Batman: Arkham City – Game of the Year Edition Guide

𝓝𝓸𝓻𝓪 𝓕𝓻𝓮𝓮𝔃𝓮 𝓵𝓸𝓬𝓪𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷-𝓐𝓬𝓱𝓲𝓮𝓿𝓮𝓶𝓮𝓷𝓽 for Batman: Arkham City GOTY

𝓝𝓸𝓻𝓪 𝓕𝓻𝓮𝓮𝔃𝓮 𝓵𝓸𝓬𝓪𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷-𝓐𝓬𝓱𝓲𝓮𝓿𝓮𝓶𝓮𝓷𝓽


This guide will show you how to find Nora Freeze and get the achivement “Bargaining Chip” After you win the fight with her husband Victor Freeze aka Mr. Freeze he will give a side mission to find his wife (and of course Harley stole the cure)


  • Location of Nora Freeze
  • You will need to glide to a boat (marked red on picture)

Step 1

  • You will need to equip “Freeze Blast” (which you got from Mr. Freeze when you win the fight against him)
  • Aim to water and throw

Step 2

  • Simply jump on ice
  • Equip “Batclaw” aim and shoot
  • Then just pull yourself to wall and use “Explosive gel” on wall and detonate
  • Equip “Batclaw” again aim, shoot and pull yourself close

Step 3

  • When you went through door you see this
  • And there is a Catwoman “Riddler Trophy” inside scan it to remember position and return with Catwoman to pick it
  • Also they are 10 enemies inside with shields, knifes and there is a gun box they can unlock and take guns

Step 4

  • Fighting against enemies the easiest way which worked on me was “Explosive gel” quick tap and detonation and then knocking them while they are on floor and dogding of course
  • Quick tap pres 3 twice fast, same for detonation

Step 5

  • So you won the battle
  • There is Nora Freeze
  • Password for door to get outside (Frozenbait)

Last thing

  • When you outside just simply tag the place where Victor Freeze is and go there
  • To enter the building go behind (where you left the building after you won the fight against Mr. Freeze)
  • Tell him good news
  • And side mission is done
  • Achievement should be unlocked “Bargaining Chip”