
  • K Is used for Committing Suicide, no am 100% serious there is a Suicide mechanic in this game, all you need is an equipped firearm of any kind and at least one bullet in the chamber and then press K, after you press K your character will prepare to End It All commit suicide but afterwards you will have to pull the trigger by pressing the left mouse button.
  • And finally, C Is for showing your compass, it’s very useful for coordination, it also shows you your current objective while playing the Objective gamemode, and when available it marks the location of your objective making it easier to find, also it shows you where each of your zones are during the Survival gamemode.

Items: How Good And Rare They Are, And What They’re Used For:

This section will be all about the different items you will see in No More Room In Hell Including: Melee Weapons, Firearms, Ammunition, Throwables, Miscellaneous, Items and Medical Supplies.

Medical Supplies:
  • Bandages: Small, with a cylinder shape and an yellow/orange color similar to human skin and it has two metal clips keeping it together, as the name implies, bandages are to be used when bleeding which can happen after being shot by friendly fire or hit/bitten by zombies, while bleeding you will lose one health point per second and you will not be able to run, using a bandage heals you by 15HP (Health Point) and stops the bleeding, you can only use a bandage when bleeding, its a bit uncommon but not impossible to find.
  • The Phalanx Pills: Small, the same size as a bandage, with the same cylinder shape, it bares the appearance of a bottle of pills with a white color and a blue cap, as for what they do, well lets see, You, just got infected !, fear not, for all is not lost as you still may have some hope, using these pills which can be used only when the infection is setting in, you will be able to suppress the infection for 5 minutes, which may not seem like a lot but it keep in mind that most objective maps can be completed in anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes, and you’re obviously not just going to spawn and get infected right from the start, all you have to do is hope you find enough pills to give you enough time until you finish the map, if you don’t have one don’t be afraid to ask your teammates for one, in fact it’s best that you tell them that you’re infected right away so they would know what to do, it’s a bit more harder to find then a bandage but again still not impossible to find.
  • First Aid Kits: a rectangular bag with a red color about the size of a tablet, with the words “First Aid Kit” written in white at the front, these are a bit heavier then the other two types of medical supplies i mentioned so far but still quite light, can only be used when at 99HP or less, when used a rather lengthy animation is played so it’s best to make sure you are in a safe spot when doing it, if that’s not available then tell your teammates to protect you as use you use one, if you mess up and used your first aid kit at the wrong time then you can press the shove key to stop the animation, but you won’t be healed until the animation is complete, once it’s complete you will be healed by 30HP and it will stop any bleeding you might have, it may not seem much and it certainly isn’t but it’s better then nothing and you shouldn’t be running around getting damaged in the first place, finding a first aid kit is quite uncommon, so if you find one be sure to pick it up and only use it when you need it, and if a teammate needs it then don’t be greedy, this goes for the pills and bandages as well, as side info, there are two ways to find out how much health you have, method number one is self diagnosis by looking at how much color is your screen showing, the less color the less health you have, if you can only see black and grey then you are in the hot zone and you should be very careful as at that point a sneeze and you will probably die, and you should keep an eye out for a first aid kit or just ask your teammates, the second method of finding out just how much health do you have is by asking a teammate what color is your name tag displayed to them above your character, if it’s green then your good to go, light green then you’re still good to go, yellow means you should be a tad bit more careful, if orange then you definitely should be much more careful, red is really bad, you should really really be more careful.
  • The Gene Therapy: or as I like to call it: The Genie Therapy because the chances of you ever finding one is as close as you finding an actual genie in real life, in all seriousness though this thing is rare, really rare but for good reason !, as this acts as a permanent solution to the infection, yes you heard me right this thing is not only a cure but also a vaccine, meaning after you take it then you can no longer get infected and you will be cured of infection !, if you ever find one and decided to use it on your self without telling anyone it’s alright because everyone does that when they find one, but if you’re already vaccinated and you find another one then you must give this to one of your teammates, you can only use it when not vaccinated, speaking of vaccination and infection let me talk more about the infection, how do you know if you’re infected ?, well after you’re bitten veins will start to grow around your screen with this rather ominous music playing, after a bit you will start to slowly go blind until you can no longer see anything, and finally there comes death and afterwards you will be reanimated and oh boy there goes your entire team one by one, that’s why it’s best to tell your team that you are infected so you would be able to take measures against it as needed, if there is no access to pills or a gene therapy, well you can ask a friend to lend you their gun, so you can press “K” on your keyboard, or you can ask a friend to do it for you but it’s best that you use the “K” method to ensure mistakes don’t happen, and remember that if you die in any other way other then a shot to the head or being burned to death and you happened to be infected even if you were on pills you will reanimate, when you spawn you have a set chance of infection when you’re bitten, each time you get bitten and you don’t get infected that chance increases until you’re infected, and as side info, sometimes on specific servers a glitch can happen where when taking a gene therapy your vision will be magnified by a rather high amount but only temporarily, but during the event you will be completely defenseless so it’s best that you find a safe place to use it in and to alert you’re teammates to the problem should it happen.
Miscellaneous Items:
  • The Welder, Just like how the name implies this item is used to weld and unweld things, it can be used as a weapon but it’s not really effective at being one so it’s best not to rely on it, it’s commonly used in Objective mode for completing specific objectives, or on some Survival mode maps it can be used to remove obstacles (I.e. locks) usually standing between players and a cache of rather useful equipment, however some of these cashes are usually locked away using other means which require other solutions so keep your eyes peeled and your mind sharp, its weight is kind of middle of the line and how common it is depends on the map, some maps it’s almost impossible to find one and other its like a candy bar.
  • The Fire Extinguisher, Again just like how the name implies this item is used to put out fires, usually either for an objective or very rarely to remove an obstacle between the survivors and a cache of sweet sweet equipment, it can be used as a weapon but its not that effective so again don’t rely on it, it’s quite heavy and kind of rare but on the other end of the spectrum chances are you’re not going to need it except on some maps.
  • The Flare Gun, Well, it’s a gun, it shoots flares, that’s about it, as for why would you shoot the flare gun well it can be used to as a weapon, you can shoot the flare at the zombie’s legs and it will set them on fire making it quite useful for crowd control, it can only shoot one flare at a time, it can also be used to summon a F.E.M.A. Supply Drop once per round (NOT WAVE), you do that by shooting a flare towards the sky, it’s very light however it’s quite rare, really rare actually, in fact the chance of you finding one might be less then the chance of you finding a gene therapy.

