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Optimized Unarmed/Melee build


This is the melee build of gamefaqs user nettwerks719.


S: 9
For carry weight and unarmed damage, gets maxed out once implant is installed.
P: 1
Useless for a brawler except for the amazing Improved Criticals perk. Almost makes raising it to 5 worth it but not quite.
E: 8
8 is the minimum number of endurance needed to be able to install every implant. Plus, high HP is useful for brawlers anyway. A really good argument could be made for bumping this down 2 points and skipping the perception and charisma implants.
C: 1
Useless unless you want to let your companion(s) do your killing for you. This build is about turning enemies into red paste with your own two fists.
I: 9
Each even numbered INT point equates to 15 skill points by level 30, and each odd numbered INT point equates to 14 skill points. If you want the max possible number of skill points you need to run to Freeside and do some gambling at the Atomic Wrangler until you have 4,000 caps, then head outside town to the vegas clinic and buy the INT implant; and you have to do it before level 3 or else you miss out on a skill point! (O NOES!)
A: 6
Useful for run speed and action points. Also you need 7 AGI for the slayer perk, so get the agi implant before slayer becomes available at level 24
L: 6
Crits, crits, crits, oh glorious melee crits. Also, every odd numbered point of Luck gives you +1 to every skill, so get that implant asap for lucky number 7!


Good Natured
The skills you gain are all useful and things you’ll want to raise eventually, but 3 out of 5 of the skills you lose points in are things you can skip as a melee oriented character. So this trait gives you a net gain of 15 skill points.
Built to Destroy
Faster degradation is annoying, no doubt; but the additional crit is lovely.

Avoid the Kamikaze trait. There will be times when the sneaky approach is not feasible and you just have to bite the bullet and rush a group of enemies that are gonna be constantly shooting you as you approach. In these times, every single point of damage threshold is precious.

I’d also avoid Heavy Handed because sneak criticals are a big part of this build. If you prefer not to bother with sneaking as much, feel free to swap this and Built to Destroy


2 bachelor
4 educated (INT 4)
6 comprehension (INT 4)
8 super slam (STR 6 melee 45)
10 finesse
12 piercing strike (unarmed 70)
14 purifier
16 silent running (AGI 6 sneak 50)
18 paralyzing palm (unarmed 70)
20 ninja (melee 80 sneak 80)
22 grim reaper
24 slayer (AGI 7 unarmed 90)
26 toughness (END 5)
28 toughness (END 5)
30 unstoppable (STR 7 melee 90)