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Old World Blues Unique Weapons and Armor Locations for Fallout: New Vegas

Old World Blues Unique Weapons and Armor Locations


This guide contains the locations of all unique weapons and armor in the Fallout New Vegas DLC Old World Blues. This guide may include some minor quest spoilers.


  • Christine’s CoS Silencer Rifle[fallout.wikia.com]
    Sniper Rifle[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 62 | DPS: 99.6 | ROF: 1.61 | CRIT: 2.5 | ACC: 0.02 | DUR: 420
    Base ID: xx0112ba

    Found near Little Yangtze[fallout.wikia.com]. It’s lying against the wall of a ruined building just outside Little Yangtze’s walls.

  • FIDO[fallout.wikia.com]
    K9000 Cyberdog Gun[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 36 | DPS: 252 | ROF: 7 | CRIT: 0.5 | ACC: 1.5 | DUR: 2495
    Base ID: xx00fd3c

    Upgrade of the K9000 Cyberdog Gun[fallout.wikia.com]. You must first acquire the K9000 FIDO Schematics[fallout.wikia.com] from the X-8 Research Center[fallout.wikia.com]. You will then be able to upgrade the K9000 Cyberdog Gun via workbench[fallout.wikia.com] assuming you meet the skill requirement (Gun 75).

Energy Weapons



  • Dr. Klein’s Glove[fallout.wikia.com]
    Scientist Glove[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 34 (-5 EW, -2 ST) | DPS: 46.4 | ROF: 1.36 | CRIT: x1 (-1 ST, -1 DT) | DUR: 495
    Base ID: xx00a13e

    Found inside House 101[fallout.wikia.com] in the Higgs Village[fallout.wikia.com]. It’s sitting inside a cabinet on the second floor.

  • Dr. Mobius’ Glove[fallout.wikia.com]
    Scientist Glove[fallout.wikia.com]
    DAM: 28 (-5 EW, -2 ST) | DPS: 38.2 | ROF: 1.36 | CRIT: x2 (Knock, Frenzy) | DUR: 495
    Base ID: xx00a138

    Found in the Forbidden Zone Dome[fallout.wikia.com]. It’s lying on a table near the stairs.


Light Armor

Medium Armor

  • Christine’s CoS Recon Armor[fallout.wikia.com]
    Recon Armor[fallout.wikia.com]
    DT: 19 | DUR: 500 | BONUS: Sneak +5
    Base ID: xx01199d

    Found in the Y-17 Medical Facility[fallout.wikia.com]. It’s lying in the rubble near the Auto-Doc.

  • Stealth Suit Mk II[fallout.wikia.com]
    Recon Armor[fallout.wikia.com]
    DT: 14 | DUR: 500 | BONUS: Sneak +25, PER +1, AGL +1, Sneak-Speed +20%
    Base ID: xx00c12f

    Found in the X-13 Research Facility[fallout.wikia.com]. It’s in three pieces distributed throughout the labs in the X-13 Research Facility. In order to activate all the bonuses, you will need to pass the 4 stealth tests in the quest “Project X-13”[fallout.wikia.com].



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