Items: How Good And Rare They Are, And What They’re Used For: PT2

I am forced to split this section into multiple parts as Steam has a limit on how long can each section be.
Continuing On:

  • The Barricade Hammer, Again, as the name implies it’s a hammer for barricading things, usually windows and doorways, it’s quite rare finding one along side the boards to use it on Objective mode but it’s very common on Survival mode, in fact the only place you would use it is during Survival mode, however don’t let this make it seem like a useless item, this item is one of the most used items on this list, barricading is useful to slow down the approaching hordes allowing you to take them out with your firearm before they could destroy your barricade, it can be used as a weapon just not an effective one, to start boarding up stuff you will need at least one board which counts as a type of ammunition, when you have your hammer out just use your Alternate Fire Key and your a character well pull out a board and a holographic of a board will appear on the places you can board up, use the Left Mouse Button on the hologram to install a board, press your Alternate Fire Key to disengage barricading mode to be able to use the hammer as a weapon again, keep in mind that you can shoot your firearms and swing your melee weapons around the boards to take out the zombies trying to destroy them, players can also destroy them so watch what are you doing.
  • The MagLite, it’s a flashlight what’s more to explain ?, if you have it in your inventory press F to switch to it, some weapons and firearms allow you to use it while you use the item in question, you can use your Alternate Fire Key to turn it on/off if you have it equipped, you can also use it as a very crude weapon when it’s equipped on it’s own.
  • The Zippo Lighter, in the very likely scenario that you don’t have a flashlight, the game doesn’t leave you in the dark, at least not totally in the dark, if you press F and you don’t a flashlight in your inventory, your character will instead pull out their Zippo Lighter and use it as a source of light, to turn it on, just press your Left Mouse Button, keep in mind the it may need more than one attempt to turn on, it has limited range and cannot be used as a weapon, if you start running with it on it will be turned off but you can still shove with it on it won’t turn off, it won’t run out of lighter fluid and it will not count as part of your inventory, and you always spawn with one.
  • The Walkie Talkie, it’s a portable radio, when you have it in your inventory you will hear the voice of everyone who has it in their inventory and talking and it will be at full volume not effected by distance, this also works vice-versa, and also goes for text chat as well and you don’t need to equip it just have in your inventory, it’s rather light and not hard to find, however some servers have all-talk on so you can hear anyone at any distance even without a Walkie Talkie, so figure out if your server needs one and act accordingly.
  • The Gas Can, it’s a can full of gas, usually colored red, you can use it to set up traps by putting it in choke points and shoot it with a firearm to make it explode into a pool of fire setting zombies on fire as they get close to it Useful For Making BBQ During The Apocalypse, you can also make it explode by swinging a melee weapon on it when a firearm isn’t available, however that’s not advisable for obvious reasons, you cannot put it in your inventory so you will have to treat it as any other prop in a Source engine game.
  • F.E.M.A. Reinforcements Duffle Bags: it can only be found on Survival mode, it can’t be put in your inventory and you will have to treat it as a prop, it’s an olive green duffle bag with light sticks on each end, it can be found either on it’s own or inside a wooden box that you have to use by holding E to get one, take them to a zone in Survival mode to regain 25% control.
  • F.E.M.A. Medical Supplies Box: It can only be found on survival mode, it can’t be put in your inventory and you will have to treat it as a prop, it looks like a big red wooden box you can’t miss it, usually in zones during Survival mode there will be a small red rectangle, place one of these boxes in there and players can use it to heal, it contains up to 200 points (Not HP) which amounts to 150% of a players health, it’s not much but if rationed responsibly it can be enough for everyone, when the box is fully used it will disappear, and even if you happen to find a new box you cannot use in the same used red rectangle and you will have to find a new one to use, these usually spawn in equipment caches that are sometimes hard to reach so it’s best to reach them early into Survival mode before zombies start getting in at the 100s.

