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Not letting go: How to get ALL 37 gold bars in Dead Money legitimately for Fallout: New Vegas

Not letting go: How to get ALL 37 gold bars in Dead Money legitimately


Saw all that gold in Sierra Madre but was disappointed when you discovered you couldn’t get it all? Well not anymore! with this guide you will become the richest courier in history! and the best part? no cheats nor glitches! so keep your head up and walk with your conscience clean.


So after playing the add-on for a second time i came across an idea of how to get all the gold in my own way, i had done some research before and all the guides i came across used glitches making it not as pleasant to get the gold, if i really wanted to get it and give no ♥♥♥♥♥ i would no-clip to the elevator, but even more impressive for me, i didn’t find any guides here on steam, so here is my way of doing it legitimately:


If you want it, you gotta work for it! so make sure your character meet these requirements:

1-Have the perk: Implant GRX lvl.2

and that’s it! seriously! however…. the perk has it’s own requirements that are:
-endurance >=8
-level 32
-old world blues add-on

And some optional but recommended:
-Day tripper and chemist perks (will make the GRX effect last longer)
-repair 100 (to deactivate the holograms that will be on your way in and out the vault)

Hold my hand and follow my steps, because this is the walkthrough!

Now that you made your way to the vault and have the GRX make sure you aren’t over-encumbered before grabbing the gold! it’s not because you’ll be carrying 1295 pounds of gold that you will not need to jump!

I also recommend watching the video i made for time saving and better understanding of the following steps:

Make Elijah come down and run walk to the vault door as soon your dialogue with him ends. then while the vault door is opening use one of the GRX (you can either use all of them or one after the another because their effect will stack, i’ll leave the choice to you, i did it one after the other), and close the door! if you don’t Elijah will notice. Also very important, don’t try to go to your right, the force fields will close in your face! they are distance triggered not time triggered. So go to your left, keep following the corridor and using the GRX if you didn’t stack them. after walking for a while you will see a somewhat improvised bridge, go to the far end of it and drop yourself on the roof of the “building” bellow it, go inside and keep going, now there’s a broken catwalk that you can’t cross because your weight, so drop the gold on the floor (no worries it will stack it all in a single bar)
jump over it and grab the gold, continue and the same thing again but this time in a diagonal manner, do the same, or drop it in the air, use a grx, jump, do a 360 and grab the gold before it falls into the abyss (while entering this area Elijah will usually notice you tricked him but don’t worry, you still have time), keep going and ahead of you will be a corridor with 2 options the first will lead you to the exit (so turn right, right away lol) the second one will lead you to a dead end, next is a sometimes glitch door (it will say it’s inaccessible but it isn’t!) to fix that aim for it’s outer right corner and spam “e” until it opens, now just go to the elevator and… done! you got it all +the safe deposit achievement!