Castle Crashers® Guide

Normal Mode Full Moon Guide for Castle Crashers

Normal Mode Full Moon Guide


A complete guide to the full moon level.


Hello there, I figured since the big price drop on CC brought a fair amount of new players, I’d make a guide. I’m taking a guess here and saying that some of you are approaching Full Moon and may have some trouble with it, and if not, maybe this well help you get past full moon easier on your next character.

I’m going to go through this wave by wave of enemy, with each wave having it’s own section unless there are 2 identical waves of enemies.

What You Need

  • Cardinal Animal Orb – Obtained by defeating the Beefy Brute in Industrial Castle
  • Elemental Infusion / Magic Jump – Obtained by upgrading your magic to 15 (Elemental Infusion) and 20 (Magic Jump) The magic is optional, but VERY VERY highly recommended.

This works the best below level 50 so your X X X Y Y combo does not activate the drill part. Also This level shouldn’t be much trouble on normal mode if you’re lvl 50 or higher.

Waves 1, 2 & 3

Both waves 1 and 2 have you on a hill fighting two Stove Faces[] and one beefy (Muscular) Stove Face. Spam your RT + B magic attack to kill the beefy while avoiding the regular stove faces and the falling boulders (Don’t let the beefy get too close). Once the beefy is dead keep using this combo (X X X Y Y) or (X X X Y only if you’re the Blue Knight[] or Iceskimo[]) until the regular Stove Faces are dead. Repeat this for waves 2 and 3

Wave 4

This is technically 3 waves, but we’re gonna group the enemies and let the magic happen. You will be at the bottom of the hill and find a weapon and ladder that takes you up to a higher chunk of land. Take the weapon if you haven’t gotten it then magic jump to the next floor, or just climb the ladder if you don’t have the magic jump. Then go to the next ladder and run around for a while so your cardinal can pick up the key weapon, or just jump straight up the next ladder. When all of the enemies climb up the ladder to try to murder you, you can just start spamming this combo (X X X Y Y) or [X X X Y (Blue Knight and Iceskimo only)]. When they’re dead keep moving to the left.

The Rest

The last little section of the map will just be Stove Faces and Iceskimos, just kill them off with (X X X Y Y) or (X X X Y) If you’re Iceskimo or Blue Knight.