So now I have explained how all the tools and medical supplies work, But What About The Weapons ?, now I am going to explain the tools that you will use to Delete The Zombies Out Of Existence kill the zombies, and i will start off with:

Melee Weapons:

Melee weapons split into three categories: Light, Medium, Heavy.

Light Melee Weapons:
  • The Kitchen Knife: The worst weapon in the game, it’s a bit heavier then it should be it’s damage is Utter Trash really bad, it’s range is bad so it’s useful to have the Shove Key ready and on high alert when using this thing, doesn’t use much stamina and it’s rather common, but it’s still better then your fists, use it when you have no other choice.
  • The Wrench: it’s not the best but it’s still much better then the kitchen knife, a tad bit more damage but with a tad bit more stamina use, same range as the kitchen knife, as common as a kitchen knife with the same weight, while an improvement over the kitchen knife it’s not advisable to use it unless you really need to.
  • The Meat Clever: it’s a direct improvement over the wrench, same stamina use as the knife but with more damage then the wrench and at less weight, same range as the kitchen knife, actually a bit less common then the other two, only use it when you need to use it.
Medium Melee Weapons:
  • The Crowbar: Quite decent actually, not so bad damage, not so bad stamina use and good range, not too heavy but still heavier then light melee weapons, a bit uncommon but not so hard to find, use when you don’t have any other option or when you want to save the bullets in your firearm for when things get hairy.
  • The Lead Pipe: It’s rather decent as well, a bit heavier then the crowbar but deals a bit more damage, a bit uncommon, only use when no better alternative is available and/or you need to save bullets.
  • The Entrenching Tool: also called The E-Tool, about the same weight as the lead pipe, almost entirely the same in every way, except if you use your Alternate Fire Key you can extend and collapse the shovel blade but that’s entirely for cosmetics and nothing change about it what so ever.
  • The Hatchet: Deals a lot of damage, it’s light, and it uses less stamina, how ever it comes short on one end and that would be it’s range, it’s range is quite limited similar to a kitchen knife but this weapon it self isn’t half bad, use your Shove Key accordingly and it will serve you well.
  • The Baseball Bat: Deals a modest amount of damage, more then a light melee but the least out of all the medium melee’s, range and stamina use similar to a crowbar, it’s more likely to cause zombies to stumble so keep that in mind, only use when you need to.

Items: How Good And Rare They Are, And What They’re Used For: PT3

Another Continuation:

  • The Machete: Arguably the best melee weapon in the game, a direct upgrade from the hatchet fixing it’s only short coming and that would the range, the machete has decent range and damage, it’s very light and its stamina use is very low, a perfect weapon on all ends, it’s rare, but if you’re skilled enough you can go through an entire map solo !, heavily advised to use it, but remember it’s still no better than a firearm so don’t assume you will become a one man army by just having it.
Heavy Melee Weapons:
  • The Spade: It’s a shovel, kind of hard to find but not so bad, damage similar to the crowbar, more range than the crowbar, heavier than all standard medium melee weapons, and uses quite a bit of stamina, showing only be used when no better alternative is available.
  • The Fireaxe: Arguably the best out of all the heavy melee weapons, decent range similar to the spade, it’s damage is the same, similar weight to the spade but less stamina use, making it a bit more well rounded, however it’s weight is what’s making it just a bit under the level of the machete.
  • The Sledgehammer: It’s bulky, has a lot of damage but uses more stamina, it’s really heavy and it’s swing speed is slow, it would be recommended to use it without any power attacks as normal attacks deal enough damage to take out a zombies in one swing, power attacks with this thing focusing the damage onto one direction by swinging from up top, but normal attacks swing from the side so you can hit more zombies in one hit so more kills, less stamina use, PROFIT !, it would be recommended that you don’t use this along heavier firearms, like yeah you can have a handgun as back up but a shotgun ? yeah no, this is because it’s really heavy so if you have a shotgun and a sledgehammer you will barely have enough space for other important stuff I.e. medical supplies, ammunition etc.. , also keep in mind that you can hit more than one zombie with other melee weapons so time your attacks right and you can TAKE DOWN TWO !, EVEN THREE ZOMBIES !, ALL FOR THE SUPERCALIFRADGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS PRICE OF ONE ZOMBIE ! take down multiple zombies.
  • The F.U.B.A.R.: It’s like a heavier sledgehammer, more damage more stamina use more weight, it’s not actually good, like not really, it’s stamina use is too much, hard to find.
  • The Pickaxe: Almost identical to the sledgehammer, albeit more rare.
  • The Chainsaw: Just like how the name implies, it’s a chainsaw, you can use it as a heavy melee weapon but it’s damage is very low, however, if you have gasoline in your inventory, use your Alternate Fire Key to turn on the engine AND LET THE RAMPAGE BEGIN, after you turn on the engine hold your Left Mouse Button to start attacking with it, after you use the engine it becomes overpowered, even though the gas to use it is common enough the weapon it self is more rare than a gene therapy.
  • The Abrasive Saw: Same exact deal as the chainsaw, except IT’S EVEN MORE RARE.

So now I explained the melee weapons, time for the best part, FIREARMS !, but first I will need to explain the ammunition as some properties of the firearms change depending on the ammunition so without further wait.

  • 22. LR: Slightly uncommon, very light calibre, usually takes two headshots to take down a zombie, one shoot with Focus mode, might take more, drops 20x at a time.
  • 9mm more common than the 22. LR, deals a tad bit more damage, two headshots for one zombie and one headshot with Focus, very rarely needs more, drops 10x at a time.
  • 5.56 X 45mm N.A.T.O. Rounds: Just call it the five-five-six if that’s easier, as common as 9mm, one headshot per zombie, no Focus mode, very rarely takes more than one headshot, drops 10x at a time friends your inventory.
  • 7.62 X 39mm: Just call it the seven-six-two if that’s easier, a bit hard to find, one headshot per zombie, no Focus, very rarely takes more, drops 10x at a time.
  • 357. One headshot per zombie both normal and with Focus, a bit hard to find, can penetrate targets allowing you to take down two and sometimes three zombies one shot if you line up headshots, very rarely needs more shooting, drops 10x at a time.
  • 45. ACP: One headshot per zombie both normal and with Focus, a bit hard to find, very rarely needs extra shooting, drops 10x at a time.
  • 308.: One headshot per zombie, no Focus, hard to find, very rarely needs more shots, can penetrate targets, line up headshots and you can easily get a triple kill, drops 10x at a time.
  • 12 Gauge Shotgun Shells: depends on how many pallets you can hit, you can even take out multiple zombies in one shell if you know what you to do, drops 10x at a time.
  • Boards: It counts as ammunition in this game, don’t ask my why ask the devs, use for the barricade hammer, drops 1x at a time, common on Survival mode hard to find on Objective mode.
  • Arrows: hard to find, cannot be destroyed and can actually be picked back up, no Focus mode, very rarely might take more then one arrow to take down a zombie, drops 10x at a time
  • Fuel: common to find on Survival mode hard to find on Objective mode, used only for the chainsaw/abrasive saw.

So now that I explained all about the ammunition, time for the part you always wanted:

  • The M67 Fragmentation Grenade: First of all, i should mention that all throwables are quite hard to find and should only be used when you really, REALLY need to, back to the subject at hand the M67 Fragmentation Grenade (which doesn’t use actual fragmentation it’s just called a “fragmentation grenade” because it compares with the real life thing) explodes in a good radius, every zombie directly around it will die, and those who haven’t died but still got effected by it will be stunned and have a lot of damage dealt to them so they will be most likely be taken down with one melee swing or one bullet to the head, watch where you throw this thing as you could accidentally
    injure and possibly kill your teammates and/or your self, they can get really bouncy when thrown so watch out that you don’t miss.
  • The TNT: Its the M67 but on steroids, slightly less throw distance and bounce so if you throw one make sure to warn your teammates and stand back (this also goes for all the other throwables), it’s radius is much bigger then the M67, perfect for clearing hordes.
  • The Molotov: Instead of an explosion this thing leaves a small radius of fire about the same killing radius of the M67, this wall of fire lasts for a bit and ever zombie that passes through it will be set on fire and will likely not live for long, however watch out when setting zombies on fire as some of the Shamblers have to potential to turn into runners, however as i said they will not live for long so when they start running just avoid them by either shoving them or running away and they will die on their own.

And now for the part you were actually waiting for, and that would be:


Firearms split into multiple categories including: Handguns, Sub-Machine Guns, Rifles, Sniper Rifles and Shotguns, we will go through each categories and what guns each one includes and all about each gun.

  • The Beretta M92FS: Rather common for a firearm, it’s magazine capacity is 15 rounds plus one in the chamber for a total of 16 shots, it fires 9mm ammunition and you can use Focus mode when holding it by looking down your sites and not moving for 3 seconds, Focus mode doubles your damage and accuracy and makes your shot have a 75% chance to stun zombies, Focus mode can be used only with pistols.

Items: How Good And Rare They Are, And What They’re Used For: PT4

Continuing on:

  • The Glock 17: A direct upgrade from the previous gun, it’s magazine capacity is 17 shots plus one in the chamber for a total of 18 shots, fires 9mm bullets, a bit less common then the Beretta M92FS, it can use Focus mode, you can use your Maglite along side this gun without unequipping it.
  • The Ruger Mark III: Less accuracy for long range firing but near non-existent recoil, your chances of finding one is somewhere between you chances of fighting any of the previous guns, it has a magazine capacity of 10 shots plus one in the chamber, it fires 22. LR rounds, it can use Focus mode, it’s might be the weakest out of all the handguns but compared to the Ruger 10/22 rifle which fires the same caliber, the reason for this as it is much lighter in terms of weight and it can use Focus mode, you can use your Maglite along side this gun.
  • The Colt 1911: Arguably the best handgun in the game, it’s has a magazine capacity of 7 plus one round in the chamber for 8 total shots, it fires 45. ACP rounds which may not have the piercing capabilities of the 308. or the 357. but it deals enough damage to take zombies down just as reliably, the gun it self is very accurate and it fires semi-automatically which is much more efficient in hitting headshots then the Ingram MAC-10 which also fires the same caliber but only in automatic mode, this handgun also has a much higher RPM then the Smith & Wesson 686, the reason for this is because the Colt 1911 is magazine fed while the S&W 686 is a revolver, so at the end of the day the Colt 1911 deals more damage, is more accurate, more efficient and more reliable then all of the handguns in this game, all while keeping it’s size small and light and after all of these advantages, users can also make use of the Focus mode for even more damage and accuracy and a good chance to stun your enemies, you can use your Maglite along side this gun.
  • The Smith & Wesson 686: Unlike all the other handguns this is a revolver meaning it has a slower rate of fire and no extra bullet in the chamber, it has a capacity of 6 shots, it fires 357. caliber shots which can penetrate enemies allowing you take out up to three zombies in one shot if you line up headshots, this gun comes with a disadvantage that would be when aiming down sights you will have to pull back the hammer before every shot, however this can turn into a slight advantage as your character will not pull back the hammer if the gun doesn’t have any bullets allowing you to know when to reload during a firefight without checking if the gun has ammo, this gun also has the slowest reload speed out of all the hand guns, you can also use Focus mode with this gun, you can use your Maglite along side this gun, when you’re using in of the following guns you cannot use the Maglite along side them.
Sub-Machine Guns:
  • The Heckler & Koch MP5A4: This the best sub-machine gun even though it is not that good but it’s still not half bad, it chambers 9mm ammunition, it has a magazine capacity of 30 shots plus one in the chamber for a total of 31 shots which is almost double what the Glock 17 and the Beretta M92FS have a capacity for, this gun can fire in Semi-Automatic, Short Bursts and Full-Automatic modes, fire modes can be changed by pressing X on your keyboard, this gun is only useful if you have a lot of 9mm ammunition, am talking about like 20 to 30 shots or higher, otherwise if you have a better alternative then use that instead as this gun is not only very heavy it has a lengthy reload especially if you’re doing an empty reload and a not a tactical reload, it also doesn’t have Focus mode unlike the other two handguns that fire the same caliber.
  • The Ingram Mac-10: A direct downgrade from the H&K MP5A4, it’s can only fire in full-automatic mode which is very inefficient for making headshots while using the least amount of precious ammo as possible, it’s magazine capacity is 30 shots plus one in the chamber for a total of 31 shots, it fires 45. ACP shots, trust me when I say this gun is really bad, you’re better off using the Colt 1911.
  • The M16A4: It comes in two variants, one modified with a medium range scope and handle and the other with no modifications, this gun is really heavy but it’s quite good, it’s ammo is quite available and common, plus most of the time it’s a one headshot kill, it has a magazine capacity of 30 shots plus one in the chamber for a total of 31 shots, it chambers 5.56 X 45mm N.A.T.O. rounds, it fires only in semi-automatic mode and short bursts, it’s has one problem and it would be in the unmodified version it would be that the hole that you look through in the iron sight is too small to hit anything reliably on any range, fortunately such a problem can be easily solved if you have the know how of using addons from the Steam Workshop for NMRIH.
  • The FN FAL: its a bit heavier then the M16A4, it has a magazine capacity of 20 shots plus one in the chamber for a total of 21 shots, it fires 308. shots, it can only fire in semi-automatic mode, it’s very accurate and has a long range.
  • The Ruger 10/22: it’s a heavier more accurate version of the Ruger Mark III, it comes with two variants one with 10 shots in the magazine and one in the chamber and another really rare variant with 20 shots in the magazine plus one in the chamber, it fires 22. LR bullets, and again, even though i said it once I will say it again, you are much better off using the Ruger Mark III as it is lighter, has Focus mode, and the same magazine as the more common variant of the Ruger 10/22.
  • The Simonove SKS: it comes in two variants one with no modifications and the other with a bayonet, the bayonet version is really good as it deals about the same damage as the crowbar when shoving zombies, and the gun has a lot of range so you can shove your target away from a safe distance, plus shoving will always cause zombies to get stunned and it consumes so little stamina it’s barely worth mention, so imagine having a gun and melee weapon all in one item, this gun has a magazine capacity of 10 shots plus one in the chamber for a total of 11 shots, it fires 7.62 X 39mm rounds, and only fires in semi-automatic mode.
  • The Winchester 1892: This is a lever-action rifle, meaning you need to cycle the lever after each shot, it has a magazine capacity of 15 shots plus one in the chamber for a total of 16 shots, it fires 357. ammunition, it’s very accurate and it reloads it’s shots one by one but the reload can be interrupted, very useful for keeping it full on ammo but problematic when doing an empty reload, the gun it self is quite rare but really good.
  • The CZ858 It’s similar in look to the AK-47, it has a magazine capacity of 30+1=31 shots, it fires 7.62 X 39mm ammo, and it fires only in semi-automatic mode.
Sniper Rifles:
  • The Sako 85: It comes in two variants, one with a long range scope and the other with only the iron sight, this gun has a magazine capacity of 5+1=6 shots, it fires 308. caliber ammo which can penetrate up to two targets allowing you to take down 3 zombies in one shot if you line up your headshots, this is a bolt-action rifle meaning you will have to cycle the bolt after each shot.
  • The JAE-700: It’s a bolt-action rifle meaning you will have to cycle the bolt after each shot, however the time needed to cycle the bolt in this rifle is faster then the Sako 85, it also has a magazine capacity of 10+1=11 shots which is bigger then the Sako 85, and it fires 308. caliber ammo.
  • The Beretta Perennia SV10: It’s a double barrel semi-automatic shotgun that fires 12 shotgun shells, that’s about it, all the other shotguns fire the same type of shotgun shells by the way.

Items: How Good And Rare They Are, And What They’re Used For: PT5

This is the last section talking about items:

  • The Mossberg500A: A pump-action shotgun meaning you will have to cycle the pump after each shot, it has a magazine capacity of 5+1=6 shells.
  • The Remington 870: A pump-action shotgun, it has a magazine capacity of 8+1=9 shells, making it a direct upgrade from the Mossberg500A.
  • The Winchester Super X3: An automatic shotgun which a magazine capacity of 5+1=6, despite this shotgun being automatic it’s still not that good, or at least not better then the Remington 870.

And this concludes this part about the firearms in No More Room In Hell as well as all the available items in this game, one thing to note about firearms in this game is that reloading firearms in here is as realistic as real life, when you do a tactical reload (in other words a reload where you still have some ammo in the magazine) all the ammo that was in the magazine is lost, this goes for all of the guns except for the Shotguns and the Winchester 1892, so for everything else beside these 5 guns i just mentioned, when you need to do a tactical reload press the U Key to unload all the ammunition from the gun and then reload normally.

The Infected:

So after i explained all the items that are you going to use, some more then others, I will now explain what enemies you will be facing, starting of with:

The Shambler:

These are you standard typical slow, kind of Ret*rded stupid zombies, they’re easy to deal with when it’s just one or two, but they can be very threatening in numbers, setting them on fire in anyway has a slight chance of turning them into runners, you’re going to be seeing A LOT of these guys, they can grab you and hit you so keep that Shove Key handy and you will be good.

The Faster Shambler:

Same exact deal as the normal shambler, except they are a tad bit faster in movement, not quite running but not quite, well, shambling, a tad bit more dangerous but only in numbers.

The Fallen Soldier:

Dead USNG soldiers, wearing soldier uniforms, can come in any form except as a kid of course, sometimes they might have more health then other zombies as they get a larger health pool, when killed they have a slight chance of dropping specific items, their drops include, bandages, an empty Beretta M92FS, [5x] 9mm bullets, [7x] 5.56 X 45mm N.A.T.O. rounds, and if you’re really lucky an M67 Fragmentation Grenade, so if you can, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look if that one dead soldier has anything useful on him, sometimes it could be that one clutch you needed.

The Crawler:

Now we get to the annoying types, as the name implies this one crawls, they cannot hit you normally only grab you, and they are rather slow, they’re health pool is so low that you can take them down with a fully charged punch, but here is where they get annoying, since they are in prone position 24/7 they can easily go under door barricades and when there are so many zombies or you’re in a dark space they can totally get to you and you wouldn’t notice, they are too far down for you to swing a melee or shove them away without crouching, and when they grab you they will start munching on your leg Like How My Stoned Uncle Munches On Crackers N’ Cheese With A Can Of Half Cooked Kidney Beans On The Side At 2:00 AM, their bite speed is much higher then any other type meaning a higher chance of infection, so please take caution and if you see one just take it out if you can.

The Runner:

These Annoying F*ck Wits bastards are the bane of every player in this game, they run really fast and are generally more annoying to deal with, they can come out from like anywhere, they can grab and bite or they can hit you normally, when being attacked by one, try to stun them first if they are running at you at full speed, thank fully, they have a less health pool than normal shamblers so that’s good at least.

The Bugged Shambler:

It sounds like an intense type of zombie involving bug’s and stuff like that but no, they are the result of some weird bug somewhere in the script involving how much health can shambler shave, they are almost always USNG shamblers and the only way to identify one is one they take 4 sledgehammer swings to the head AND THEY’RE STILL STANDING or when they take 6, 357. caliber shots straight to the head AND THEY’RE STILL F*CKING MOVING I MEAN SH*T, so please watch out from these guys they can be annoying as hell.

The Kids:

These Little Sh*ts make every parent in the NMRIH wish they used a condom or any form of birth control, these, highly mobile, very small Sh*t Heads are really annoying to deal with, they have about double the health pool of a crawler, and are faster then a runner, they cannot grab you but they can hit you at a higher speed then a normal shambler dealing a less damage, like it’s totally possible to be beaten to death by a little girl in her pink pajamas after she was turned into a zombie, i would imagine that if these kids were alive they would be Running Around Humming The Sonic Theme While Screeching “gOtTa Go FaSt” very annoying.

Game Modes

So, I explained to you how to play and what will you be facing in detail, but it’s time to explain what the hell are you supposed to do in this game, so then listen up:
So you have two game modes in this game, one of them is called:

You will know that a map is an objective map when it’s name starts with “nmo”, in this mode, you along side your teammates will have to complete a series of objectives as you progress through the map before you are ultimately rescued, you will have to pick up your supplies as you go and you will be almost always on the move, as a result supplies will be scarce and you will need to manage your inventory quickly and efficiently, sometimes objective maps might make you take a different route every round, this is to give more replayability value to the game.

The second game mode you will encounter is called:

You will know that a map is a survival map when it’s name starts with “nms”, in this mode, you along side your teammates will have to protect an amount of zones from zombies, A through F, each map has different amount of zones, you will have to go through a series of waves, the standard for 95% the maps is 10 waves, each wave is harder than the last, you need to keep at least one zone with 1% health or you will fail, when you finish all your waves you will be rescued, to heal your zones you will need to use F.E.M.A. reinforcements bags, which will be found either in big wooden boxes or just scattered, each bag heals the zone by 25%, when a zone reaches 0% health you cannot heal it, however it will be regained and healed up to 50% when you get a F.E.M.A. Reinforcements Supply Drop, these supply drops will arrive after you finish a specific amount of waves along side a bit of extra down time to pick up supplies, these supply drops contain ammunition, medical supplies and melee weapons and firearms, the amount of waves you will need to complete to get one differs per map, you can summon one at will ONCE per round by firing a flare gun to the sky, also, there are supplies scattered around the map, sometimes in the form of caches, but sometimes they might be far off from the main safe area or locked behind puzzles you will need to solve, keypad you will need a password for which can be found somewhere in the map or obstacles that need tools to go through.

Tips And Tricks:

By the time you reach this section you have learned how to play the game, but, there is a difference between being able to Play The Game and being able to Play It Good, these are some tips and tricks to help you be even better at playing the game.

General Tips:
  • Go to your control settings and change the shove key to Right Mouse Button instead of The T Button or any other convenient button (Example your Mouse Thumb Buttons) as usually when you need to shove an enemy away you will have to do it ASAP otherwise you run the risk of being bitten. In the case that you opt for your Right Mouse Button you will need to assign a new key for the The Special Abilities Button (And remember that button also is used for aiming down your sights), I would suggest that you use the T Button as usually when you need to weld something or aim down sights for example you have the time to search for the button if you don’t use find it immediately meanwhile when you need to shove you don’t have the luxury of time to think.
  • In Survival Gamemode try to focus all your and your team’s efforts into protecting one point and put all of the resources that you find around the map and won’t use right then and there into a big pile so that everyone who might need it will have it right there in front of them instead of forcing them to ask if anyone has one.
  • When running through a herd of zombies and you need to brush right next to a zombie and go through a narrow gap, try to run through the gap as zombies can’t grab you and won’t have time to attack and hit you if you are running.
  • If you don’t know what to and not to pick up relative to your situation think of it like this, if you have a heavy gun like a rifle or a shotgun pick up a light or medium melee weapon or if you have a light gun like a handgun pickup a heavy melee weapon this is in general but In Objectives try picking up all the ammo you find that your teammates won’t pick up right now, as either your or one of them might need it down the line or in a hairy situation but remember that stuff like medical supplies or the ammunition Your gun uses might be more important. In Survival try picking up just a bandage from the pile and leave everything else unlit you either you or someone else needs them. but you might be asking “Why Bandage ?” it’s because if you’re bleeding you can’t run, and running is important to get yourself our of a hairy situation.
  • Melee weapon charge is WAY longer than what the animation shows, so if you charge say a clever for long enough you can use it to one shot zombies.
  • The Motto of this game is: Work Together, Or Die Alone. So stick together, plan out your way to survival, help each other, because you need your teammate as much as he needs you.
  • If you want a Proper No More Room In Hell Experience stay clear off of Russian and Chinese servers, not that I have anything against Russia or China but because you tend to meet a lot of As*holes on these servers plus a lot of them don’t speak English and might treat you very poorly for asking them to speak in English or speaking English in general. Long story short it’s a bad experience.
  • In Objectives don’t kill every zombie you meet. Sure it might help to clear out a hall way but if you’re pushing through a big open area with a lot of zombies it’s best to just go around them. And even in Survival sometimes if you’re out scavenging you should treat it like an Objective map and only target Runners/Kids, zombies trying to enter your protected zone or Zombie that are blocking your way to advance in other words Only kill what you have to kill.
  • When on the move regardless if you are scavenging or playing Objectives try your best to stay on the move, don’t stand around too much. Keep it quick, efficient and clean.
  • When moving through a thick horde. One where there is just too many to move through (which is a rare occasion) there is a strategy to moving in a secure manor and reducing loses. It will however be slow but it works especially on extremely hard maps like Shelter. It requires a bare minimum of 3 people or more. Simply have 2 people killing zombies in an aggressive manner to push forwards while the third will protect the flanks while advancing with the other two as they more forward. When you have more than 3 than simply divide them accordingly so if 4 than two at the front and two for the flanks, 5 three front two back, 6 three front three back etc..